2013 Faculty Grant Recipients

The Auburn University Office of International Programs selected 17 faculty projects to receive a combined total of $89,777 for the development of study abroad, exchange and international collaborative teaching programs.

Grant recipients include:

  • Paula Backscheider - An exchange and summer camp in University of Aberystwyth, Wales - $6,000 College of Liberal Arts - English
  • Ellen Reames and Sheri Downer - Exploration for educational Leadership programs in Korea - $8,000 College of Education - Foundations, Leadership, and Technology
  • Hyejeong Kim and Helen Koo - Korean collaborations in fashion and merchandising - $5,000 College of Human Sciences - Consumer Affairs
  • Keith Rahn - Developing pedagogic strategies with the Czech Technical University in Prague - $5,000 College of Architecture, Design and Construction - Building Science
  • Jorge Valenzuela - Establishing an engineering study abroad program in Valparaiso, Chile - $8,250 College of Engineering - Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Yifen Wang - Establishing collaborations in Korea - $3,000 College of Agriculture - Biosystems Engineering
  • Gary Lemme and James Witte - Extension training in Tunisia - $6,200 Alabama Cooperative Extension System and College of Education - Foundations, Leadership, and Technology
  • Kimberly Key - Collaborative teaching with Ulsan University in Korea - $5,000 College of Business - Accounting
  • Allison Stewart - A study tour of Australia - $5,000 College of Vetrinary Medicine - Clinical Sciences
  • Alejandro Lazarte - Linking to statistics classes in Lima, Peru - $4,256 College of Liberal Arts - Psychology
  • Kyungmi Kim - Study abroad and life's enrichment in East Asian countries - $5,000 College of Human Sciences - Nutrition, Diet, Hospitality Management
  • Alecia Douglas - The Bahamian touristscape study abroad - $5,000 College of Human Sciences - Nutrition, Diet, Hospitality Management
  • Libba McMillan - Bringing healthcare to a lonely planet - impacting care of Bolivians by establishing collaborative academic-practice partnerships - $4,400 College of Nursing
  • Giovanna Summerfield - East meets West: Sicily, a case study at the crossroads - $3,116 College of Liberal Arts - Foreign Language and Literatures
  • Richard Weiss - Student exchange with Massey University in New Zealand - $4,995 College of Vetrinary Medicine - Pathobiology
  • Gene McEldowney - Learning from the University of Edinburgh health care administration curriculum - $5,000 College of Liberal Arts - Political Science
  • Michael Wooten and Troy Best - Field Ecology in Swaziland - $6,560 College of Science and Mathematics - Biological Sciences

Recipients will use the awarded funds to travel abroad to investigate, develop and finalize details for their proposed programs.

Auburn currently runs 55 faculty-led study abroad programs, 11 student exchanges and 13 international internship/externship programs.

For additional information on faculty grants for international programs or study abroad or exchange programs, please contact the Office of International Programs at 334-844-5001.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014