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Fouad AbuGosh

Mr. Fouad AbuGosh is Middle East news producer for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation based in Jerusalem, Israel.

He was born and raised in the small village of Abu-Gosh, located 8 miles northwest of Jerusalem, and graduated from Hebrew University with a degree in mass communications.

Mr. AbuGosh is an active member of the Hand-in-Hand Jewish-Arab education center in Israel, a foundation for coexistence between Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem.

From 2004 to 2013, he worked for BBC News covering a wide range of issues from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the Arab spring of 2011. Mr. AbuGosh also has experience working for several prominent western media organizations in the Middle East as a freelance fixer, interpreter, and producer.

Mr. AbuGosh joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in early 2014, as Middle East news producer. Among his awards for journalism are the 61 Wakley Award for Excellence in Journalism from ABC Australia; the 2016 Amnesty International Media Awards, recognising excellence in reporting on human rights issues in the Australian media; and in 2006, The Sand Ford St. Martin Trust award for a report about life after death.

Fouad AbuGosh
Last Updated: February 01, 2018