Non-Immigrant Employment

H1-B Employment Information

Information Needed for Prevailing Wage Determination

A prevailing wage should be determined as soon as the job ad has been posted and the department has received any foreign national applicants. The prevailing wage can be run for a particular individual or for an unknown candidate.

Standard prevailing wage requests are done through the U.S. Dept. of Labor - Foreign Labor Certification Unit - no charges for service – (US Dept of Labor "safe harbor".)

Processing time will vary based on the specifics of the PW request, agencies involved and time of year. Allow for at least a minimum of 1 -2 months.

The form must be complete and accompanied by all relevant attachments otherwise the PW request cannot be processed.

Please remember to fill in the blanks with the minimum requirements for the job and not the qualifications of a particular individual.

Prevailing Wage, Legal Fees and Salary considerations. REVIEW PAGE 1 of the prevailing wage request form as payment of legal and application fees is directly tied to the relationship between the prevailing wage determination, actual wage and salary offered. When making a conditional letter of offer is made following receiving the prevailing wage determinations and the HR/Provost Office approval to make an offer OIP requires that the a letter of understanding regarding the petition process be provided by the hiring unit and signed by the future employee. A recommended letter can be found at this link.

FORM: Prevailing Wage Form (MS WORD form format) must be submitted to Sue Ann Balch or Jessica Holley, Office of International Programs, 228 Foy Hall or fax 844-4983. Please complete the form, print and scan/email to

Last Updated: November 29, 2012