Money Matters

Consider ALL COSTS for Study Abroad

Study abroad prices vary dramatically by location, duration, and services included. Some programs may be less expensive than attending regular courses at Auburn, while some may be more expensive. While most students and families will suffer from "sticker shock" when they first see the price tag on study abroad, it is important to evaluate what is included in the program fees and how it compares to a regular term at Auburn University.

Often it is helpful to compare Auburn costs and study abroad costs side by side to gain perspective on the differences in payments. A helpful tool available to you is the Auburn Abroad Budget Estimate Planning Worksheet, which includes standard program fees, preparation costs, accommodations, meals, excursions and travel costs.

You will need to cover all or most costs for your study abroad program months in advance of your program start date, even if you are expecting financial aid or scholarships to be released to you before the start date. Check with your program about payment deadlines. Fees are billed to the student's bursar account. A detailed explanation of fees can be found within the Auburn Abroad online application.

Funding Opportunities

  • Federal student aid programs, such as the Pell Grant and Federal Direct student and parent loans, can be used to pay toward an approved program of study abroad with appropriate documentation from Auburn Abroad. Contact Auburn's Financial Aid Office for eligibility information.
  • University scholarships may be used to help fund study abroad programs under certain conditions. Contact the Office of University Scholarships and the advisor for the specific scholarship to verify requirements. You can also look for scholarships through your academic department and college, your program provider (for those studying with a third-party-program provider), government grants and national prestigious scholarships.
  • Alabama Pre-paid Tuition (PACT) can be used to help fund your study abroad experience. PACT pays per credit hour the same rate as a course on campus. It is likely that students will need to pay for program fees before they receive their PACT funding.

Study Abroad Scholarships available through Auburn University

Below you will find a listing of study abroad scholarships supported by various colleges and departments at Auburn University. Students may be able to apply for scholarships through other colleges and departments even if they are not a major of that specific discipline. Each scholarship will have a different set of requirements and eligibility.

Please note: Most scholarships stick to an annual deadline between February 15th – March 15th even if you are applying for a Fall or Spring term program.

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Last Updated: January 14, 2016