Let’s Chug with CH

Emergent Literacy Design

By: Lauren Leach

Rationale: This lesson will help students learn the digraph/phoneme relationship, ch= /ch/. It is important for children to learn this association because it is found in several words. This lesson will give students a useful and meaningful connection to learn /ch/ =ch. Students will practice the /ch/ phoneme with a chugging motion with their arms and the /ch/ sound with their mouths. Lastly, we will practice ch in words by reading and writing them.


-Photo of a train

-Sound bite of a train (chugging)

-Ch-grapheme poster and illustration

-Primary Paper and pencils

-Worksheets for practicing ch

-Notecards with ch words on each:
     ~chair, cheese, choke, beach, search, chew

-Broadway Chicken, by Sebastien Tellier

Procedures: 1.We are going to learn /ch/ today! You are going to learn that in /ch/, c and h are glued together and make only one sound (/ch/). We are going to listen to something and I want you to tell me what you hear. {Listen to sound bite of train}. That’s right! That is a train. {show picture of train.} We are going to learn how to make the /ch/ sound and write it in words. Then you will tell me which words have the /ch/ sound in them.

2. We are going to practice the /ch/ sound by chugging like the choo choo train. Bite your teeth together and bring your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Let’s practice as a class. Do we sound like the train on the tape?

3. Now that we know that ch=/ch/, we are going to chug our arms like we are a train. Can you say /ch/ and move your arms at the same time? Move your arms like they are wheels on a train. (Model). Now, tell me if you hear /ch/ in choke or Coke? In beat or beach?

4. Here’s a silly tongue twister that will help you remember /ch/. First, I will say it, then it will be your turn to say it!
  -Charlie chose to chew cheese on the beach.
5. Now, we are going to write ch on our paper. We will start with the letter c. The letter c starts at the fence then curves around to the sidewalk. Next, we are going to write the h. We’ll start at the rooftop and draw a straight line all the way down to the sidewalk. Then, we’ll draw a hump (to the right) that connects to the straight line and goes up to the fence then back down to the sidewalk. Great! We have drawn a c and an h. Let’s keep practicing!

6. Now, we are going to complete a writing activity. On the worksheet you will see three different pictures. You need to circle which picture has the /ch/ sound in it.
7. We are going to finish with a story, Broadway Chicken, by Sebastien Tellier. Every time you hear the /ch/ sound, I want you to chug with your arms!



Pease, Kathleen.  Chicks Say Chirp Chirp Chirp! Summer 2008.

Broadway Chicken, by Sebastien Tellier. 

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