H1-B Employment Information

Auburn University policy currently provides for the following support from the office indicated:

  • Prevailing Wage Determination - provided by the Office of International Programs
  • Labor Department Certification
  • H-1B application - Attorney of choice or by the candidate, all signatures done by the Office of International Programs and copies of applications must be on file in the Office of International Programs with review by the Auburn University immigration attorney.
  • For compliance purposes, any change in job duties and/or job title, change in salary (pay increase of 5% or more), or change in worksite location must be reported to the Office of International Programs prior to the effective change. NOTE: Salaries for H-1B employees hold H-1B status may not be decreased for any reason.

For information on employment of foreign nationals holding H, O, TN and other visa types contact:
  • Obrad Budic
  • Director of ISSS
  • Office of International Programs
  • 228 Foy Hall
  • E-mail: omb0010@auburn.edu
  • Fax: 334-844-4983
Estimated Timelines

  • Prevailing Wage determination - currently 1 - 2 months. (US DOL processing times vary)
  • I 129 completion - currently 2 - 4 months (can be as long as 6 months during peak times throughout the year)
  • H-1B - $1440 Premium Processing fee. Estimated Time - USCIS must respond within 15 calendar days from receiving the request (may be denial, approval or request for additional information).
  • If the future foreign national employee is out of the country and will need to apply for the visa then add approximately 2 months to the process once the H-1b approval notice is received by Auburn University. The entire petition packet and approval notice must be mailed to the individual who then takes it the the US consulate. If the individual is in the US then they may initiate employment as soon as the appropriate change of status, approvals, etc.. are processed.
  • TRANSFERS - If a future employee already has an H-1b, Auburn University must complete and submit a full H-1b petition to the USCIS. Once a receipt notice is received from the USCIS indicating they have the petition on file the individual may begin employment for up to 240 days at Auburn University. Estimated timeline similar to that indicated above. ALL TRANSFERS MUST MAINTAIN EMPLOYMENT WITH THEIR CURRENT EMPLOYER until AU receives notice of receipt by the USCIS of the AU sponsored I-129. TRANSFERS MAY NOT BEGIN EMPLOYMENT AT AU UNTIL SUCH RECEIPT NOTICE IS RECEIVED.

Legal Services and Use of Outside Attorneys

Auburn University uses the services of US Visa Pro, 2415 Moores Mill Rdl, Ste 265, Auburn, AL 36830. Phone 334-887-6446. Use of these services requires a guarantee of payment. Should OIP contact US Visa Pro on behalf of any individual or department such departments will be responsible for all fees incurred. Anyone wishing to use outside legal counsel may do so, however Auburn University reserves the right to review all Auburn University employer based applications for employment or permanent residency. Use the following link for more information on the use of outside attorneys and Auburn University legal support services .

Information Needed for Prevailing Wage Determination

  • Processing time will vary based on the specifics of the PW request, agencies involved and time of year. Allow for at least a minimum of 1 -2 months.
  • The form must be complete and accompanied by all relevant attachments otherwise the PW request cannot be processed.
  • Please remember to fill in the blanks with the minimum requirements for the job and not the qualifications of a particular individual.

Prevailing Wage, Legal Fees and Salary considerations

  • REVIEW PAGE 1 of the prevailing wage request form. Please note payment of legal and application fees is directly tied to the relationship between the prevailing wage determination, actual wage and salary offered.
  • When making a conditional letter of offer is made following receiving the prevailing wage determinations and the HR/Provost Office approval to make an offer OIP requires that the a letter of understanding regarding the petition process be provided by the hiring unit and signed by the future employee.
  • A recommended letter can be found by following the link below.
  • FORM: Prevailing Wage Form
  • The completed form (MS WORD format) must be submitted to Stephanie Freeman, Office of International Programs Foy Hall or fax 844-4983. Please complete the form, print and scan/email to shf0011@auburn.edu.
Information Needed by Attorneys to Process H-1B application
  • Beneficiary Information (include dependent information if applicable):
  • Full legal name of beneficiary including all other names used (maiden name and names from all previous marriages if applicable)
  • Job title and detailed job description including minimum qualifications for hire
  • Salary
  • Social Security Number and copy of card
  • City, province/State, and country of birth (and country of citizenship if different)
  • U.S. address of beneficiary (if in the U.S.)
  • Permanent address in foreign country of last address abroad
  • Location (city) of U.S. Consulate/Embassy closes to residence abroad
  • Present visa status and expiration date of present authorized stay
  • Date and location (port of entry) of last entry into the U.S.
  • Date and Type of all (if any) prior immigration filings
  • Dates of any prior H-1B, H-4, L-1 or L-2 stay in the U.S (entry and exit dates)
Supporting Documents for H-1B Petition
  • Resume or CV
  • Copy of degree(s) (with English translation if applicable)
  • Copy of transcript(s) (with English Translation if applicable)
  • Copy of credentials equivalency evaluation (if available for foreign degree(s))
  • Copy of all (if any) prior immigration filings (if available)
  • Copy of Arrival/Departure (I-94 card) (include dependents)
  • Copy of all passport pages (include dependents)
  • Copy of Employment Authorization Document (work permit) (if applicable)
  • Copy of all forms I-20 (applicable to F-1 students)
  • Copy of all Forms 1AP-66 or Forms DS-2019 (applicable to J-1 Exchange Visitors)
  • Copy of approved waiver of two-year foreign residence requirement (if applicable to J-1 Exchange Visitors)
  • Copy of pay stubs from current employer if already on H-1B
Last Updated: February 26, 2020