2013 Faculty Grant Recipients

The Auburn University Office of International Programs selected 17 faculty projects to receive a combined total of $89,777 for the development of study abroad, exchange and international collaborative teaching programs.

Grant recipients include:

  • Paula Backscheider - An exchange and summer camp in University of Aberystwyth, Wales - $6,000 College of Liberal Arts - English
  • Ellen Reames and Sheri Downer - Exploration for educational Leadership programs in Korea - $8,000 College of Education - Foundations, Leadership, and Technology
  • Hyejeong Kim and Helen Koo - Korean collaborations in fashion and merchandising - $5,000 College of Human Sciences - Consumer Affairs
  • Keith Rahn - Developing pedagogic strategies with the Czech Technical University in Prague - $5,000 College of Architecture, Design and Construction - Building Science
  • Jorge Valenzuela - Establishing an engineering study abroad program in Valparaiso, Chile - $8,250 College of Engineering - Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Yifen Wang - Establishing collaborations in Korea - $3,000 College of Agriculture - Biosystems Engineering
  • Gary Lemme and James Witte - Extension training in Tunisia - $6,200 Alabama Cooperative Extension System and College of Education - Foundations, Leadership, and Technology
  • Kimberly Key - Collaborative teaching with Ulsan University in Korea - $5,000 College of Business - Accounting
  • Allison Stewart - A study tour of Australia - $5,000 College of Vetrinary Medicine - Clinical Sciences
  • Alejandro Lazarte - Linking to statistics classes in Lima, Peru - $4,256 College of Liberal Arts - Psychology
  • Kyungmi Kim - Study abroad and life's enrichment in East Asian countries - $5,000 College of Human Sciences - Nutrition, Diet, Hospitality Management
  • Alecia Douglas - The Bahamian touristscape study abroad - $5,000 College of Human Sciences - Nutrition, Diet, Hospitality Management
  • Libba McMillan - Bringing healthcare to a lonely planet - impacting care of Bolivians by establishing collaborative academic-practice partnerships - $4,400 College of Nursing
  • Giovanna Summerfield - East meets West: Sicily, a case study at the crossroads - $3,116 College of Liberal Arts - Foreign Language and Literatures
  • Richard Weiss - Student exchange with Massey University in New Zealand - $4,995 College of Vetrinary Medicine - Pathobiology
  • Gene McEldowney - Learning from the University of Edinburgh health care administration curriculum - $5,000 College of Liberal Arts - Political Science
  • Michael Wooten and Troy Best - Field Ecology in Swaziland - $6,560 College of Science and Mathematics - Biological Sciences

Recipients will use the awarded funds to travel abroad to investigate, develop and finalize details for their proposed programs.

For additional information on faculty grants for international programs or study abroad or exchange programs, please contact the Office of International Programs at 334-844-5001.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014