Golfing on the Green

Emergent Literacy Design




By Megan Ledbetter



This lesson will help children to identify the letter G and the phoneme represented /g/. The purpose of the lesson is for students to learn how to pronounce the sound g makes "guh", recognize the letter /g/ in spoken words and written, practice writing the upper and lowercase g, and learn which words start with the letter g.



°        Primary paper

°        Pencils

°         The book Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley

°         Poster with tongue twister: Greg saw a goose in his garden playing golf.

°        Worksheet for assessment (attached)

°         The G booklet (attached)

°         Crayons




1.) Each letter in the alphabet represents a certain sound. It is hard to remember exactly what sounds go with which letter. So, today we are going talk about the letter G. G makes a "guh", "guh" sound. Do you hear "guh" in golf? Right you do. So every time you here the "guh" sound you can swing your arms like you are playing golf. Model for the students the correct way.


2.) Everybody say "guh". Do you feel how your mouth is moving when you say "guh"? To make the /g/ sound, your mouth is open with your tongue at the back. Listen and watch me as I say "guh".


3.) Now we are going to look at a poster with a tongue twister: Greg saw a goose in his garden playing golf. Then I will say the tongue twister exaggerating the /g/ sound. GGGreg saw a gggoose in his gggarden playinggg gggolf. Now I want you say it with me three times! Every time you hear /g/ do the motion of swinging the golf club.


4.) Everybody make the /g/ sound and motion swinging the golf club. Guh-guh-guh-guh. Okay now I am going to ask you some questions if you think you know the answer raise your hand. Do you hear /g/ in green of blue?  Do you hear /g/ in monkey or gorilla? Do you hear /g/ in cat or dog? 


5.) Now we are going to write the letter G. We are going to write both the upper and lower case. Students will get primary paper (labeled rooftop, fence, sidewalk and ditch) and pencils. I will model for the students how to write upper and lower case G. First we will start with the uppercase. You will start at the rooftop and curve like a c down to the sidewalk and curve toward the fence then when you reach the fence you put a line across it. They will practice this for few minutes. Then I will show them how to write the lowercase g. You start at the fence and make a circle. When you complete the circle you draw a line all the way to the ditch and curve the end. I will allow the students time to write a few more g's.


6.) Next I will read the book, Go Away, Big Green Monster! It is about a monster who tries to scare someone in his or her bed. The monster appears and as the story goes on the monster disappears because someone told it to go away. Who is the person and does the monster disappear? Remember every time you hear the /g/ sound swing your golf club!


7.) Last the children will make a G booklet. I will give the students a booklet, they will color and trace the letters in the booklet. The first page they will trace the upper and lowercase G. Then they will color the pages of the booklet with pictures that start with the letter G. Some of the pictures in the booklet are a gate, glasses, a goose, etc.



The children will receive a worksheet with pictures of items. The students will have to write the letter G in front of the letters of the pictures that begin with G. After that the students will color the pictures that begin with G (The pictures are a cat, glasses, socks and a goose).


Resources: (worksheet and booklet)


The Reading Genie website (


Ed Emberley. Go Away Big Green Monster!


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