At no time in history has the importance of quality of teacher education been so evident. Advances in technology, changes in world and local politics, and other societal changes have resulted in a world that has a vastly different outlook from that of a decade ago. As boundaries that have separated cultures, nations, and individuals continue to dissolve, the roles of many forms of education have become vital to equipping students for even greater changes that lie ahead. The responsibility for the future of Alabama, the nation, and the world largely falls upon its educators.

Building a firm educational foundation that meets the demands of our world requires the teamwork of many people, agencies, and organizations. The future of a successful college of education depends upon its ability to build and maintain valuable partnerships with public schools and agencies. Today, states are faced with the important and urgent need to make the learning of each child the joint responsibility of public schools and universities. For the last decade, the College of Education has been working closely with public schools to improve mutual learning of our students. These partnerships demand time and attention that go beyond traditional campus teaching. They afford students the opportunity to apply theory in a wide variety of settings. Our students are prepared to meet the demands of their careers because they are well acquainted with the issues and situations they will face in their future endeavors. Our graduates are respected nationwide for the superior quality of their preparation and performance.

Committed faculty are crucial to success in building relationships with students as well as with schools and agencies. I take great pride in the leadership role that members of the Auburn College of Education faculty play in reform policy-- both nationally and locally. They are also active contributors to research on what works best in today's classroom in such timely areas as drug and substance abuse education, AIDS education, working with at-risk children, science and math education, literacy and vocational education skills, and helping children with special needs meet their full potential. The philosophy underlying all of our College's activities is that we are all learners as well as teachers in this highly important process of preparing the very best educators.

I hope that you will want to be a part of the excitement taking place in education today. Consider becoming a teacher or other education professional and see first hand the difference you can make. As a college that is leading the way in innovative educational relationships, the Auburn University College of Education offers an exciting environment for professional training. I invite you to pursue a fulfilling career in one of the many specialty areas within the College of Education. Be a part of the experience that is Auburn.