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Alabama Profession Logging Manager Training Program

Loggers are the image of the industry for the 220,000 landowners in Alabama.  Landowners, the forest industry, and the public depend on loggers to harvest wood products safely, efficiently, and with concern for the environment.

The PLM training program began in 1992 and has trained over 5000 individuals. The training is designed to ensure that loggers and others are aware of the science behind forest management and of the obligation to conduct timber harvests with regard to social, environmental, and economic concerns

The PLM training is recognized by the SFI State Implementation Committee in Alabama as the source of logger training for participants and licensees in the SFI program.  The training is a presented through a partnership among the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, Alabama Forestry Association (AFA), Alabama Loggers Council, and the SFI State Implementation Committee.

The training is designed to increase awareness of environmental issues, federal and state regulations, and logging safety.  The program is committed to helping Alabama's loggers to enhance their professionalism, increase the quality of services to their customers, and improve their own quality of life.

In 1999 the program began to require 6 hours per year of continuing education (CE) for participants to remain active.  Nearly 2000 participants complete CE requirements yearly.  Almost half the participants attend more than the minimum required.

For more information about program schedules, registration, and training status call the AFA office at 334-265-8733 or go to the AFA website.

Program topics and materials: