Non-Immigrant Employment

H1-B Employment Information

Estimated Timelines

  • Prevailing Wage determination - currently 1 - 2 months. (US DOL "Safe Harbor" processing times vary)
  • I 129 completion - currently 2 - 4 months (can be as long as 6 months during peak times throughout the year)
  • H-1b - $1,225.00 premium processing fee - time estimated - 15 calendar days from receiving payment (based on USCIS information) USCIS must provide a response (may be denial, approval or request for added information)
  • If the future foreign national employee is out of the country and will need to apply for the visa then add approximately 2 months to the process once the H-1b approval notice is received by Auburn University. The entire petition packet and approval notice must be mailed to the individual who then takes it the the US consulate. If the individual is in the US then they may initiate employment as soon as the appropriate change of status, approvals, etc.. are processed.
  • TRANSFERS - If a future employee already has an H-1b, Auburn University must complete and submit a full H-1b petition to the USCIS. Once a receipt notice is received from the USCIS indicating they have the petition on file the individual may begin employment for up to 240 days at Auburn University. Estimated timeline similar to that indicated above. ALL TRANSFERS MUST MAINTAIN EMPLOYMENT WITH THEIR CURRENT EMPLOYER until AU receives notice of receipt by the USCIS of the AU sponsored I-129. TRANSFERS MAY NOT BEGIN EMPLOYMENT AT AU UNTIL SUCH RECEIPT NOTICE IS RECEIVED.

Last Updated: November 28, 2012