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Under certain exceptional circumstances students and scholars or dependents may waive out of the mandatory insurance. However, payment of insurances fees is due upon arrival at Auburn University.  If a waiver is approved, insurance fees may be refunded. Students and scholars should be aware that waivers are rarely given. Policies purchased abroad do not typically meet the Auburn mandatory requirements. U.S. Department of State minimum requirements are also not equivalent to the Auburn insurance plan.



  • COST

International Students and Scholars 2011-2012

Annual Premium Fall Premium Spring/Summer Premium

Graduate Student with Assistantship

$776 $391 $385

Graduate Student no Assistantship and undergraduates

$1,276 $641 $635


$1,276 $641 $635


$1,303 $655 $648


$3,851 $1,936 $1915

Coverage Dates for 2011-2012

Annual Fall Spring/Summer
  08/16/11-08/15/12 08/16/11-02/15/12 02/16/12-08/15/12

    • Students, J Research Scholars, Professors, Short term scholars/visitors and their dependents are billed from the time of arrival at the port of entry into the U.S.

    • Students:  Bills are automatically put on the student bursar account.  Student Financial Services will send out an electronic bill to the student's email address when new bills are posted.  It is the responsibility of the student to work out all payment plans with Student Financial Services.

    • J-1 Scholars:  Scholars must enroll using the Insurance Enrollment form through the Office of International Education.  The Insurance Coordinator will assist all scholars submitting the enrollment form and payment. 



You should be aware of two situations regarding your medical history and your insurance coverage.  First, the Auburn University International Students and Scholars Health and Sickness Insurance Plan will NOT pay for pre-existing health conditions.  A "pre-existing condition" is one that originated, was diagnosed, treated or recommended for treatment within the 6 months prior to the start date of your AU insurance policy.  If you have pre-existing conditions such as asthma, allergies, blood diseases, pregnancy, etc. make sure you are able to pay for all associated health care during at least the first six months after beginning your academic program.  In those cases where you have a special medical condition or an ongoing medical problem, it would be wise to bring with you any medical history documentation (translated into English) that might help a U.S. doctor treat your illness.



Upon arrival at Auburn University and before you can officially register for classes, all new students must visit the AU Medical Clinic and complete the Medical Information Form. Alabama state law requires that you show written (and translated) proof of a negative tuberculin skin test.  If you do not have proof of a negative test result, you will be required to take the test at the Clinic.  In case you have proof of having taken the test in your native country and the test was positive, you are required to bring the x-ray film with you to the AU Medical Clinic along with a physician's verification (translated) that you are tuberculosis free.

In addition to having a negative tuberculin skin test, new students must show written (and translated) proof of having taken a measles vaccine.

It is recommended that new students bring their immunization records with them if they can.




  • AU Medical Clinic

    • 400 Lem Morrison Drive (on the Auburn University campus)
      (334) 844-4416
      Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:  8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.
      Thursday:  9:00a.m.-5:00p.m.

    • All students and scholars enrolled in the United Healthcare Student Resources Plan must first seek healthcare from the AU Medical Clinic when the university is in session and when the Clinic is open.  Referrals (the recommendation of a Clinic doctor) are required for most care outside of the clinic.  All exceptions are listed in the Policy Brochure, but the following are a few to remember:

      • When the AU Medical Clinic is closed (after hours, certain weekend days, and on major holidays or breaks) you can go to Auburn Urgent Care.

      • When you have an emergency that requires immediate care, call 911 and use the East Alabama Medical Center Emergency Room.

      • If you are over 50 miles outside of the Auburn area you will need to find healthcare providers that are part of the United Healthcare PPO network.  Using network providers can save you considerable out-of-pocket expenses.  Please go to the following link to look for providers in your area -- Provider Search

      • Women seeking Maternity and GYN services may go to a doctor in the United Helathcare PPO network without a referral -- Provider Search

      • Children under the age of 12 may go to a Pediatrician in the United Healthcare PPO Network without a referral -- Provider Search

  • AU Pharmacy

    • 400 Lem Morrison Drive (inside the AU Medical Clinic)
      (334) 844-4641
      (334) 728-0809 (after hours/holidays to fill a prescription)
      Monday - Friday:  8:00a.m.-6:00p.m.
      Saturday:  9:00a.m.-12:00p.m.

    • The AU Pharmacy operated by the AU College of Pharmacy provides assistance after hours, on weekends, and during holidays.  You can contact them at the cell phone number provided above.

    • Please plan ahead for routine requests such as refills.  If you receive a prescription from another physician in the area, the AU Pharmacy can help you fill the prescription.  Using the AU Pharmacy can save you money as your co-pay (your portion of the cost) for using other pharmacies is higher.

  • Nurseline

    • You can call the Nurse line number on your insurance card for advice 24 hours a day/7days a week.  Call the free number for professional advice from a Nurse:  1-800-389-6770

  • Auburn Urgent Care

    • When the AU Medical Clinic is closed you may wish to use the Auburn Urgent Care Clinics at the following 2 locations:

      • 1650 A South College Street
        Auburn, AL  36832
        (334) 821-3221
        Monday - Friday:  7:30a.m.-8:30p.m.
        Saturday - Sunday:  8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

      • 2638 Enterprise Dr.  (Tiger Town)
        Opelika, AL  35801
        (334) 749-9191
        Monday - Friday:  8:00a.m.- 8:30p.m.

  • East Alabama Medical Center

    • In cases that require immediate care, please call 911

    • If you need to go to the Emergency Room for extreme cases, be sure to go to East Alabama Medical Center while you are in the Auburn Area.  The Co-pay and cost of medical care is much higher at the Hospital so be sure that your case cannot be handled by the AU Clinic or the Auburn Urgent Care before proceeding to the Hospital.

    • 2000 Pepperell Parkway
      Opelika, AL  36801
      (334) 749-3411



  • If you have a significant change of status such as graduation, transfer, or otherwise leaving Auburn University, then you should contact the insurance coordinator to ensure your coverage is terminated in a timely fashion.

  • If you have completed your requirements for Graduation and will begin work for a company that provides insurance coverage, the OIE can facilitate your transfer to the new insurance plan.  Please submit a copy of your letter of completion from the Graduate School in order to process your insurance termination.

  • Please email if you have questions regarding your departure from Auburn.



  • Cost

International Students and Scholars 2011-2012

Annual Premium Premium for Fall I Session Premium for Fall II Session

 Student no Assistantship

$1,276 $220 $315


$1,276 $220 $315


$1,303 $224 $322


$3,851 $663 $956
  Premium for Spring I Session Premium for Spring II Session Premium for Summer Session

 Student no Assistantship

$196 $244 $298


$196 $244 $298


$200 $249 $305


$590 $736 $903

Coverage Dates for 2011-2012

Annual Fall I Fall II


08/16/11-08/15/12 08/08/11-10/09/11 10/10/11-01/08/12


Spring I Spring II Summer


1/09/12-03/04/12 03/05/12-05/13/12 05/14/12-08/15/12
  • Billing

    • IEP students are billed at time of arrival into the U.S.  Dependents are also enrolled and billed based on I-20/DS-2019 arrival date.

    • IEP Students:  Bills are automatically put on the Student Bursar account.  The Student Financial Services will send out an electronic notice to the student email address when new bills have been posted.  It is the responsibility of the student to work out all payment plans with Student financial Services.

  • Waivers

    • IEP students must follow the same waiver policies as other F and J students (see above).



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