Research-Based Lessons From Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Fall 2008
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I. Emergent Literacy
Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Bruce Murray, Brush Your Teeth With F
Katie Guyton, Whistle While You Work
Megan Duncan, All About Short A
Cassie Cherof, Silly Sarah the Slimy Snake
Katie DeFoor, Aaaaaa, It's a Snake!
Morgan Montgomery, Mmm! Something Smells Good!
Rachel Noto, Allie the Alligator
Rachel Cummings, EEEEEasy Does It
Mandy Fleming, Tired Tom Yawns Big
Katy Bugg, Pant Like Henry the Hound Dog
Keylon Callaway, The Hungry Half-Brother of Harry the Hippo
Ashley Baker, Drum Roll Please
Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Sarah Frances Liles, Moose Enjoy Magnificent Muffins
Katie Swanson, Tick Tock, Said the Teeny Tiny Clock
Amber Clark, Sip and See
Heather Smith, Colorful Cats
Hayle Lipham, Bouncing B's and Dribbling D's
Lara Lee Hood, Terrific Talking T's
Mandy Jones, Let's Learn the Letter L
Danielle Ivey, Bouncing B's and Dancing D's
Allison Sanders, Learning With Loopy Letters
Lessons for teaching print concepts, segmentation, or blending
Alicia Ellis, Souper Blenders!

II. Beginning Reading
Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Cassie Cherof, Let's Get Icky and Sticky
Amber Clark, Eddie the Elephant
Mandy Fleming, What's That You Say? Eh?
Katie Swanson, Uncle's Umbrella
Hayle Lipham, Eddie's Creaky Door
Sarah Frances Liles, Alexis the Antelope
Lara Lee Hood, Ellie the Elephant
Katie DeFoor, Eeehhh? What Was That?
Allison Sanders, Icky Sticky
Katie Guyton, Under the Umbrella!
Danielle Ivey, Say Aaaaa!
Morgan Montgomery, Uh, Where Is My Umbrella?
Rachel Noto, My Favorite Sub
Katy Bugg, Excuse Me, I Am About to . . . /a/ a/ CHOO! Sneeze
Alicia Ellis, Gone Fishin'
Ashley Baker, Eddie the Eskimo
Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels
Rachel Cummings, Let's Go Fly a Kite
Heather Smith, Flying High With I
Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Megan Duncan, Thirsty /th/
Mandy Jones, Shhhhhh! Quiet Please!
Lessons for teaching spelling
Keylon Callaway, Spelling Monster

III. Growing Independence & Fluency
Lessons for teaching faster reading
Ashley Baker, Swing Into Faster Reading
Mandy Fleming, Hippity Hop Into Fluent Reading
Lara Lee Hood, Ready, Set, READ!
Morgan Montgomery,
Take the Fluency Test With Henry and Mudge!
Rachel Noto, Speedy Reading!
Allison Sanders, Flowing With Fun Words!
Hayle Lipham, Hurry. . . Hurry. . . Off We Go!
Sarah Frances Liles, Red is Ready to Read
Amber Clark, Flying With Fluency
Megan Duncan, Fly Into Fluency
Mandy Jones, Speeding Into Reading
Cassie Cherof, Buzzzzzing to Fluency!
Katie DeFoor, Hit a Home Run!
Katie Guyton, Come Sail Away and Read
Danielle Ivey, It's a Good Day to Start Reading Fluently
Rachel Cummings, Ready, Set, Read!
Keylon Callaway, Stride Through Reading
Alicia Ellis, Crabs Can't Nap But You Can Read!
Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Heather Smith, Feeling the Need to Read
Katy Bugg, Express Your Character!
Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly
Katie Swanson, Shhhh, I'm Reading!

IV. Reading to Learn
Lessons for teaching summarization
Hayle Lipham, Be a Star Summarizer
Katie DeFoor, Summing It All Up!
Katie Guyton, Get to the Point
Mandy Jones, Let's Summarize!
Rachel Cummings, Animal Safari Summaries
Amber Clark, What's That You Say?
Katie Swanson, Can You Bear to Summarize It?
Katie Bugg, Steps to Summing It Up!
Cassie Cherof, Summing It All Up
Sarah Frances Liles, Sum It Up!
Ashley Baker, Fishing for a Summary
Lara Lee Hood, Sum It Up!
Megan Duncan, Dive Into Summarizing
Lessons for teaching visualization
Allison Sanders, Do You See What I See?
Morgan Montgomery, Seeing The Boxcar Children!
Danielle Ivey, Can You Picture It?
Heather Smith, Close Your Eyes and Visualize
Mandy Fleming, Paint a Picture in Your Head
Keylon Callaway, Reading to Learn
Alicia Ellis, Etch a Sketch to Stretch
Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Rachel Noto, Monkey Business
Lessons for teaching children about story grammar