Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Spring 2008

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I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching letter recognition

Virginia Collins, Bad Baby B
Lora Haghighi, Bouncing B's

Samantha McClendon, Who Is Knocking at My Door Door Door?
Amber Wright, Dancing With Dolly the Dog
Brittney Herring, Wildlife Watching With Mrs. W
Megan Powell, Butterflies and Dragonflies
Christy Turner, Biscuit's Bubble Bath
Shana Zink, Peanut and Pearl's Picnic Adventure
Bridgett Wilson, Buzzing Around With B!
Ashley Ramsey, Guh, Guh, Guh
Katherine Harris, Penelope, the Precious Pig

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Tammy Bauer, Beddy-Bye, Biscuit
Kendra Haywood, Sheep on a Ship
Cambre Prater, Let the Air Out of the Balloon
Brittany Roberts, Silly Sissy Snake
Leah Rockwell, Wacky Wednesday
Caroline Trefethen, Mommy's Monsters!
Lauren Long, Vacuuming Up Violets
Sarah Anne Wilkes, Sam the Snake: SSSsss
Courtney Nims, Red Rabbit Roundup
Laura Langham, Building a Bass Drum Band
Sarah Jane Brock, Fishing Frenzy
Brittany Williams, Aaaaaaaaaaaa! There's a Spider!
Holland Stevens, Ehhh, the Door Is Opening!
Rebekah Aldridge, Click Clack Your Way to C
Brittney McKissick, Ta-Ta-Tennis Ball

Jessica Smith, Dinosaurs Say Duh!
Heather Langley, Let's Get to Pop, Pop, Popping With P!
Lili Lydon, That Darn Cat!
Ashley Forster, Sammy the Silly Snake
Laura Ashley Norman, Ally's Apples
Amanda Shankles, Pretty Purple Poppies
Keri Sweatt, M is Yummmmmy!
Erin Taylor, Inside Igloos With Icky Fingers
Jennifer Reinhart, T is for Teaching
Caroline Peek, Don't Slither in Your Seat, Listen to This Sizzling Lesson!
Emily Mills, Funny Furry Feet

Lessons for teaching print concepts or phoneme manipulations

Katie Olk, Clap to Make It Click

II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Amber Wright, Edgar the Elephant
Sarah Anne Wilkes, Crying Baby
Courtney Nims, Icky Sticky Ink
Leah Rockwell, The Old Creaky Door
Sarah Jane Brock, Eeeehhh, What Did You Say?
Brittany Williams, Open Wide and Say O-o-o-o-o-o!
Katie Olk, Sticky Fish . . . Icky!
Holland Stevens, Uh Oh! An Ugly Umbrella!
Brittney Herring, Going Fishing With Grandpa /e/
Lauren Long, "Uhh" Is When We Don't Understand!
Brittney McKissick, Open Wide and Say "Ah"
Megan Powell, Allen the Alligator
Jessica Smith, The Baby's Crying! Aaaa!
Christy Turner, Ella the Elephant
Shana Zink, Icky Piggy
Heather Langley, Dr. Ollie Says Open Wide and Say /o/
Lili Lydon, Ehh . . . Opening the Reading Door
Rebekah Aldridge, Up Goes the Umbrella in a Thunderstorm
Ashley Forster, Eddy the Elephant
Laura Ashley Norman, Ehhh? An Elephant!
Ashley Ramsey, Icky, Sticky!
Keri Sweatt, Izzy the Icky Piggy!
Katherine Harris, Ollie the Octopus
Virginia Collins, Icky, Icky i
Erin Taylor, Oscar Says /o/
Caroline Peek, All Babies Wail /a/ at Some Point!
Emily Mills, /i/, Icky Sticky Fingers
Amanda Shankles, Oscar the Octopus Goes to the Doctor

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Laura Langham, AAAA! With Our Friend Fonzie
Samantha McClendon, EEEEEE--There's a Spider on the Wall!
Jennifer Reinhart, A Good Day for ay/ai
Brittany Roberts, Ate, Not At

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Kendra Haywood, Chugga Lugga Choo Choo!
Caroline Trefethen, Fishing for Some Shopping
Tammy Bauer, Chug-a-Chug-a Choo Choo
Bridgett Wilson, Shells or Fish
Lora Haghighi, Shelley Says "Shhh!"
Cambre Prater, Next Stop--/ch/ Station

Lessons for teaching blending or spelling

III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading

Lauren Long, Becoming a Reading Wiz!
Courtney Nims, Up, Up, and Away With Fluency

Ashley Ramsey, Hot Rod Readers

Rebekah Aldredge, The Frenzy of a Fluent Reader
Tammy Bauer, Go, Readers, Go!
Kendra Haywood, Flowing Through Fluency
Caroline Trefethen, 3, 2, 1 Take Off With Reading!
Amber Wright, Flying to Fluency!
Leah Rockwell, Speed, Speed, Speed Into Reading
Sarah Jane Brock, It's a Fluency Party!
Samantha McClendon, Leap Into Faster Reading
Brittany Williams, Racing Into Reading
Megan Powell, Zoom Through Reading!
Katie Olk, Hopping Into Fluent Reading
Holland Stevens, Run Fast, Read Fast!
Brittney Herring, Pedaling Our Way Into Fluency
Brittney McKissick, Choo-Choo
Laura Langham, Three Is Better Than One!
Jessica Smith, On Your Marks, Get Set, Read!
Christy Turner, Getting Fired Up for Fluency
Shana Zink, Zoom Into Fluency!
Heather Langley, Off to the Races!
Lili Lydon, Let's Rock and Read!
Bridgett Wilson, Climbing to New Heights
Laura Ashley Norman, Racing Monkeys
Lora Haghighi, Really Rapid Reading
Keri Sweatt, Race for Reading
Katherine Harris, On Your Marks, Get Set, Read!
Virginia Collins, The Race Is On
Caroline Peek, Let's Learn to Read Successfully With Fluency!
Cambre Prater, Horton Hears a What? . . . A Fluent Reader!
Amanda Shankles, Third Time's the Charm

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Sarah Anne Wilkes, Express Yourself
Ashley Forster,
Hopping Into a Good Book
Jennifer Reinhart, Bananas for Fluency
Brittany Roberts, Click Clack Moo!
Emily Mills, We're Not Reading Robots!

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly
Erin Taylor, Shh . . . We're Reading

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization

Leah Rockwell, Summing It All Up!
Samantha McClendon, The Shorter the Better!
Katie Olk, Carving Out a Story
Tammy Bauer, Get to the Point!
Caroline Trefethen, Summarize!
Amber Wright, Easy Peasy Ways to Summarize!
Sarah Anne Wilkes, Did You Get It?
Brittney McKissick, Summing It Up!
Jessica Smith, Finding the Important Points!
Christy Turner, The Sum of It All
Shana Zink, Summary Stars
Heather Langley, Steps to Summarizing Success
Lili Lydon, An Elephant Never Forgets
Rebekah Aldridge, And the Point Is?
Ashley Forster, Sum It Up!
Laura Ashley Norman, Summing It Up
Ashley Ramsey, Summarizing . . . We Can Bear It!
Lora Haghighi, Summarization Soldiers
Katherine Harris, Sum It Up!
Cambre Prater, What's the Point?
Brittney Herring, Spectacular Summarizers
Keri Sweatt, So . . . What's the Point?
Virginia Collins, Quick! Sum It Up!
Erin Taylor, Sum It Up!
Jennifer Reinhart, Summing It All Up!
Caroline Peek, Let's Sum Up Information!
Emily Mills, Take Off Those Frills
Amanda Shankles, Wild Animal Summaries!
Megan Powell, Spring Into Summarizing!

Lessons for teaching visualization

Lauren Long, Turn on the Television in Your Brain
Brittany Williams,
In Your Imagination
Kendra Haywood, What Do You See?
Courtney Nims, What Do You See?
Laura Langham, Action! Make Your Own Mental Movie!
Sarah Jane Brock, Can Your See It?

Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions

Holland Stevens, Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?
Bridgett Wilson,
How, Why: Do I Understand?

Lessons for teaching children about story grammar
Brittany Roberts, I Ask Myself Why?