Growing Independence and Fluency

  Leaping Towards Fluency

Sloan Clifton


Rational: When students learn to read fluently they can have a better understanding of the texts they are reading. Fluent readers can read words automatically. Readers need practice to become more fluent. By using one minute reads the students will become better readers and develop reading fluency.



One Minute Read Chart (for each pair)

    Name: ________Date: ____

1st minute: ______

2nd minute: ______

3rd minute: ______

Partner check- sheet:

Name: _____ Partner: ____ Date: ____

I noticed that my partner... (check the circle)

After 2nd           after 3rd

( )                     ( )                     Remembered more words

( )                     ( )                     Read faster

( )                     ( )                     Read smoother

( )                     ( )                     Read with expression

Stopwatch for each group

 pencils (one for each student)

Chart with frog leaping across a pond in lily pads (one for each student)

- Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel (1 copy for each student)


1.  Say: ���Today we are going to work on reading our words fluently. This means that we are going to work on recognizing more words automatically.

2.  Say: ���Now I will show you how to tell if someone is reading fluently. Here is an example of a fluent reader (read a sentence from the board). The frog leaped off his lily pad. See how I read the sentence without stopping to sound out a word. Now let me show you an example of someone who can not read fluently (read another sentence from the board). Tttt-hhh-eee fff-rrr-ooo-ggg lll-ee-aaa--ppp-eee-ddd off tttt-hh-ee lll-iii-lll-yy pppp-aaa-ddd. She how I had to stop and decode each word.

3.  Say: ���Sometimes you will have to stop and decode a word. When that happens you use a cover up to slowly uncover a word. You can also cross check yourself by rereading the sentence. (You may have to model cross checking for students.)

4.  Say: ���Now let���s break into groups of two. Each of your will check your partner���s fluency. You will take turns timing each other reading a passage from Frog and Toad are Friends three times. If you are the reader try to read at a steady pace and smoothly. Your partner will mark each time you stop and how many words you read correctly. On our frog chart you will move your frog to the number of words you read correctly. Our goal is to read all the words in under one minute.��� Be sure that each student knows how to use the stopwatches and has pencils to mark their partner���s progress.

5. Say: ���After both of you have had a turn you will fill out the partner check sheet. This well help you know what you improved on and areas you need to work on.

6. To assess students look over the number of words they read and their partner check sheet. Have students read individually to you. Make notes on student���s miscues and fluency. Ask questions at the end of the reading to check for comprehension.



1. What is the first word Toad writes on his list?

2. Who is the friend that Toad goes to see?

3. What caused Toad to forget what was on his list?



Zooming Towards Fluency by Sarah Mobley


Auburn Reading Genie


Teacher Vision

Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel

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