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At the time, I was putting this page together Georgia actually had two co-champion longleaf pines. One is in Macon and is on the National List and the other within a few points located in Tazwell, a short distance east of Columbus, GA. However, it is my understanding that the Tazwell tree was struck by lightning and is dead. I'm awaiting verification.

Bibb County National Tree

Circumference = 127 inches
Height = 120 feet
Crown Spread = 66 feet
Score= 264

Comments: National Champion Longleaf Pine

Location: Bibb County, GA on land belonging to Amory Rumble, 2551 Holly Bluff Lane, Macon GA, 31201. This tree is on private property and not accessible to the public. Nonetheless, the directions are as follows; one tenth mile north of Turner Circle on Riggins Mill Road. Turn west on dirt road along creek and sewage line for 65 chains. Turn south for 1.5 chains to tree located on top of hill near a large pile of rocks. Tree approx. 200 yds from lake-- even with dam.

Nominator; Terrell Brooks

Date: 9/8/1994

Owner: Amory Rumble

Big Tree Coordinator: Willard H. Fell; Georgia Forestry Commission; 18899 US Highway 301 North; Statesboro, GA 30461
(912) 681-5347, Fax (912) 871-1719; email: Georgia Big Tree Program

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