Steps to Creating a Program Abroad

  1. View the type of program that you would like to create under the 'Faculty Portal' heading below for information regarding deadlines and processes. Meet with your department chair to discuss your idea for a program abroad. Begin discussions with partner universities abroad and/or program vendors.
  2. Download and complete the Auburn Abroad Program Planning Approval Form.
  3. Meet with Deborah Weiss, Assistant Director, OIP - Auburn Abroad, to discuss program logistics, agreements, budgets, academics, and go over the Faculty Program Abroad Director Manual.
  4. Meet with Korbin Dimmick, Coordinator, OIP - Auburn Abroad, to initiate your program brochure and student application. At this point you will be added as a user in the Auburn Abroad Online Application System, receive training on how to use the system and be introduced to the Faculty Program Abroad Director- Program Administration checklist.
  5. Review the Faculty Program Abroad Director Manual and complete all sections of your online Program Administration checklist.


  • Learn how to use the Auburn Abroad Online Application System through formal and informal training sessions
  • Complete ALL required program administration details by the deadlines
  • Review your student applications and verify that they complete ALL required application items
  • Be flexible with changes in policies and procedures

Last Updated: May 15, 2012