Could Your Child Use a Boost in Reading This Summer?

The 2014 AU Summer Reading Program may be the answer.
NB: Our Monday-Wednesday program is currently full, though we are running a waiting list. The Tuesday-Thursday program had to be cancelled because of low enrollment in the graduate course that produces tutors.

The Auburn University Reading Center offers an individualized Summer Reading Program during June and July for children who are not yet reading accurately and fluently. Summer 2014 will be the 18th year for the program.

The Summer Reading Program is designed for kindergarten, first, and second grade children struggling with decoding, fluency, or comprehension. It is not an enrichment program for fluent readers. Junior and senior education majors work with children in grades K-2. Sometimes graduate students work with older struggling readers in grades 3-6. Kindergarteners get a head start in formal reading instruction at the hands of a positive, patient, caring tutor. First and second graders typically gain a full reading level during the summer. We expect all participants to improve their decoding ability, reading fluency, comprehension, and enjoyment of reading through participation in the Summer Reading Program. Dr. Bruce Murray, associate professor of Reading Education, supervises instruction.

The Summer Reading Program features individually designed lessons with explicit instruction in decoding, fluency, and comprehension as well as plenty of meaningful reading and writing. Tutors monitor progress closely during each session and give special tests during the first and last sessions to measure reading gains. After the program, tutors compose a report for parents about each child's current progress in reading, with recommendations for each student.

One parent wrote, "We were very pleased with the Summer Reading Program. Michael really prospered from the experience. A special thank you to Allison [Michael's tutor]. She was so kind to Michael. She also wrote Michael and us a lovely note. We certainly would recommend this program to a friend, as well as enroll our children again."

The Summer Reading Program features twelve 45-minute tutorial sessions. The Monday-Wednesday program will accommodate kindergartners, first grades, and some second graders. Priority will be given to children who can attend the entire 12-session program and those who have just completed kindergarten or first grade. The Monday-Wednesday program runs from June 5 until July 15. Sessions will be scheduled between 8:00 and 8:45 AM. Tutors will contact parents at the beginning of June to confirm specific lesson times.

The cost of the complete program is $80.00, with fee to be paid on acceptance to the program. Priority will be given to children experiencing reading difficulties who have finished kindergarten or first grade. Interested parents or caretakers may follow the link below for an application form, or call (334) 844-6934, or write to Dr. Bruce Murray, Summer Reading Program, 5040 Haley Center, Auburn University AL 36849.

Special note to parents: The Summer Reading Program is NOT the commercial program sold by and advertised under the logo of the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at Auburn University. Furthermore, the "$30 discount coupon" applies only to their commercial program, and it is not valid for tuition to the Auburn University Summer Reading Program.

Click here to read a letter from Addison, a student in our 2005 Summer Reading Program.

Click here for an application for the 2014 Auburn University Summer Reading Program (html).

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