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Growing Independence and Fluency

Jessica Higgins


Rationale:  Students not only need the ability to read words, but they need to be able to read with adequate speed and understanding.  Timed reading is the best way to evaluate for fluency.  Students should start off by reading decodable text.  Reading should be an enjoyable experience for students, not just drill after drill. When a reader is fluent one will recognize the words automatically and begin reading with much expression. 


Stopwatch for each student

Decodable books with variance in difficulty depending on the particular child���s reading ability: Lee and the Team

One minute read chart : This is to time their individual reading time.

Fluency rubric: Teacher will analyze student reading by this rubric.

Cover up critters (popsicle stick with funny eyes) so that child can read each word and become familiar with it till the word is recognized automatically

Fluency Progress board (a poster with a rocket and each student is a different color star and their objective is to reach the moon meaning they have mastered the fluency skills)


White board and markers

Book marks: This will be their prize for mastering fluency.


1. I will begin the lesson by explaining the importance of fluency and why everyone should strive to become a fluent reader.  At this time I will also explain the fluency progress board to engage them on becoming fluent readers themselves. ���Today class we are all going to begin our space journey on becoming a fluent reader.  We are going to take a blast off with reading!  We should read like the way we socialize with our friends; fast and understanding.  When a person reads with well fluency it is much easier to understand.  I have a progress board and each of you have a pre-selected color star beside the spaceship. Your objective is to read as many decodable books as you can with great fluency.  Every time you read a book you will move your star up one planet closer to the moon.  When you have reached the moon guess what? You are officially a fluent reader! Isn���t that exciting?���

2. At this time I will pass out decodable books to each child.  I will already have them pre-selected based on their individual reading abilities.  ���Now we will begin reading our books to ourselves over and over again until we are familiar with all the words in the text.  When you become fluent with the book I will evaluate your fluency level and understanding of it.  If you have progressed so will your star. ���I will go around the class monitoring each student and giving fluency checks by using the one minute chart. 

3.  I will eventually get the students to evaluate themselves.  I will model on the whiteboard how to fill out the minute chart.  I will also tell them that word count is very important.  Also not that comprehension of books is a key too in becoming a fluent reader.  

4.  After they have evaluated themselves three times I will take up the progress charts and analyze their achievements regarding fluency.  At this time whoever reached the moon will also receive a surprise such as a really cool bookmark!

One Minute Chart:



1st Reading: How Many Minutes________

2nd Reading: How Many Minutes________

3rd Reading: How Many Minutes________


Fluency Progress Chart:

After 2nd Reading       After 3rd Reading

______________         ______________       Remembered More Words

______________         ______________       Read Faster

______________         ______________       Read Smoother

_______________           ______________   Read with More Expression



All the decodable text that will use: Lee and the Team

Reading Genie website for guidance: Dr. Murray's Lesson Design Rubric



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