Contact Emmitt if you

  • are AU students, faculty, or staff with advising questions.
  • have questions about programs in the following colleges/schools:
    • Division of Student Affairs – Alternative Student Breaks
    • College of Architecture, Design and Construction
    • Honors College
    • College of Human Sciences
    • Harrison School of Pharmacy
    • School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences


  • Playing/watching sports, running, going to the beach, spending time with friends and family, traveling, exploring

Countries Visited:

  • Australia, England, Wales, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Jamaica, Mexico, Canada, US and British Virgin Islands

If someone handed you an open-ended plane ticket, where would you go?

New Zealand, hands down!

What’s your favorite part of working in Auburn Abroad?

I enjoy helping students expand their worldview through traveling and studying overseas. I believe the growth and learning that takes place outside of the classroom is as important as in the classroom. Curious by nature, I am eager to continue learning about the world through the experiences of the students with whom I work. I also enjoy forming great relationships with people on campus. War Eagle!

Emmit at Mykonos
Emmit abroad
Emmit at the Colosseum
Last Updated: August 07, 2017