Non-Immigrant Employment Legal Counsel

Legal Advice & Assistance

The Office of International Programs staff do not act as attorneys or provide legal advice for purposes of immigration to the U.S. Although OIP staff advise non-immigrant students and visiting scholars regarding their status in the U.S., they do not act as attorneys. For legal advice, non-immigrants and immigrants are urged to seek the services of appropriate legal counsel. If you are seeking official AU legal assistance please be aware of the following contact protocols.

  • To contact the Auburn general counsel, all requests must be channeled through the appropriate department heads, college deans, and provost/president's office.
  • To contact the Auburn legal counsel on retainer for immigration purposes, be aware that for official Auburn business all such contacts must be channeled through the appropriate department heads and college deans. All services provided by this counsel are based on an hourly fee. Departments and individuals using this service will be directly charged for all services provided.
  • Use of outside legal counsel for official Auburn business must be approved in writing by the Auburn legal counsel, all fees and charges will be the responsibility of the individual retaining the services unless otherwise approved in writing by the appropriate Auburn representatives.
  • Mr. Lee Armstrong is Auburn University’s General Counsel, 101 Samford Hall, Auburn Univ. AL 36849, Phone 334-844-5176, E-Mail Address:

    Auburn University currently retains the services of Fisher and Phillips LLP in Atlanta, Georgia, as legal counsel for employment immigration services. ANY use of these services requires a guarantee of payment. Should OIP contact Fisher and Phillips on behalf of any individual or department such individuals and/or departments will be responsible for all fees incurred. OIP will not contact attorneys with out expressed written authorization from the applicant and/or commitment from the chairperson of the department involved. Fees and fee schedules may be dependent on the case involved, relationship to the university, and services sought. Auburn and OIP make no claims or otherwise as to fees and costs involved, such information should be sought directly from the attorneys to be used by the applicant. Departments and individuals may directly contact Fisher and Phillips. However, all records and official processing of immigration documentation must be maintained and monitored by the Office of International Programs. It is strongly encouraged that all communication between Fisher and Phillips LLP and the Department and/or individual should be copied to the OIP.

Last Updated: November 28, 2012