Study Abroad FAQs

1. Who can study abroad?
2. If I have a disability, can my needs be accommodated?
3. When and how long can I study abroad?
4. Where will I live while I am studying abroad?
5. If I don't speak a foreign language, can I still study abroad in a non-English-speaking country?
6. How do I choose a program?
7. Can I go on a study abroad program through another university?
8. Will I receive Auburn credit for my study abroad program?
9. How do I know which classes in a non-Auburn program will count towards my AU major / minor / electives?
10. Will studying abroad delay my graduation?
11. Will I still be considered an Auburn student while studying abroad?
12. How much does it cost? How is it billed?
13. I have financial aid or scholarships. Can they apply to my program?
14. How do I find out more information about studying abroad?

Last Updated: August 6, 2013