AL-GAP Vertebrate Predicted Habitat Distribution Map of Alabama (Provisional)

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Alabama Gap Analysis Project (AL-GAP), Alabama Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit (ALCFWRU)
Publication_Date: October 2007
AL-GAP Vertebrate Predicted Habitat Distribution Map of Alabama (Provisional)
Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: raster digital data
Cite data set as follows: Silvano, A. L., J. B. Grand, E. R. Irwin, K. J. Kleiner, M. D. Mackenzie, M. S. Mitchell, K. Cook, M. J. Elliot, E. A. Kramer, A. J. McKerrow, M. J. Rubino, S. Smith, and S. G. Williams. 2007. (Species) Provisional Predicted Habitat Distribution Map of Alabama. Alabama Gap Analysis Project. Accessed (date) from\gap
This data set contains a binary map of the predicted habitat distribution for a terrestrial vertebrate species in Alabama. The predicted habitat map has a thirty meter resolution and is composed of a binary matrix of zeros and ones. Areas coded as one represent the presence of predicted habitat for a species in Alabama, while areas coded as zero identify where habitat is absent or not predicted. The spatial extent for this map is the state of Alabama however this map is also part of a larger regional map spanning a nine state area within the Southeastern United States. The map was developed as part of a cooperative effort among three mapping groups working in collaboration as the Southeast Gap Analysis Project (SEGAP). The mapping work was performed by the Alabama Gap Analysis Project (AL-GAP), Alabama Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, Auburn University, AL; Biological and Spatial Information Center (BaSIC), North Carolina State University, NC; and the Natural Resources Spatial Analysis Laboratory (NARSAL), Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, GA
This map was developed as part of the Southeast Gap Analysis Project (SEGAP) to identify available habitat for vertebrate species. It provides a coarse habitat foundation to perform a statewide vertebrate gap analysis, facilitate biodiversity assessments, and generate conservation planning objectives within the state of Alabama.
The map was developed as part of a cooperative effort among three mapping groups working in collaboration as the SEGAP. The mapping work was performed by the Alabama Gap Analysis Project (AL-GAP), Alabama Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit, Auburn University, AL; Biological and Spatial Information Center (BaSIC), North Carolina State University, NC; and the Natural Resources Spatial Analysis Laboratory (NARSAL), Institute of Ecology, University of Georgia, GA. For the 368 vertebrate species mapped at the Alabama extent, AL-GAP performed mapping for 173 species which included all neo-tropical migratory birds (e.g. warblers, vireos, buntings, tanagers, and thrushes), waterfowl, doves, anurans, snakes, turtles, bats, mice and skunks. BaSIC mapped 63 species consisting of shore-, marsh-, and pelagic birds, as well as swallows, sparrows, skinks, lizards and large mammals, and NARSAL was responsible for mapping the remaining 132 species composed of salamanders, waterdogs, hawks, local and non-migratory birds (e.g. woodpeckers, flycatchers, nuthatches, wrens and thrushes), as well as small mammals (e.g. squirrels, rabbits and shrews).
Calendar_Date: 2001
Currentness_Reference: Based on 2001 Land Cover
Progress: Draft
Maintenance_and_Update_Frequency: None planned
West_Bounding_Coordinate: -91.749103
East_Bounding_Coordinate: -80.265864
North_Bounding_Coordinate: 36.714840
South_Bounding_Coordinate: 29.172585
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Theme_Keyword: Bufo americanus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Bufo quercicus                                  

Theme_Keyword: Bufo terrestris                                 

Theme_Keyword: Bufo fowleri                                     

Theme_Keyword: Acris crepitans                                 

Theme_Keyword: Acris gryllus                                   

Theme_Keyword: Hyla andersonii                                 

Theme_Keyword: Hyla avivoca                                     

Theme_Keyword: Hyla chrysoscelis                               

Theme_Keyword: Hyla cinerea                                    

Theme_Keyword: Hyla femoralis                                  

Theme_Keyword: Hyla gratiosa                                    

Theme_Keyword: Hyla squirella                                  

Theme_Keyword: Pseudacris brachyphona                          

Theme_Keyword: Pseudacris nigrita                              

Theme_Keyword: Pseudacris ornata                                

Theme_Keyword: Pseudacris triseriata                           

Theme_Keyword: Pseudacris crucifer                             

Theme_Keyword: Pseudacris ocularis                             

Theme_Keyword: Gastrophryne carolinensis                        

Theme_Keyword: Scaphiopus holbrookii                           

Theme_Keyword: Rana catesbeiana                                

Theme_Keyword: Rana clamitans                                  

Theme_Keyword: Rana grylio                                      

Theme_Keyword: Rana heckscheri                                 

Theme_Keyword: Rana palustris                                  

Theme_Keyword: Rana sylvatica                                  

Theme_Keyword: Rana sphenocephala                               

Theme_Keyword: Rana capito                                     

Theme_Keyword: Branta canadensis                               

Theme_Keyword: Aix sponsa                                      

Theme_Keyword: Aix sponsa                                       

Theme_Keyword: Anas fulvigula                                  

Theme_Keyword: Anas platyrhynchos                              

Theme_Keyword: Lophodytes cucullatus                           

Theme_Keyword: Bonasa umbellus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Meleagris gallopavo                             

Theme_Keyword: Colinus virginianus                             

Theme_Keyword: Columba livia                                   

Theme_Keyword: Streptopelia decaocto                           

Theme_Keyword: Zenaida macroura                                

Theme_Keyword: Columbina passerina                             

Theme_Keyword: Dumetella carolinensis                          

Theme_Keyword: Vireo griseus                                   

Theme_Keyword: Vireo solitarius                                

Theme_Keyword: Vireo flavifrons                                

Theme_Keyword: Vireo gilvus                                    

Theme_Keyword: Vireo olivaceus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Vermivora pinus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Parula americana                                

Theme_Keyword: Dendroica petechia                              

Theme_Keyword: Dendroica virens                                

Theme_Keyword: Dendroica dominica                              

Theme_Keyword: Dendroica pinus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Dendroica discolor                              

Theme_Keyword: Dendroica cerulea                               

Theme_Keyword: Mniotilta varia                                 

Theme_Keyword: Setophaga ruticilla                             

Theme_Keyword: Protonotaria citrea                             

Theme_Keyword: Helmitheros vermivorus                          

Theme_Keyword: Limnothlypis swainsonii                         

Theme_Keyword: Seiurus aurocapilla                             

Theme_Keyword: Seiurus motacilla                               

Theme_Keyword: Oporornis formosus                              

Theme_Keyword: Geothlypis trichas                              

Theme_Keyword: Wilsonia citrina                                

Theme_Keyword: Icteria virens                                   

Theme_Keyword: Piranga rubra                                   

Theme_Keyword: Piranga olivacea                                

Theme_Keyword: Cardinalis cardinalis                           

Theme_Keyword: Passerina cyanea                                 

Theme_Keyword: Passerina ciris                                 

Theme_Keyword: Spiza americana                                 

Theme_Keyword: Myotis lucifugus                                

Theme_Keyword: Myotis lucifugus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Myotis austroriparius                           

Theme_Keyword: Myotis grisescens                               

Theme_Keyword: Myotis sodalis                                  

Theme_Keyword: Myotis septentrionalis                           

Theme_Keyword: Pipistrellus subflavus                          

Theme_Keyword: Eptesicus fuscus                                

Theme_Keyword: Lasiurus borealis                               

Theme_Keyword: Lasiurus seminolus                               

Theme_Keyword: Lasiurus intermedius                            

Theme_Keyword: Nycticeius humeralis                            

Theme_Keyword: Corynorhinus rafinesquii                        

Theme_Keyword: Tadarida brasiliensis                            

Theme_Keyword: Oryzomys palustris                              

Theme_Keyword: Reithrodontomys humulis                         

Theme_Keyword: Peromyscus polionotus                           

Theme_Keyword: Peromyscus leucopus                              

Theme_Keyword: Peromyscus gossypinus                           

Theme_Keyword: Ochrotomys nuttalli                             

Theme_Keyword: Mustela frenata                                 

Theme_Keyword: Mustela vison                                    

Theme_Keyword: Spilogale putorius                              

Theme_Keyword: Mephitis mephitis                               

Theme_Keyword: Lontra canadensis                               

Theme_Keyword: Chelydra serpentina                             

Theme_Keyword: Macrochelys temminckii                          

Theme_Keyword: Chrysemys picta                                 

Theme_Keyword: Deirochelys reticularia                         

Theme_Keyword: Graptemys barbouri                              

Theme_Keyword: Graptemys geographica                           

Theme_Keyword: Graptemys nigrinoda                             

Theme_Keyword: Graptemys pulchra                               

Theme_Keyword: Graptemys ouachitensis                          

Theme_Keyword: Graptemys ernsti                                

Theme_Keyword: Malaclemys terrapin                             

Theme_Keyword: Pseudemys alabamensis                           

Theme_Keyword: Pseudemys concinna                              

Theme_Keyword: Pseudemys floridana                             

Theme_Keyword: Terrapene carolina carolina                     

Theme_Keyword: Terrapene carolina major                        

Theme_Keyword: Terrapene carolina triunguis                    

Theme_Keyword: Trachemys scripta                               

Theme_Keyword: Kinosternon subrubrum                           

Theme_Keyword: Sternotherus carinatus                          

Theme_Keyword: Sternotherus depressus                          

Theme_Keyword: Sternotherus minor                              

Theme_Keyword: Sternotherus odoratus                           

Theme_Keyword: Gopherus polyphemus                             

Theme_Keyword: Apalone ferox                                   

Theme_Keyword: Apalone mutica calvata                          

Theme_Keyword: Apalone mutica mutica                           

Theme_Keyword: Apalone spinifera aspera                        

Theme_Keyword: Apalone spinifera spinifera                     

Theme_Keyword: Carphophis amoenus                              

Theme_Keyword: Cemophora coccinea                              

Theme_Keyword: Coluber constrictor                              

Theme_Keyword: Diadophis punctatus                             

Theme_Keyword: Drymarchon corais couperi                       

Theme_Keyword: Elaphe guttata                                  

Theme_Keyword: Elaphe obsoleta                                  

Theme_Keyword: Farancia abacura                                

Theme_Keyword: Farancia erytrogramma                           

Theme_Keyword: Heterodon platirhinos                           

Theme_Keyword: Heterodon simus                                  

Theme_Keyword: Lampropeltis calligaster calligaster            

Theme_Keyword: Lampropeltis calligaster rhombomaculata         

Theme_Keyword: Lampropeltis getula getula                      

Theme_Keyword: Lampropeltis getula holbrooki                    

Theme_Keyword: Lampropeltis getula nigra                       

Theme_Keyword: Lampropeltis triangulum elapsoides              

Theme_Keyword: Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum              

Theme_Keyword: Masticophis flagellum                            

Theme_Keyword: Nerodia cyclopion                               

Theme_Keyword: Nerodia erythrogaster                           

Theme_Keyword: Nerodia fasciata                                

Theme_Keyword: Nerodia rhombifer                                

Theme_Keyword: Nerodia sipedon                                 

Theme_Keyword: Nerodia taxispilota                             

Theme_Keyword: Nerodia clarkii                                 

Theme_Keyword: Opheodrys aestivus                               

Theme_Keyword: Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi                  

Theme_Keyword: Pituophis melanoleucus melanoleucus             

Theme_Keyword: Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus                  

Theme_Keyword: Regina rigida                                    

Theme_Keyword: Regina septemvittata                            

Theme_Keyword: Seminatrix pygaea                               

Theme_Keyword: Storeria dekayi                                 

Theme_Keyword: Storeria occipitomaculata                       

Theme_Keyword: Tantilla coronata                               

Theme_Keyword: Thamnophis sauritus                             

Theme_Keyword: Thamnophis sirtalis                             

Theme_Keyword: Virginia striatula                              

Theme_Keyword: Virginia valeriae                               

Theme_Keyword: Micrurus fulvius                                

Theme_Keyword: Agkistrodon contortrix                          

Theme_Keyword: Agkistrodon piscivorus                          

Theme_Keyword: Crotalus adamanteus                             

Theme_Keyword: Crotalus horridus                               

Theme_Keyword: Sistrurus miliarius                             

Theme_Keyword: Podilymbus podiceps                             

Theme_Keyword: Pelecanus occidentalis                          

Theme_Keyword: Phalacrocorax auritus                           

Theme_Keyword: Anhinga anhinga                                 

Theme_Keyword: Ixobrychus exilis                               

Theme_Keyword: Ardea herodias                                  

Theme_Keyword: Ardea alba                                      

Theme_Keyword: Egretta thula                                   

Theme_Keyword: Egretta caerulea                                

Theme_Keyword: Egretta tricolor                                

Theme_Keyword: Egretta rufescens                               

Theme_Keyword: Bubulcus ibis                                   

Theme_Keyword: Butorides virescens                             

Theme_Keyword: Nycticorax nycticorax                           

Theme_Keyword: Nyctanassa violacea                             

Theme_Keyword: Eudocimus albus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Charadrius alexandrinus                         

Theme_Keyword: Charadrius wilsonia                             

Theme_Keyword: Charadrius vociferus                            

Theme_Keyword: Haematopus palliatus                            

Theme_Keyword: Himantopus mexicanus                            

Theme_Keyword: Catoptrophorus semipalmatus                     

Theme_Keyword: Scolopax minor                                  

Theme_Keyword: Larus atricilla                                  

Theme_Keyword: Sterna nilotica                                 

Theme_Keyword: Sterna caspia                                   

Theme_Keyword: Sterna maxima                                   

Theme_Keyword: Sterna sandvicensis                              

Theme_Keyword: Sterna antillarum                               

Theme_Keyword: Rynchops niger                                  

Theme_Keyword: Tyrannus dominicensis                           

Theme_Keyword: Progne subis                                     

Theme_Keyword: Tachycineta bicolor                             

Theme_Keyword: Stelgidopteryx serripennis                      

Theme_Keyword: Petrochelidon pyrrhonota                        

Theme_Keyword: Hirundo rustica                                  

Theme_Keyword: Bombycilla cedrorum                             

Theme_Keyword: Lanius ludovicianus                             

Theme_Keyword: Passerina caerulea                              

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Theme_Keyword: Spizella passerina                              

Theme_Keyword: Spizella pusilla                                

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Theme_Keyword: Ammodramus savannarum                            

Theme_Keyword: Ammodramus maritimus                            

Theme_Keyword: Melospiza melodia                               

Theme_Keyword: Icterus spurius                                 

Theme_Keyword: Icterus galbula                                  

Theme_Keyword: Procyon lotor                                   

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Theme_Keyword: Odocoileus virginianus                          

Theme_Keyword: Ophisaurus attenuatus                           

Theme_Keyword: Ophisaurus ventralis                            

Theme_Keyword: Ophisaurus mimicus                              

Theme_Keyword: Anolis carolinensis                             

Theme_Keyword: Sceloporus undulatus                            

Theme_Keyword: Eumeces anthracinus                             

Theme_Keyword: Eumeces egregius                                

Theme_Keyword: Eumeces fasciatus                               

Theme_Keyword: Eumeces inexpectatus                            

Theme_Keyword: Eumeces laticeps                                

Theme_Keyword: Scincella lateralis                             

Theme_Keyword: Aspidoscelis sexlineata                         

Theme_Keyword: Ambystoma cingulatum                            

Theme_Keyword: Ambystoma maculatum                             

Theme_Keyword: Ambystoma opacum                                

Theme_Keyword: Ambystoma talpoideum                            

Theme_Keyword: Ambystoma texanum                               

Theme_Keyword: Ambystoma tigrinum                              

Theme_Keyword: Amphiuma means                                  

Theme_Keyword: Amphiuma tridactylum                            

Theme_Keyword: Cryptobranchus alleganiensis                    

Theme_Keyword: Aneides aeneus                                  

Theme_Keyword: Desmognathus aeneus                             

Theme_Keyword: Desmognathus auriculatus                        

Theme_Keyword: Desmognathus fuscus                             

Theme_Keyword: Desmognathus monticola                          

Theme_Keyword: Desmognathus apalachicolae                      

Theme_Keyword: Desmognathus ocoee                              

Theme_Keyword: Eurycea longicauda                              

Theme_Keyword: Eurycea lucifuga                                

Theme_Keyword: Eurycea quadridigitata                          

Theme_Keyword: Eurycea cirrigera                               

Theme_Keyword: Eurycea guttolineata                            

Theme_Keyword: Gyrinophilus palleucus                          

Theme_Keyword: Gyrinophilus porphyriticus                      

Theme_Keyword: Hemidactylium scutatum                           

Theme_Keyword: Phaeognathus hubrichti                          

Theme_Keyword: Plethodon glutinosus                            

Theme_Keyword: Plethodon websteri                              

Theme_Keyword: Plethodon ventralis                              

Theme_Keyword: Pseudotriton montanus                           

Theme_Keyword: Pseudotriton ruber                              

Theme_Keyword: Necturus alabamensis                            

Theme_Keyword: Necturus beyeri complex                          

Theme_Keyword: Necturus maculosus                              

Theme_Keyword: Notophthalmus viridescens                       

Theme_Keyword: Siren intermedia                                

Theme_Keyword: Siren lacertina                                  

Theme_Keyword: Coragyps atratus                                

Theme_Keyword: Cathartes aura                                  

Theme_Keyword: Pandion haliaetus                               

Theme_Keyword: Elanoides forficatus                             

Theme_Keyword: Ictinia mississippiensis                        

Theme_Keyword: Haliaeetus leucocephalus                        

Theme_Keyword: Accipiter striatus                              

Theme_Keyword: Accipiter cooperii                               

Theme_Keyword: Buteo lineatus                                  

Theme_Keyword: Buteo platypterus                               

Theme_Keyword: Buteo jamaicensis                               

Theme_Keyword: Falco sparverius                                 

Theme_Keyword: Rallus longirostris                             

Theme_Keyword: Rallus elegans                                  

Theme_Keyword: Porphyrio martinica                             

Theme_Keyword: Gallinula chloropus                             

Theme_Keyword: Coccyzus americanus                             

Theme_Keyword: Tyto alba                                       

Theme_Keyword: Megascops asio                                  

Theme_Keyword: Bubo virginianus                                

Theme_Keyword: Strix varia                                     

Theme_Keyword: Chordeiles minor                                

Theme_Keyword: Caprimulgus carolinensis                        

Theme_Keyword: Caprimulgus vociferus                           

Theme_Keyword: Chaetura pelagica                               

Theme_Keyword: Archilochus colubris                            

Theme_Keyword: Ceryle alcyon                                   

Theme_Keyword: Melanerpes erythrocephalus                      

Theme_Keyword: Melanerpes carolinus                            

Theme_Keyword: Picoides pubescens                              

Theme_Keyword: Picoides villosus                               

Theme_Keyword: Picoides borealis                               

Theme_Keyword: Colaptes auratus                                

Theme_Keyword: Dryocopus pileatus                              

Theme_Keyword: Contopus virens                                 

Theme_Keyword: Empidonax virescens                             

Theme_Keyword: Sayornis phoebe                                 

Theme_Keyword: Myiarchus crinitus                              

Theme_Keyword: Tyrannus tyrannus                               

Theme_Keyword: Eremophila alpestris                            

Theme_Keyword: Cyanocitta cristata                             

Theme_Keyword: Corvus brachyrhynchos                           

Theme_Keyword: Corvus ossifragus                               

Theme_Keyword: Poecile carolinensis                            

Theme_Keyword: Baeolophus bicolor                              

Theme_Keyword: Sitta carolinensis                              

Theme_Keyword: Sitta pusilla                                   

Theme_Keyword: Thryothorus ludovicianus                        

Theme_Keyword: Troglodytes aedon                               

Theme_Keyword: Cistothorus palustris                           

Theme_Keyword: Polioptila caerulea                              

Theme_Keyword: Sialia sialis                                   

Theme_Keyword: Hylocichla mustelina                            

Theme_Keyword: Turdus migratorius                              

Theme_Keyword: Mimus polyglottos                                

Theme_Keyword: Toxostoma rufum                                 

Theme_Keyword: Pipilo erythrophthalmus                         

Theme_Keyword: Agelaius phoeniceus                             

Theme_Keyword: Sturnella magna                                  

Theme_Keyword: Quiscalus major                                 

Theme_Keyword: Quiscalus quiscula                              

Theme_Keyword: Molothrus ater                                  

Theme_Keyword: Carpodacus mexicanus                             

Theme_Keyword: Loxia curvirostra                               

Theme_Keyword: Carduelis tristis                               

Theme_Keyword: Didelphis virginiana                            

Theme_Keyword: Sorex longirostris                               

Theme_Keyword: Blarina brevicauda                              

Theme_Keyword: Blarina carolinensis                            

Theme_Keyword: Cryptotis parva                                 

Theme_Keyword: Scalopus aquaticus                               

Theme_Keyword: Dasypus novemcinctus                            

Theme_Keyword: Sylvilagus palustris                            

Theme_Keyword: Sylvilagus floridanus                           

Theme_Keyword: Sylvilagus aquaticus                             

Theme_Keyword: Sylvilagus obscurus                             

Theme_Keyword: Tamias striatus                                 

Theme_Keyword: Marmota monax                                   

Theme_Keyword: Sciurus carolinensis                            

Theme_Keyword: Sciurus niger                                   

Theme_Keyword: Glaucomys volans                                

Theme_Keyword: Geomys pinetis                                  

Theme_Keyword: Castor canadensis                               

Theme_Keyword: Sigmodon hispidus                               

Theme_Keyword: Neotoma floridana                               

Theme_Keyword: Neotoma magister                                

Theme_Keyword: Microtus ochrogaster                            

Theme_Keyword: Microtus pinetorum                              

Theme_Keyword: Ondatra zibethicus                              

Theme_Keyword: Zapus hudsonius                                 

Theme_Keyword: Canis latrans                                   

Theme_Keyword: Vulpes vulpes                                   

Theme_Keyword: Urocyon cinereoargenteus                        

Theme_Keyword: Ursus americanus                                

Theme_Keyword: Caretta caretta                                 

Theme_Keyword: Alligator mississippiensis                      

Theme_Keyword: American Toad                                   

Theme_Keyword: Oak Toad                                        

Theme_Keyword: Southern Toad                                   

Theme_Keyword: Fowler's Toad                                   

Theme_Keyword: Northern Cricket Frog                           

Theme_Keyword: Southern Cricket Frog                           

Theme_Keyword: Pine Barrens Treefrog                           

Theme_Keyword: Bird-Voiced Treefrog                            

Theme_Keyword: Cope's Gray Treefrog                            

Theme_Keyword: Green Treefrog                                  

Theme_Keyword: Pine Woods Treefrog                             

Theme_Keyword: Barking Treefrog                                

Theme_Keyword: Squirrel Treefrog                               

Theme_Keyword: Mountain Chorus Frog                            

Theme_Keyword: Southern Chorus Frog                            

Theme_Keyword: Ornate Chorus Frog                              

Theme_Keyword: Western Chorus Frog                             

Theme_Keyword: Spring Peeper                                    

Theme_Keyword: Little Grass Frog                               

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Narrowmouth Toad                        

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Spadefoot                               

Theme_Keyword: Bullfrog                                         

Theme_Keyword: Green Frog                                      

Theme_Keyword: Pig Frog                                        

Theme_Keyword: River Frog                                      

Theme_Keyword: Pickerel Frog                                    

Theme_Keyword: Wood Frog                                       

Theme_Keyword: Southern Leopard Frog                           

Theme_Keyword: Gopher Frog                                     

Theme_Keyword: Canada Goose                                     

Theme_Keyword: Wood Duck                                       

Theme_Keyword: Wood Duck                                       

Theme_Keyword: Mottled Duck                                    

Theme_Keyword: Mallard                                          

Theme_Keyword: Hooded Merganser                                

Theme_Keyword: Ruffed Grouse                                   

Theme_Keyword: Wild Turkey                                     

Theme_Keyword: Northern Bobwhite                                

Theme_Keyword: Rock Dove                                       

Theme_Keyword: Eurasian Collared-Dove                          

Theme_Keyword: Mourning Dove                                   

Theme_Keyword: Common Ground-Dove                               

Theme_Keyword: Gray Catbird                                    

Theme_Keyword: White-Eyed Vireo                                

Theme_Keyword: Blue-Headed Vireo                               

Theme_Keyword: Yellow-Throated Vireo                           

Theme_Keyword: Warbling Vireo                                  

Theme_Keyword: Red-Eyed Vireo                                  

Theme_Keyword: Blue-Winged Warbler                             

Theme_Keyword: Northern Parula                                  

Theme_Keyword: Yellow Warbler                                  

Theme_Keyword: Black-Throated Green Warbler                    

Theme_Keyword: Yellow-Throated Warbler                         

Theme_Keyword: Pine Warbler                                    

Theme_Keyword: Prairie Warbler                                 

Theme_Keyword: Cerulean Warbler                                

Theme_Keyword: Black-And-White Warbler                         

Theme_Keyword: American Redstart                               

Theme_Keyword: Prothonotary Warbler                            

Theme_Keyword: Worm-Eating Warbler                             

Theme_Keyword: Swainson's Warbler                              

Theme_Keyword: Ovenbird                                        

Theme_Keyword: Louisiana Waterthrush                           

Theme_Keyword: Kentucky Warbler                                

Theme_Keyword: Common Yellowthroat                             

Theme_Keyword: Hooded Warbler                                  

Theme_Keyword: Yellow-Breasted Chat                            

Theme_Keyword: Summer Tanager                                  

Theme_Keyword: Scarlet Tanager                                 

Theme_Keyword: Northern Cardinal                               

Theme_Keyword: Indigo Bunting                                  

Theme_Keyword: Painted Bunting                                 

Theme_Keyword: Dickcissel                                      

Theme_Keyword: Little Brown Bat                                

Theme_Keyword: Little Brown Myotis                             

Theme_Keyword: Southeastern Myotis                             

Theme_Keyword: Gray Bat                                        

Theme_Keyword: Indiana Bat                                     

Theme_Keyword: Northern Myotis                                 

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Pipistrelle                             

Theme_Keyword: Big Brown Bat                                   

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Red Bat                                 

Theme_Keyword: Seminole Bat                                    

Theme_Keyword: Northern Yellow Bat                             

Theme_Keyword: Evening Bat                                      

Theme_Keyword: Rafinesque's Big-Eared Bat                      

Theme_Keyword: Brazilian Free-Tailed Bat                       

Theme_Keyword: Marsh Rice Rat                                  

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Harvest Mouse                            

Theme_Keyword: Oldfield Mouse                                  

Theme_Keyword: White-Footed Mouse                              

Theme_Keyword: Cotton Mouse                                    

Theme_Keyword: Golden Mouse                                     

Theme_Keyword: Long-Tailed Weasel                              

Theme_Keyword: Mink                                            

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Spotted Skunk                           

Theme_Keyword: Striped Skunk                                    

Theme_Keyword: Northern River Otter                            

Theme_Keyword: Snapping Turtle                                 

Theme_Keyword: Alligator Snapping Turtle                       

Theme_Keyword: Painted Turtle                                   

Theme_Keyword: Chicken Turtle                                  

Theme_Keyword: Barbour's Map Turtle                            

Theme_Keyword: Common Map Turtle                               

Theme_Keyword: Black-Knobbed Map Turtle                         

Theme_Keyword: Alabama Map Turtle                              

Theme_Keyword: Ouachita Map Turtle                             

Theme_Keyword: Escambia Map Turtle                             

Theme_Keyword: Diamondback Terrapin                             

Theme_Keyword: Alabama Redbelly Turtle                         

Theme_Keyword: River Cooter                                    

Theme_Keyword: Florida Cooter                                  

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Box Turtle                              

Theme_Keyword: Gulf Coast Box Turtle                           

Theme_Keyword: Three-Toed Box Turtle                           

Theme_Keyword: Slider                                          

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Mud Turtle                              

Theme_Keyword: Razorback Musk Turtle                           

Theme_Keyword: Flattened Musk Turtle                           

Theme_Keyword: Loggerhead Musk Turtle                          

Theme_Keyword: Common Musk Turtle                              

Theme_Keyword: Gopher Tortoise                                 

Theme_Keyword: Florida Softshell                               

Theme_Keyword: Gulf Coast Smooth Softshell                     

Theme_Keyword: Midland Smooth Softshell                        

Theme_Keyword: Gulf Coast Spiny Softshell                      

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Spiny Softshell                         

Theme_Keyword: Worm Snake                                      

Theme_Keyword: Scarlet Snake                                   

Theme_Keyword: Racer                                           

Theme_Keyword: Ringneck Snake                                  

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Indigo Snake                            

Theme_Keyword: Corn Snake                                      

Theme_Keyword: Rat Snake                                       

Theme_Keyword: Mud Snake                                       

Theme_Keyword: Rainbow Snake                                   

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Hognose Snake                           

Theme_Keyword: Southern Hognose Snake                          

Theme_Keyword: Prairie Kingsnake                               

Theme_Keyword: Mole Kingsnake                                  

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Kingsnake                               

Theme_Keyword: Speckled Kingsnake                              

Theme_Keyword: Black Kingsnake                                 

Theme_Keyword: Scarlet Kingsnake                               

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Milk Snake                              

Theme_Keyword: Coachwhip                                       

Theme_Keyword: Green Water Snake                               

Theme_Keyword: Plainbelly Water Snake                           

Theme_Keyword: Southern Water Snake                            

Theme_Keyword: Diamondback Water Snake                         

Theme_Keyword: Midland Water Snake                             

Theme_Keyword: Brown Water Snake                                

Theme_Keyword: Gulf Salt Marsh Snake                           

Theme_Keyword: Rough Green Snake                               

Theme_Keyword: Black Pine Snake                                

Theme_Keyword: Northern Pine Snake                              

Theme_Keyword: Florida Pine Snake                              

Theme_Keyword: Glossy Crayfish Snake                           

Theme_Keyword: Queen Snake                                     

Theme_Keyword: Black Swamp Snake                                

Theme_Keyword: Brown Snake                                     

Theme_Keyword: Redbelly Snake                                  

Theme_Keyword: Southeastern Crowned Snake                      

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Ribbon Snake                             

Theme_Keyword: Common Garter Snake                             

Theme_Keyword: Rough Earth Snake                               

Theme_Keyword: Smooth Earth Snake                              

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Coral Snake                              

Theme_Keyword: Copperhead                                      

Theme_Keyword: Cottonmouth                                     

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake                 

Theme_Keyword: Timber Rattlesnake                               

Theme_Keyword: Pigmy Rattlesnake                               

Theme_Keyword: Pied-Billed Grebe                               

Theme_Keyword: Brown Pelican                                   

Theme_Keyword: Double-Crested Cormorant                        

Theme_Keyword: Anhinga                                         

Theme_Keyword: Least Bittern                                   

Theme_Keyword: Great Blue Heron                                

Theme_Keyword: Great Egret                                      

Theme_Keyword: Snowy Egret                                     

Theme_Keyword: Little Blue Heron                               

Theme_Keyword: Tricolored Heron                                

Theme_Keyword: Reddish Egret                                   

Theme_Keyword: Cattle Egret                                    

Theme_Keyword: Green Heron                                     

Theme_Keyword: Black-Crowned Night-Heron                       

Theme_Keyword: Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron                      

Theme_Keyword: White Ibis                                      

Theme_Keyword: Snowy Plover                                    

Theme_Keyword: Wilson's Plover                                 

Theme_Keyword: Killdeer                                        

Theme_Keyword: American Oystercatcher                          

Theme_Keyword: Black-Necked Stilt                              

Theme_Keyword: Willet                                          

Theme_Keyword: American Woodcock                               

Theme_Keyword: Laughing Gull                                   

Theme_Keyword: Gull-Billed Tern                                

Theme_Keyword: Caspian Tern                                    

Theme_Keyword: Royal Tern                                      

Theme_Keyword: Sandwich Tern                                   

Theme_Keyword: Least Tern                                      

Theme_Keyword: Black Skimmer                                   

Theme_Keyword: Gray Kingbird                                   

Theme_Keyword: Purple Martin                                   

Theme_Keyword: Tree Swallow                                    

Theme_Keyword: Northern Rough-Winged Swallow                   

Theme_Keyword: Cliff Swallow                                   

Theme_Keyword: Barn Swallow                                    

Theme_Keyword: Cedar Waxwing                                   

Theme_Keyword: Loggerhead Shrike                                

Theme_Keyword: Blue Grosbeak                                   

Theme_Keyword: Bachman's Sparrow                               

Theme_Keyword: Chipping Sparrow                                

Theme_Keyword: Field Sparrow                                    

Theme_Keyword: Lark Sparrow                                    

Theme_Keyword: Grasshopper Sparrow                             

Theme_Keyword: Seaside Sparrow                                 

Theme_Keyword: Song Sparrow                                     

Theme_Keyword: Orchard Oriole                                  

Theme_Keyword: Baltimore Oriole                                

Theme_Keyword: Common Raccoon                                  

Theme_Keyword: Bobcat                                           

Theme_Keyword: White-Tailed Deer                               

Theme_Keyword: Slender Glass Lizard                            

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Glass Lizard                            

Theme_Keyword: Mimic Glass Lizard                               

Theme_Keyword: Green Anole                                     

Theme_Keyword: Fence Lizard                                    

Theme_Keyword: Coal Skink                                      

Theme_Keyword: Mole Skink                                       

Theme_Keyword: Five-Lined Skink                                

Theme_Keyword: Southeastern Five-Lined Skink                   

Theme_Keyword: Broadheaded Skink                               

Theme_Keyword: Ground Skink                                     

Theme_Keyword: Six-Lined Racerunner                            

Theme_Keyword: Flatwoods Salamander                            

Theme_Keyword: Spotted Salamander                              

Theme_Keyword: Marbled Salamander                               

Theme_Keyword: Mole Salamander                                 

Theme_Keyword: Smallmouth Salamander                           

Theme_Keyword: Tiger Salamander                                

Theme_Keyword: Two-Toed Amphiuma                               

Theme_Keyword: Three-Toed Amphiuma                             

Theme_Keyword: Hellbender                                      

Theme_Keyword: Green Salamander                                

Theme_Keyword: Seepage Salamander                              

Theme_Keyword: Southern Dusky Salamander                       

Theme_Keyword: Dusky Salamander                                

Theme_Keyword: Seal Salamander                                 

Theme_Keyword: Apalachicola Dusky Salamander                   

Theme_Keyword: Mountain Dusky Salamander                       

Theme_Keyword: Long-Tailed Salamander                          

Theme_Keyword: Cave Salamander                                 

Theme_Keyword: Dwarf Salamander                                

Theme_Keyword: Southern Two-Lined Salamander                   

Theme_Keyword: Three-Lined Salamander                          

Theme_Keyword: Tennessee Cave Salamander                       

Theme_Keyword: Spring Salamander                               

Theme_Keyword: Four-Toed Salamander                            

Theme_Keyword: Red Hills Salamander                            

Theme_Keyword: Slimy Salamander                                

Theme_Keyword: Webster's Salamander                            

Theme_Keyword: Zigzag Salamander                               

Theme_Keyword: Mud Salamander                                  

Theme_Keyword: Red Salamander                                  

Theme_Keyword: Black Warrior Waterdog                          

Theme_Keyword: Gulf Coast Waterdog                             

Theme_Keyword: Mudpuppy                                        

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Newt                                    

Theme_Keyword: Lesser Siren                                    

Theme_Keyword: Greater Siren                                   

Theme_Keyword: Black Vulture                                   

Theme_Keyword: Turkey Vulture                                   

Theme_Keyword: Osprey                                          

Theme_Keyword: Swallow-Tailed Kite                             

Theme_Keyword: Mississippi Kite                                

Theme_Keyword: Bald Eagle                                       

Theme_Keyword: Sharp-Shinned Hawk                              

Theme_Keyword: Cooper's Hawk                                   

Theme_Keyword: Red-Shouldered Hawk                             

Theme_Keyword: Broad-Winged Hawk                                

Theme_Keyword: Red-Tailed Hawk                                 

Theme_Keyword: American Kestrel                                

Theme_Keyword: Clapper Rail                                    

Theme_Keyword: King Rail                                        

Theme_Keyword: Purple Gallinule                                

Theme_Keyword: Common Moorhen                                  

Theme_Keyword: Yellow-Billed Cuckoo                            

Theme_Keyword: Barn-Owl                                         

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Screech-Owl                             

Theme_Keyword: Great Horned Owl                                

Theme_Keyword: Barred Owl                                      

Theme_Keyword: Common Nighthawk                                 

Theme_Keyword: Chuck-Will's-Widow                              

Theme_Keyword: Whip-Poor-Will                                  

Theme_Keyword: Chimney Swift                                   

Theme_Keyword: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird                       

Theme_Keyword: Belted Kingfisher                               

Theme_Keyword: Red-Headed Woodpecker                           

Theme_Keyword: Red-Bellied Woodpecker                          

Theme_Keyword: Downy Woodpecker                                 

Theme_Keyword: Hairy Woodpecker                                

Theme_Keyword: Red-Cockaded Woodpecker                         

Theme_Keyword: Northern Flicker                                

Theme_Keyword: Pileated Woodpecker                             

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Wood-Pewee                              

Theme_Keyword: Acadian Flycatcher                              

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Phoebe                                  

Theme_Keyword: Great Crested Flycatcher                        

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Kingbird                                

Theme_Keyword: Horned Lark                                     

Theme_Keyword: Blue Jay                                        

Theme_Keyword: American Crow                                   

Theme_Keyword: Fish Crow                                       

Theme_Keyword: Carolina Chickadee                              

Theme_Keyword: Tufted Titmouse                                 

Theme_Keyword: White-Breasted Nuthatch                         

Theme_Keyword: Brown-Headed Nuthatch                           

Theme_Keyword: Carolina Wren                                   

Theme_Keyword: House Wren                                      

Theme_Keyword: Marsh Wren                                      

Theme_Keyword: Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher                           

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Bluebird                                

Theme_Keyword: Wood Thrush                                     

Theme_Keyword: American Robin                                  

Theme_Keyword: Northern Mockingbird                            

Theme_Keyword: Brown Thrasher                                  

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Towhee                                  

Theme_Keyword: Red-Winged Blackbird                            

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Meadowlark                              

Theme_Keyword: Boat-Tailed Grackle                             

Theme_Keyword: Common Grackle                                  

Theme_Keyword: Brown-Headed Cowbird                            

Theme_Keyword: House Finch                                     

Theme_Keyword: Red Crossbill                                   

Theme_Keyword: American Goldfinch                              

Theme_Keyword: Virginia Opossum                                

Theme_Keyword: Southeastern Shrew                              

Theme_Keyword: Northern Short-Tailed Shrew                     

Theme_Keyword: Southern Short-Tailed Shrew                      

Theme_Keyword: Least Shrew                                     

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Mole                                    

Theme_Keyword: Nine-Banded Armadillo                           

Theme_Keyword: Marsh Rabbit                                     

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Cottontail                              

Theme_Keyword: Swamp Rabbit                                    

Theme_Keyword: Appalachian Cottontail                          

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Chipmunk                                 

Theme_Keyword: Woodchuck                                       

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Gray Squirrel                           

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Fox Squirrel                            

Theme_Keyword: Southern Flying Squirrel                         

Theme_Keyword: Southeastern Pocket Gopher                      

Theme_Keyword: American Beaver                                 

Theme_Keyword: Hispid Cotton Rat                               

Theme_Keyword: Eastern Woodrat                                  

Theme_Keyword: Allegheny Woodrat                               

Theme_Keyword: Prairie Vole                                    

Theme_Keyword: Woodland Vole                                   

Theme_Keyword: Muskrat                                          

Theme_Keyword: Meadow Jumping Mouse                            

Theme_Keyword: Coyote                                          

Theme_Keyword: Red Fox                                         

Theme_Keyword: Common Gray Fox                                  

Theme_Keyword: Black Bear                                      

Theme_Keyword: Loggerhead Sea Turtle                           

Theme_Keyword: American Alligator                              

Place_Keyword: Alabama
Place_Keyword: Southeast
Place_Keyword: United States
Place_Keyword: United States of America
Place_Keyword: USA
Place_Keyword: North America
Temporal_Keyword: 2001
There are no implied access restraints for this dataset. However, to insure data are accompanied by proper documentation, it is strongly recommended that this data is directly acquired from the distributor and not indirectly through other sources which may have changed the data in some way.
This is a provisional data set pending completion of a final written report of methods. This data set is not to be used at scales larger than 1:24,000 and not to be used for navigational purposes. Please cite the data set as follows: Silvano, A. L., J. B. Grand, E. R. Irwin, K. J. Kleiner, M. D. Mackenzie, M. S. Mitchell, K. Cook, M. J. Elliot, E. Kramer, A. J. McKerrow, M. J. Rubino, S. Smith, and S. G. Williams. 2007. (Species) Provisional Predicted Habitat Distribution Map of Alabama. Alabama Gap Analysis Project. Accessed (date) from\gap
Alabama Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit (ALCFWRU)- Alabama Gap Analysis Project
Address_Type: mailing and physical address
Address: 3301 Forestry and Wildlife Building
City: Auburn University
State_or_Province: AL
Postal_Code: 36849
Country: USA
Contact_Voice_Telephone: (334) 844-4796
Contact_Facsimile_Telephone: (334) 887-4509
Hours_of_Service: 0800-1700
Silvano, A. L., J. B. Grand, E. R. Irwin, K. J. Kleiner, M. D. Mackenzie, M. S. Mitchell, K. Cook, M. J. Elliot, E. Kramer, A. J. McKerrow, M. J. Rubino, S. Smith, and S. G. Williams.
Security_Classification: Unclassified
Microsoft Windows XP Version 5.1 (Build 2600) Service Pack 2; ESRI ArcCatalog

Originator: Alabama Gap Analysis Project
Publication_Date: 2007
GAP Land Cover Map of Ecological Systems for the State of Alabama
Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: raster digital data
Kleiner, K. J., M. D. Mackenzie, A.L. Silvano, J. A. Grand, J. B. Grand, J. Hogland, E.R. Irwin, M. S. Mitchell, B. D. Taylor, T. S. Earnhardt, E. A. Kramer, J. W. Lee, A. J. McKerrow, M. J. Rubino, K. Samples, A. Terando, and S. G. Williams. 2007. GAP Land Cover Map of Ecological Systems for the State of Alabama (Provisional). Alabama Gap Analysis Project. Accessed (date) from\gap
Source_Scale_Denominator: 24000
Type_of_Source_Media: raster digital data
GAP Land Cover Map of Ecological Systems for the State of Alabama
Provided the land use and vegetative land cover component in the vertebrate habitat association model.
Publication_Date: 2000
Methods for developing terrestrial vertebrate distribution maps for Gap Analysis
Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: document
Csuti, B., and P. Crist. 2000. Methods for developing terrestrial vertebrate distribution maps for Gap Analysis. Version 2.0.0. A Handbook for Conducting Gap Analysis. Accessed October 2007 from <>.
Type_of_Source_Media: online
Source_Citation_Abbreviation: Csuti and Crist 2000
Title: A Gap Analysis of Alabama, Final Report
Geospatial_Data_Presentation_Form: document
Silvano, A. L., J. B. Grand, K. J. Kleiner, M, D. MacKenzie, E. R. Irwin, M. S. Mitchell, T. Earnhardt, E. Kramer, J. Lee, A. J. McKerrow, M. J. Rubino, and S. G. Williams. 2008. A Gap Analysis of Alabama, Final Report. Forthcoming.
Type_of_Source_Media: paper
Source_Citation_Abbreviation: Silvano et al. (2008)
Map Development: AL-GAP vertebrate predicted habitat distribution maps were created following methods described in the GAP Analysis Handbook (Csuti and Crist 2000). These maps were created from a known range delineated using location records and already published range maps, and a habitat association model founded on current literature which detailed each species habitat requirements. Habitat information ranged from a species use of specific land cover types, defined in the GAP Land Cover Map of Ecological Systems for the State of Alabama (Kleiner et al. 2007), and their configuration on the landscape including, contiguous patch thresholds, forest interior and edge utilization, as well as other ancillary elements such as landform associations, elevation limits, and/or hydrology restrictions. The predicted habitat maps were created in ESRI Arc/Info GRID software using Arc Macro Language (AML) to script spatial queries associating known range limits with habitat parameters to generate a predicted habitat distribution map. Further information on these methods and specific vertebrate predicted habitat distribution maps can be found in Silvano et al. (2008).
Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation: USGS Gap Analysis Program 2000
GAP Land Cover Map of Ecological Systems for the State of Alabama (Kleiner et al. 2007)
Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation: Silvano et al. (2008)
Map Assessment: The reliability of the habitat maps were assessed by a panel of expert reviewers. Their comments were analyzed in a Bayesian Belief Network and a reliability measure which equated the probability or likelihood of improving the habitat map and model through a revision was quantified. Where reliability was low, revisions were warranted and thus where appropriate, changes were made to the known range and/or habitat model and the map was re-created. When reliability was high no changes were warranted and the model and habitat map were not revised. Further information on these methods and specific vertebrate predicted habitat distribution maps can be found in Silvano et al. (2007).
Source_Used_Citation_Abbreviation: Silvano et al. (2008)

Direct_Spatial_Reference_Method: Raster
Raster_Object_Type: Grid Cell
Row_Count: 24801
Column_Count: 33144
Vertical_Count: 1

Map_Projection_Name: Albers Conical Equal Area
Standard_Parallel: 29.500000
Standard_Parallel: 45.500000
Longitude_of_Central_Meridian: -96.000000
Latitude_of_Projection_Origin: 23.000000
False_Easting: 0.000000
False_Northing: 0.000000
Planar_Coordinate_Encoding_Method: row and column
Abscissa_Resolution: 30.000000
Ordinate_Resolution: 30.000000
Planar_Distance_Units: meters
Horizontal_Datum_Name: North American Datum of 1983
Ellipsoid_Name: Geodetic Reference System 80
Semi-major_Axis: 6378137.000000
Denominator_of_Flattening_Ratio: 298.257222

Entity_Type_Label: AL-GAP Provisional Vertebrate Predicted Distribution
Attribute_Label: ObjectID
Attribute_Definition: Internal feature number.
Attribute_Definition_Source: ESRI
Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.
Attribute_Label: Value
Attribute_Definition: Class Value
Enumerated_Domain_Value: 0
Enumerated_Domain_Value_Definition: Species habitat is not predicted or absent
Enumerated_Domain_Value_Definition_Source: ALGAP
Enumerated_Domain_Value: 1
Enumerated_Domain_Value_Definition: Species habitat is predicted as present
Enumerated_Domain_Value_Definition_Source: ALGAP
Attribute_Label: Count
Attribute_Definition: Number of pixels associated with the "Value" attribute
Sequential unique whole numbers that are automatically generated.

Alabama Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit (ALCFWRU) - Alabama Gap Analysis Project, Auburn University
Address_Type: mailing address
Address: 3301 Forestry & Wildlife Building
City: Auburn University
State_or_Province: Alabama
Postal_Code: 36849
Country: USA
Contact_Voice_Telephone: 334-844-4796
Contact_Facsimile_Telephone: 334-887-4509
Hours_of_Service: 0800-1700
Data sets are named with the AL-GAP unique species identification label. For example the Flatwoods salamander is al_<baflsa>. The first letter indicates the species breeding status within the state "b" for breeding, "w" for wintering. The second letter represent the species taxa association, "a" for amphibian, "b" for birds, "m" for mammals, and "r" for reptiles. The last 4 letters are generated from the species common name. If the species common name is defined by two words, as with the Flatwoods salamander, the first two letters are taken from each word "fl" and "sa" and where a species common name is represented with one word (e.g. Hellbender), then the first 4 letters are used to represent the species.
This data was provided as a provisional product as a courtesy to our cooperators and interested parties, and as such has not been reviewed or approved for publication by the U.S. Geological Survey. Although this data has been processed successfully on computer systems of the Alabama Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (ALCFWRU), no warranty, expressed or implied, is made by ALCFWRU regarding the use of the data on any other system, nor does the fact of distribution constitute or imply any such warranty. It is strongly recommended that the data be directly acquired from the distributor and not indirectly through other sources, which may have manipulated the data in some way. The ALCFWRU shall not be held liable for improper or incorrect use of the data set described and/or contained within.
Format_Name: Zip Files
Transfer_Size: 14.971

Metadata_Date: 20071115
Alabama Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit (ALCFWRU) - Alabama Gap Analysis Project, Auburn University
Address_Type: mailing address
Address: 3301 Forestry & Wildlife Building
City: Auburn
State_or_Province: Alabama
Postal_Code: 36849
Contact_Voice_Telephone: 334-844-4796
Contact_Facsimile_Telephone: 334-887-4509
Hours_of_Service: 0800-1700
Metadata_Standard_Name: FGDC Content Standards for Digital Geospatial Metadata
Metadata_Standard_Version: FGDC-STD-001-1998
Metadata_Time_Convention: local time
Online_Linkage: <>
Profile_Name: ESRI Metadata Profile

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