Non-Immigrant Employment Legal Counsel

Auburn University Procedures

All immigrant and non-immigrant petitions sponsored by Auburn University will be reviewed and submitted to USCIS through the AU designated legal counsel for immigration compliance. Applicants and their hosting AU units will be responsible for all legal fees. All Auburn University employment based non-immigrant and immigrant petitions are petitions for the employer (Auburn) and may be withdrawn at anytime.

Be reminded that ALL Auburn University sponsored immigration petitions related to employment and or permanent residency require specific internal procedures to assure that the paperwork is in compliance with not only US immigration regulations but also with university policies and procedures.

  • Auburn University faculty, staff, and university representatives are not authorized to sign a USCIS form G-28.
  • Only the Office of International Programs is authorized to sign immigrant and non-immigrant petitions on behalf of the university. Serving as a liaison for the university in such matters is the responsibility of the Office of International Programs, 228 Foy Hall. Attorneys and/or individuals with questions should contact Obrad Budic at 334-844-5001 or e-mail him
  • All requests for submission of immigration petitions must go through a signature routing approval process on-campus prior to submission to any attorneys. Petitions may be peer reviewed for approval at the discretion of the Provost.
  • Applications submitted by attorneys on behalf of AU and on behalf of foreign students and scholars for waiver of the two –year home residency requirement must be reviewed and approved by the Office of International Programs.
  • New PERM regulations have made the permanent residency process more complicated. At this time Auburn University does not authorize outside legal counsel to file PERM applications online on behalf of AU. Applications must be submitted on paper for review and submission as appropriate.
  • Should an individual choose to use an attorney other than the Auburn immigration attorney, there will be an additional fee charged (minimum of $300) for review of all documents prior to their submission to the USCIS and before the university can approve them.

Last Updated: September 8, 2014