Spelling Monster

Beginning Reading


Keylon Callaway

Rationale: The students will practice spelling with short vowel letters and consonants. This will help the children see how words are formed and it allows them the opportunity to teach themselves as they develop their own individual notions about spelling. This lesson will improve the child's ability to decode when reading.

Materials: Primary paper and pencil, Letter boxes for all students, Word list-jam, ham, had, sad, sat, sit, hit, it ,in for each student, Individual word list for each student, and a class set of decodable books.(Pat's Jam)
1.The teacher should introduce the lesson to the class by saying "Today class, we're going to practice spelling words. All words are important; they are all playing a part in telling a message. We would not be able to talk to each other without words. Our parents won't be able to ask us what kind of ice cream we want, we wouldn't be able to write our friends a letter, and most importantly, we wouldn't be able to read our favorite books over and over again. Today, we will spell words and then read them. We are going to make all kinds of words with all these letters. Today we will work on the a,i, sounds. I need every ones attention so that we can all spell our letters right.
2. The teacher should now hand out the letter boxes and the letters to the students. Now the teacher should model to the students what they will be doing before going on. This is the word hat, can we all say hat. Remember the a makes the "aaaaaa" sound like a crying baby. Now the teacher should remove the letter h and replace it with a c. Now I have made the letter cat, do can we all say cat.
3. Now you are going to spell some letters on your own, while I help you. I am going to give you some letters to make a word, and I am going to tell you where to place them in the boxes to make a word. Now, I want you to put an "a" in the middle of j and m. Remember a makes the sound like a baby crying. Now what word does this spell? jam Can we all say it. Now I want you to take the j away and put a h down. Now what word does this spell? ham Can we all say it. Now I want everyone to take the m off and put down a d. What word is this? had Can we all say it. Now take off the h and put an s to spell this type of emotion. What word is this? sad Can we all say it. Now take off the d and put a t. What does this spell now? sat Can we all say it. Now can we take out the a in the middle and put down an i. Remember the i makes the iiiiii sound like the itsy bitsy spider. Now what word is this? sit Can we all say it. Now take off the s and put and h. What word do we have now? hit Now see if you can make the word it. Wait to see if they can do it. Did we all take off the h? Now can we take off the t, and put a n. Can we all say it. in
4. Now the teacher should pass out Pat's Jam, primary paper and pencil to every student for reading. The teacher should then give a book talk about Pat's Jam  to the children. Once finish, ask the children to read it and write down the words on the primary paper that we spelled today.
5. For assessment, pass out the word list, and ask every child to change one letter in each word to make a new word.

Reference: www.wizardspell.com


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