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The health and safety of all Auburn faculty, staff member and student is very important. To help our international travelers, several resources have been developed to assist individuals during emergencies. Please see the links below.
  Incident and Crisis Assistance
  Health and Safety Abroad Resources
  Emergency Phone Assistance:
          During Office hours M-F, 7:45-11:45am and 12:45-4:45pm call
           1-334-844-4538 (Sue Ann Balch, PDSO).  
          After hours emergency cell phones: Sue Ann Balch 1- 334-750-5937 or Auburn 
           University Public Safety 1-334-750-9795
   For Faculty, staff members, students traveling abroad on research or on study    abroad programs, where health and safety abroad is an issue:
          During Office hours M-F, 7:45-11:45am and 12:45-4:45pm: 1-334-844-5001
           (ask for Deborah Weiss)
          After hours: 1-334-524-4921 (Cell phone for Deborah Weiss)
           or 334-750-9795 (Auburn University Public Safety)
          To access MEDEX, Emergency Assistance services
           call COLLECT: 1-410-453-6330 and give MEDEX your Auburn MEDEX card

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