Bouncing B's


Emergent Literacy

Lora Haghighi



Rationale:        Letter recognition is a fundamental step in the journey of reading. One of the most common mistakes made by early readers is confusing Bs and Ds. It is important to take time to single out these letters and make sure each child learns both letters individually before trying to put them together. This lesson will focus on the letter b. Students will learn how to listen for the letter b in spoken words by learning a meaningful vocal representation, they will practice writing the letter b, and will then practice finding b in words.


Materials:        Primary paper, pencils; tongue twister poster (Boys bounce basketballs off of the back board.), Bs Worksheet (linked at the bottom), The Butter Battle Book  by Dr. Seuss


Procedures:     1. Introduce the lesson by reminding the class that words are made up of vocal gestures that change for different letters. Today, we are going to think about how our mouth moves when we say the letter b, as in boy. Some people get confused between b's and d's, but we are going to learn some ways to remember the differences between the two.


                        2. Ask students: Have any of you ever played basketball? Well, When I think about dribbling a basketball, I hear /b/, /b/, /b/, like the letter b. Let's pretend we are all dribbling our basketballs‰¥ämake that sound with me: /b/, /b/, /b/. Good Job. Now I am going to try and find /b/ in a word. Is the /b/ sound in cornbread? Corn/b/b/b/read. There it is! I can hear it! Can you? How about banner? /B/B/B/anner! The /b/ sound is at the beginning of that word! Can you hear it?


3. Now I want you to read this poster with me: "Boys bounce basketballs off of the back board." Everyone say it once more with me. Now, we are all going to say it again, but this time we are going to draw out our bs like we are bouncing our basketballs: "B-b-b-boys b-b-bounce b-b-basketb-b-balls off of the b-b-back b-b-board." Good. This time, let's completely break the b off of the word: /b/ oys /b/ ounce /b/ asket
/b/ alls off of the /b/ ack /b/ oard.


4. Now we are going to practice writing our bs. Please take out your lined paper and a pencil. Watch me before you write on your paper. Start at the rooftop, bounce down, bounce over and around. Bounce down, bounce over and around. Now, how is this different from d? With a d, you start with a little c and draw a line. C comes after b. If you get confused look at your letter, if there is a c in it, then it cannot be a b--it's not c's turn yet. Now, I want everyone to write a b on their paper. I am going to walk around and check. Once I have seen yours, I want you to write it 9 more times. Remember to think about your basketball bouncing when you think of /b/.


5. Now let's see if we can hear the letter b in some words. Do you hear the /b/ in bicycle or tricycle? Cake or bake? Handbag or purse?


6. Now we are going to read a book called The Butter Battle Book.  This story is about the Yooks and Zooks. The Yooks live on one side of the wall and they eat their bread with the butter side up.  The Zooks, who live on the other side, eat their bread with the butter side down. The Yooks and the Zooks do not like one another. I just want the Yooks and the Zooks to be able to get along. Let's read to find out if they can. As we are reading, I want you to think about the basketball dribbling when you hear /b/ in a word. I want you each to try and remember three words with the /b/ sound.  [Read Book].


7. Can you tell me any words you heard in that story that had the /b/ sound like a dribbling basketball? [butter,etc]. Good job.


8. Assessment: Pass out worksheet. Now I am going to give you a worksheet. You are going to draw a line from the b-b-bees to the other items that begin with the letter b. When you are finished I want you to color your worksheet and then we will hang them up.


 Reference:      Dr Seuss. The Butter Battle Book. Random House Books for Young Readers. 1984.

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