Cost of Insurance for Auburn University Students and Scholars

GSGHP 2017-2018Annual PremiumFall Semester PremiumSpring/Summer PremiumSummer Only Premium
Student $1,930 $973 $957$487
Spouse $1,930 $973 $957$487
Child $1,930 $973 $957$487
2+ children$3,826$1,929$1,897$965
All Dependents$5,722 $2,885 $2,837 $1,443
Coverage Dates8/16/17 - 8/15/188/16/17 - 2/15/182/16/18 - 8/15/185/16/18 - 8/15/18

  • If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Nobles.
  • Effective 8/15/2013: Everyone insured through Auburn University must pay the administrative fee of $34 per year. This includes scholars and OPT students.
  • Please read this notice about coverage and dates: Students are responsible for insurance costs from their arrival into the U.S. even if this is before class starts until the semester of their graduation. Example: If a student for the fall semester enters the U.S. any time between July 16th-Aug 15th they will be charged for one month of insurance. If they enter in Dec-Jan you will be charged a prorated insurance amount until the spring insurance term starts in Feb. See FAQ
  • To estimate insurance costs including the Auburn University administrative fee please multiply $161 per month after your arrival. This is only an estimation and may be more or less depending on certain factors.
Last Updated: July 18, 2017