Research-Based Lessons Designed by Teacher Candidates

Auburn University 

Fall 2015   


I. Emergent Literacy  

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness supported by letter recognition

Kristin Peacock, Popping Popcorn with Pat the Pig

Jessica Sullivan, Hopping Along With Harry and H

Christine Haley, P-P-Pitter Patter of P

Anna Piper, Cracking Nuts with K

Carly Grisham, Sing Opera With the Letter L

Jordan Payne, The Ticking T

Beverly McMichael, Bang the Gong with ng

Layton Dyess, Happy and Healthy with the Letter H

Autumn Rager, Pant in the Sun Like Harry
Belle Brennan, Pop Pop Pop the Popcorn with the Letter P
Corinne Klibanoff, Mowing the Lawn with /v/
Caroline Vinson, Vacuum with V

Kate Snow, Slither Like a Snake with S
Garrett McCoy, Skipping Stones with P

Kaide Kelley, Shush the Crying Baby With sh
Michele Czak, Samuel the Sporty Snake

Allison Pounds, Buzz Like a Bee and say 'zzz zzz zzz!'

Mary Beth Moss, Sally the Slithering Snake

Addison Lebo, Mmmeow Miss Kitty

Hannah Shelton, Bouncing the "B" Ball

Brianna Alker, Buzz Like a Bee with Letter Z

Ashleigh Bonovitch, Bounce the Basketball with Miss B
Abby Cook, Dance In The Rain With SH

Alyssa Armstrong, Aaaaaaaa, Help Me!

LeighEllen Morrison, Telling Time with /t/

Celeste Brady, Clicking in Your Seatbelt with K

Katherine Hope Youngblood, Yummy In My Tummy!!! Mm Mm Mmmm!

Anna Gray Koch, Beat a Drum With B

Fannon Curtis, Panting Like a Dog with H

Chelsea Stone, Can You Hear The Beat?

Mary Fellrath, Diva D's Duhs

Erin Long, The Huffing H

Ellen Ormond, Telling Time with Tick Tock T
Katie Holland, Sneaky Snakey Slithering S
Jessica Perry, Slither like a Snake with S
Maddie Gorman, Gulp Your Juice With G
Ginny Radford, D-ding D-ding Your Bell with D
Bridgette Johnson, Heating up your Hands with the Letter H
Anna Byers, Popping P’s with Popcorn
McKenzie Ezell, Licking Lions
Katie Oliver, Drum Drum Drumming with D
Michael Spurlin, Finding the Man on the Moon

II. Beginning Reading  

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Kristin Peacock, Confused Dug says Uhhhh

Jessica Sullivan, Ick! My Ice Cream is Icky Sticky!

Carly Grisham, Ehh Goes the Creaky Door

Belle Brennan, Grunt Like a Caveman with U
Caroline Vinson, Icky Vicky's Sticky Fingers
Kaide Kelley, Don't Wake the Crying Baby. . . Aaaa
Michele Czak, Open Up and Say AHHH

Allison Pounds, Icky, Sticky, Lollipop

Hannah Shelton, The Crying Baby Says "Aaaaa!"
Brianna Alker, Uhh I Am So Confused
Ashleigh Bonovitch, Uhhhh I’m Confused…
Alyssa Armstrong, The Stinky Pink Pig

LeighEllen Morrison, Icky Sticky Piggy
Maddie Gorman, Annie the Alligator Says Aaaa!
Ginny Radford, "Aaaaa," Shouts the Baby
Anna Byers, Waaaa /a/, Cried the Baby!

McKenzie Ezell, The Pig in the Yucky Mud
Michael Spurlin, Oscar has an Odd Obsession

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels

Anna Piper, Ay! I see a_e!
Jordan Payne  Oh That’s What That Is?
Beverly McMichael, Bake the Cake
Layton Dyess, Oh No, Look at Joe
Autumn Rager, Saying /I/, /I/ with Captain!
Corinne Klibanoff, Learning to See the Double E
Garrett McCoy, Aye, Aye Captain
Addison Lebo, Buzzing Bee

Abby Cook, Jake Takes the Cake

Celeste Brady, I'm Late. I'm Late. For a Very Important Date!

Katherine Hope Youngblood, Igh, Igh Captain!

Anna Gray Koch, Fonzie Says A

Fannon Curtis, I Spy a Long I

Chelsea Stone, Aye, Aye, Reading Captain!
Mary Fellrath, Ewwy /OO/'s

Erin Long, Ayyy, That Hurt

Ellen Ormond, Ow! Says the Brown Cow
Katie Holland, Eeeeek! with /E/
Jessica Perry, Boo Like a Ghost With OO
Katie Oliver, John Hears a Bee in His Ear

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks

Kate Snow, Shhhh, the Baby is Sleeping

Mary Beth Moss, Shhhhh! Said Shelby
Bridgette Johnson, Chugging down the Tracks with Ch

Lessons for teaching decoding strategies

Christine Haley, Something’s “Fishy” Here!

III. Growing Independence and Fluency  

Lessons for teaching faster, smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading with comprehension

Jessica Sullivan, First Day of School With Amelia Bedelia and Fluency

Christine Haley, Fluency is “SPOOK”tacular!

Kristin Peacock, Diving Into Fluency

Anna Gray Koch, To Fluency and Beyond With Junie B. Jones
Carly Grisham, Swimming to Fluency

Jordan Payne, If You Help A Pig With Fluency

Beverly McMichael, Fluency with George

Layton Dyess, Running to Fluency

Belle Brennan, Racing to Reading Fluency
Autumn Rager, Friends with Fluency
Corinne Klibanoff, The Fluent Reader That Could
Caroline Vinson, No Monkeying Around with Fluency
Kate Snow, Fishing for Fluency

Garrett McCoy, Climbing Up the Fluency Tree
Kaide Kelley, Fluency Fun with Junie B

Michele Czak, Reading Fluently with Junie B. Jones
Allison Pounds, Speedy like a Cheetah with Reading Fluency
Mary Beth Moss, Flying into Fluency
Anna Piper, Fun with Fluency
Addison Lebo, Serving Up Fluency
Hannah Shelton, Pancake Flipping Fluency
Brianna Alker, Racing Into Fluency
Ashleigh Bonovitch, Reading to Get Speedy Gonzales to his Cheese
Abby Cook, Good Morning Fluency With Goodnight Moon
Alyssa Armstrong, Fast as a Buzzing Bee
LeighEllen Morrison, Monkeying Around With Fluency
Celeste Brady, Fluency is Fun!
Katherine Hope Youngblood, One Small Step For Reading, One Giant Step For Fluency
Fannon Curtis, Reaching for the Moon with Fluency
Chelsea Stone, Click Clacking Through Literacy
Mary Fellrath, Fighting for Fluency
Erin Long, Fishin' for Fluency

Ellen Ormond, Riding Smoothly into Fluency
Katie Holland, Fun With Fluency
Jessica Perry, Grow in Fluency With The Giving Tree
Maddie Gorman, Fantastic Fluency
Ginny Radford, Race Car Fast Fluency
Bridgette Johnson, Soaring into Fluency
Anna Byers, READ, READ, READ, and Repeat
McKenzie Ezell, Fluency with Muffins and a Moose
Katie Oliver, Sailing Swiftly into Fluency
Michael Spurlin, Hi! Fly Guy

IV. Reading to Learn 

Lessons for teaching summarization

Belle Brennan, Super Summarization with Sea Turtles
Autumn Rager, Sensational Summarizers!
Carly Grisham, Sailing Through Summarization

Christine Haley, Let’s FIT a Summary Together!

Caroline Vinson, Hunting Like a Shark for the Main Idea

Kate Snow, Summarizing with Spiders

Corinne Klibanoff, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Kaide Kelley, Let's Sum It Up

Michele Czak, Super Summarizers
Allison Pounds, Eyes on the Prize: Learn to Summarize

Mary Beth Moss, Shaking into Summarization

Anna Piper, Super Summarization

Addison Lebo, Don't Monkey Around With Summarizing

Hannah Shelton, Summarizing Asthma Using About Point

Kristin Peacock, Stretching Into Summarization

Jessica Sullivan, Leaping with Kermit to Summarize

Brianna Alker, Building Our Summarization Like the Colonies

Ashleigh Bonovitch, Busy Bees Flying into Summarization

Abby Cook, Hunting to Read

Alyssa Armstrong, Let's Summarize!

LeighEllen Morrison, Summarizing Like Superstars
Layton Dyess, Sailing to Summarize

Celeste Brady, Honeybee Summary!

Katherine Hope Youngblood, Leaping Into Summarization

Anna Gray Koch, Soaring Into Summarization

Fannon Curtis, Zipping Up Summarization with Zebras

Mary Fellrath, Storming though Summarization

Jordan Payne, Swimming Into Summarization

Erin Long, Let's Sum It Up

Ellen Ormond, Slothing into Summarization

Beverly McMichael, Summarization is Exploding

Katie Holland, Submerge into Summary
Jessica Perry, Swim With Sharks and Summarization

Maddie Gorman, Sweet Summarization

Ginny Radford, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz Into Summing
Anna Byers, Who's that Bird…I need a Summary!

Katie Oliver, Speedy Summarizing
Michael Spurlin, Who Do You Believe?

Lessons for teaching visualization, vocabulary, or asking questions

Garrett McCoy, Victorious Visuals

Chelsea Stone, Wrapped Up Visualization
McKenzie Ezell, Vocabulary Construction

Bridgette Johnson, Investigating a Text through Question Generation

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