Returning to Auburn

Expect Reverse Culture Shock

Now that you are back from your time abroad, you may find an expected "newness" at home. This can lead to feeling like a stranger in your own country, which can be stressful and depressing. You knew life would be different when you were abroad, but you may not have realized how much you would change, too.

Sharing your experience with others is a great way to integrate your study abroad experience into your life and overcome re-entry shock. Here are some ways to help others have a better global understanding through your experiences:

  1. Ask high school teachers if you can share a short presentation with their classes, complete with photos and possibly exhibiting souvenirs.
  2. Check with your local newspaper to see if they will print an article with photos about your program.
  3. Civic organizations, Boy and Girl Scout troops and other local groups may be delighted to have you speak at their meetings.
  4. Talk with friends who have also studied abroad recently, and get tips on how they overcame their feelings.
  5. Join the Global Tiger Peer Advisory group, who help the Auburn Abroad staff market study abroad on campus and love to share experiences with other Global Tigers! This also helps expand the benefits of your program by allowing you to add marketing efforts to your resume. Contact Auburn Abroad at if you are interested in joining the GTPA.

Complete Academic Credit Requirements

If you attended an Auburn faculty-led or exchange program, you need to check your Auburn transcripts to make sure courses and grades are posted correctly. If not, contact your program director to make required changes. Grades may not post immediately but should post within a few weeks of the end of the program.

If you attended a program through another university or other program provider, you are ultimately responsible for getting transcripts and Transfer Credit Forms to the Auburn Office of Admissions in 108 Mary Martin Hall when you receive copies of transcripts from the program abroad. If you were enrolled in a holding course through Auburn Abroad, the Auburn Abroad staff will be responsible for getting both the Transfer Credit Form and the abroad transcript to Admissions to be posted.

Last Updated: May 9, 2012