*The plural form is spelled the same as the singular but pronounced /ron-dA-vUz/.
Research-Based Lessons Designed by Preservice Teachers

Auburn University
Spring 2013


I. Emergent Literacy

Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness

Liz Boshart, Adam the Apple

Kaitlyn Kimberley, Buhh-mm Buhh-mm, Beat that Drum With B!
Lashawnda Brundidge, PPPancakes for PPPiglet and PPPooooh
Jessica Taff, Hisssssing With S
Mary Kathryn Donner, Milking the Mooing Cow With M
Sydney Anderson, Mmm-mmm Good
Killian Hodo, Blowing Bubblegum With B
Savanna Smith, Be a Ticking Clock with T
Jessica Klida, Hot Hound Dog!
Scottie Ferree, Bess the Busy Bee Blew Big Blue Bubbles
Jennifer Bruha, Boing Boing Bunnies with B
Whitney Rolin, Jumping Your Jump Rope Like "Uh, Uh"
Beth Anne Autrey, Use Your Light Saber with L
Yvonne Flanary, Tick Tock
Emily Loyd, Shave Your Face With V
Haley Nichols, Buzz Like the Bees
Reagan Gilbert, Ah-CHoo
Sara Beasley, The Train Says Choo Choo
Amber Dunlap, Shhhh, It's Raining!
Emily Childs, Grrr Like a Monster with R
Meg McWhorter, PPP Pop the Balloons PPP
Elizabeth Earnest, Letís Pop Some Popcorn with P
Sara Warren, Sally the Snake Says "SSSsss"
Courtney Jones, Jog with J
Katelyn Danson, P is for Pop
Elizabeth Thomas, The Sneaky, Hissing Snake
Heather Henley, Tapping with Hammer T
Molly Newton, Buzz with Z
Jessica Riel, Laundry Day with Letter W
Grace Langhout, Roar with the Tigers
Towns Carlson, Bounce with the B Ball
Haley Jacobs, Sally's Hiss
Ashley Baas, D, d, d Says the Drum
Jana Pitman, Licking our Lollipop with L
Ben Gross, Time is Ticking
Haylee Black, The Click of a Camera
Kate Patrick, Bouncing with B!
Megan Bowden, Shower the Flowers With Shhh
Shelly Roark, Sizzle With S
Jessica Gray, R's Make the Dog Bark
Kelsey Ray, Capturing Kids on Camera with K
Ally Harper, Sss. . . Goes the Slithering Snake
Marlee Shaw, Feel Your Heart Beat With B

Lindsey Barber, Sneaky Snake
Lauren DeLaRosa, Oswald the Octopus
Stephanie Thomson, Huh, Huh, Running is Hard!
Katie Pendergrass, Choo Choo With ch
Adrian Snider, Riley the Growling Dog
Caroline Hiskey, Tttticking Away With T's
Nonie Wilson, Telling Time With T
Katie Chadwick, Miss Piggy's Picnic Party
Shannon McDevitt, "P...p Pop!" I Say With P
Alyson Cason, Icky, Sticky Fingers
Allison Boutwell, Yummy M
Jennifer Strickland, Sound Slithery Like a Snake With S
Aubrey Etheredge, Bellies Grow with B
Mary Beth Smith, Sneaky Snake I Say with S
Christine Acker, Tttick Goes the Clock
Bess Findley, Woo Woo! Wiggling With W
Sterling Wine, S . . . s  Slither Like a Snake! I say With S
Sara Vaughan, Crab Claw C
Haley Hunt, Lucky Horshoe n
Leah Hooks, Emergent Design
Hannah Gooden, "G, G, G, Gulp" Says G
Tawana Fuller, Mmmm Muffins, Rub Your Belly and Say /m/
Katie Wilcox, R...R...Rrroaring with Dragons!


II. Beginning Reading

Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels

Beth Anne Autrey, Say "Ahh" for Dr. Mickey!
Yvonne Flanary, Awesome A
Emily Loyd, Ah! Avalanche of Knowledge!
Kate Patrick, Waaaaa, Cry Like a Baby!
Shelly Roark, Yawning with an Open Mouth: Short o
Jessica Klida, Uhh, I Don't Know!
Haley Nichols, Icky Sticky Spill
Sydney Anderson, Say /o/ for the Doctor
Haylee Black, An Apple For Allie
Savanna Smith, Wiggles and Giggle
Mary Kathryn Donner, Yucky Yucky U    
Courtney Jones, Ehhh, I Think So . . .
Katelyn Danson, Say Aaaahhh?, Doctor's Office Blues
Jana Pitman, Aaaaa, This Is Scary!
Lashawnda Brundidge, Let's Get Sticky Icky Wicky With It
Ben Gross, Edward the Elephant Escaped
Kaitlyn Kimberley, Aaa Aaaa Aaaaa CHOOOOO!
Kelsey Ray, Pups in Suds
Ally Harper, Ah! What a Refreshing Drink of Water
Marlee Shaw, Uh, I Don't Know
Lauren DeLaRosa, Obnoxious Oscar
Stephanie Thomson, Say Aaaaaa!
Katie Pendergrass, /o/ I Feel so Sick!
Killian Hodo, Wash Your Hands with Icky Sticky I
Reagan Gilbert, Doctor O says 'Say Ahhhhh'
Liz Boshart, Adam the Apple
Katie Chadwick, Uh...I don't Know?!
Shannon McDevitt, Uh, Let Me Think About That!
Christine Acker, Aaaaaah Choo!
Haley Hunt, Eh, What's That You Said?
Tawana Fuller, Baby Says Aaaa!
Katie Wilcox, Yuuuck a Buuug!

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels
Megan Bowden. Ay, Let's read!
Jennifer Bruha, Yikes! I Slipped on the Ice!
Jessica Taff, Aye, Aye Captain
Sara Beasley, The Ghost Who Says "Oooo"
Grace Langhout, Aye, I Get it!
Emily Childs, Eeee! Eeee! I See a Bee!

Meg McWhorter, Who Likes Ice Cream
Elizabeth Earnest, Eeeek! A Mouse!
Adrian Snider, Oh Me, Oh My!
Elizabeth Thomas, Eeek! There's a Mouse!
Heather Henley, Flying High with my Kite
Molly Newton, Aye, How are you Today?
Jessica Riel, Ooh! That's Cool!
Towns Carlson, Y.M.C.A With the Long A
Haley Jacobs, Meet Mrs. Lee
Ashley Baas, Hey, Hey!
Jessica Gray, Ayyyyyy! There it is!
Scottie Ferree, "Woahhhhhh," Went Joe the Yo Yo
Caroline Hiskey, Aye, Aye, Captain!
Nonie Wilson, Iy, Iy, Iy!
Alyson Cason, Anna's an Ape
Jennifer Strickland, Oh, No
Aubrey Etheredge, Abe the Ape
Mary Beth Smith, Hop on the Train
Bess Findley, Weeee! This is Fun
Sterling Wine, Eek! Eels are Real!
Sara Vaughan, Say Cheese!
Leah Hooks, Let's Eat and Read at the Beach
Hannah Gooden, Easy Enough

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Whitney Rolin, "Sh, Sh" When Tying Your Shoes
Amber Dunlap, Shelly's Shiny Sheep
Sara Warren, Chugga, Chugga, Choo, Choo
Lindsey Barber, Shh, Be Quiet!
Allison Boutwell, Rainy "Shh"


III. Growing Independence and Fluency

Lessons for teaching faster reading
Shelly Roark, Running into Fluency With Ramona the Pest
Reagan Gilbert, Fluency Is Fabulous
Kate Patrick, Fancy Fluent
Stephanie Thomson, Monkeys Love Fluency!
Ben Gross, Jumping Into Fluency With Frog and Toad
Haylee Black, Leaping Into Fluency
Haley Nichols, Practicing Fluency with Frog and Toad
Sara Beasley, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect Reading
Beth Anne Autrey, Solving the Mystery of Fluency!
Emily Loyd, Reading is Fun!
Jessica Taff, All I Do is Read, Read, Read, No Matter What
Jessica Klida, Jumping Into Fluency
Scottie Ferree, Reading Like a Pro
Mary Kathryn Donner, Learning Fluency with the Wild Things
Sydney Anderson, Race Into Fluency with The Cat and the Hat
Emily Childs, Fluent Mummies
Meg McWhorter, Reading is Fun!
Elizabeth Earnest, Swingin' Through Reading...With Nothing Slowing Us Down!
Sara Warren, Fly into Fluent Reading
Katelyn Danson, Get on the Fluency Train
Jennifer Bruha, Buzz into Fluent Reading
Elizabeth Thomas, Sliding into Fluent Reading
Heather Henley, Wining the Reading Race
Molly Newton, Speed Into Reading
Jessica Riel, Repeatedly on the Sea Foam
Grace Langhout, Reading, So Easy a Monkey Could Do It
Towns Carlson, Jump into Reading
Haley Jacobs, Becoming Rocket Readers
Ashley Baas, Jump into Fluent Reading
Jana Pitman, Fast and Fluent
Lashawnda Brundidge, Surfing Into Fluency
Yvonne Flanary, Fast As a Fox
Megan Bowden, We Give A Hoot About Fluency!
Kaitlyn Kimberley, Ready? Set? Read with Success!
Jessica Gray, Reading With Junie B.
Kelsey Ray, Fluency Party with Junie B. Jones
Ally Harper, Pitching Fast for Fluency
Marlee Shaw, Read, Read and Read Again!
Lauren DeLaRosa, Lightning Fast
Killian Hodo, The Cat in the Hat Reads Fluently and Now You Can Too!
Katie Pendergrass. Rocketing Through Reading!
Courtney Jones, Fly Through Reading
Adrian Snider, Racing Into Fluency
Savanna Smith, Ready, Set, Read!
Elizabeth Boshart, Fun With Fluency!
Caroline Hiskey, Become a Reading Superstar
Shannon McDevitt, Soar Into Reading
Alyson Cason, Spot Can Read So You Can Too!
Allison Boutwell, The Deep Sea

Lindsey Barber, Ready, Set, Read!
Jennifer Strickland, Take a Peek at Fluency With Junie B.
Aubrey Etherdge, The Reading Maze
Mary Beth Smith, I'm Ready to Read
Christine Acker, Racing for Reading
Bess Findley, Scream Into Fluent Reading
Sterling Wine, Reading Champs!
Sara Vaughan, Racing to Read Faster and Smoother
Haley Hunt, Prepare for Blast Off!
Leah Hooks, Fluency Lesson Design
Hannah Gooden, Flying Into Fluency
Tawana Fuller, Beat the Clock
Katie Wilcox, Fun With Fluency


Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading

Amber Dunlap, Express Yourself!
Whitney Rolin, Express Yourself
Nonie Wilson, My, Oh My! It's Easy as Pie!
Katie Chadwick, Reading With Enthusiasm!


IV. Reading to Learn


Lessons for teaching summarization
Kate Patrick, Soaring Summarizing!
Ben Gross, Summing It Up
Sara Beasley, Flying Through Summarization
Sydney Anderson, Sum, Sum, Sum it up!
Emily Childs, Egyptian Summarization
Elizabeth Earnest, Letís Sum It Up!

Katelyn Danson, Sum it Up
Jennifer Bruha, Simply Summarize
Elizabeth Thomas, Simply Summarizing
Jessica Riel,  Cut to the Chase
Grace Langhout, Super Fun Summarization
Towns Carlson, Win the Prize and Summarize
Haley Jacobs, Get the Gist
Jana Pitman, Super Summarizers!
Megan Bowden, Let's SUMMARIZE With Sammy, the Turtle!
Shelly Roark, Add it Together and It's a Summary!
Haylee Black, To Summarize it All Up...
Kelsey Ray, Summarizing Stars
Marlee Shaw, Summarizing is a Piece of Cake
Beth Anne Autrey, Summing it Up
Lauren DeLaRosa, Food for Thought
Katie Pendergrass, Sum it up With Summarizing!
Courtney Jones, Become a Super Summarizer
Adrian Snider, Simple Summary

Scottie Ferree, Let's Sum it Up!
Reagan Gilbert, Buzzing into Summarization
Shannon McDevitt, Ready, Set, Summarize!
Jennifer Strickland, Super Summarizer
Aubrey Etheredge, Catching the Summarization Bug
Mary Beth Smith, Summing up the Story
Christine Acker, Summarizing Before Summer
Bess Findley, Summarization Safari
Sara Vaughan, Sliding Into Summarization
Haley Hunt, Action, Action, Read All About it!
Leah Hooks, Reading To Learn
Hannah Gooden, Something to Remember
Tawana Fuller, Reading To Learn
Katie Wilcox, Stop it's Summarizing Time!
Liz Boshart, Super Summarizers!


Lessons for teaching visualization

Haley Nichols, Draw a Picture With Your Mind
Jessica Taff, Vividly Visualizing
Mary Kathryn Donner, Imagine That!
Meg McWhorter, Do You See What I See?
Heather Henley, Visualize Without Your Eyes
Molly Newton, See! That's What I was Talking About!
Whitney Rolin, What do You See When You Read?
Ashley Baas, Picture This!
Lashawnda Brundidge, Picture Perfect
Kaitlyn Kimberley, Calling All Actors! Let's Make a Mental Movie!
Jessica Gray, Read and See!
Ally Harper, Visualization Station

Stephanie Thomson, Picture Perfect
Killian Hodo, Do You See What I See?
Jessica Klida, Snap a Picture As You Read
Savanna Smith, Painting Pictures in Your Mind
Caroline Hiskey, Reading Your Way to Another World
Nonie Wilson, 20/20 Reading!
Katie Chadwick, Picture This!
Allison Boutwell, Picture This!
Lindsey Barber, Do You See What I See?
Sterling Wine, Visualize the Verse


Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions

Emily Loyd, What? Where? How? When? Why?
Alyson Cason, Curious Questioners


Lessons for teaching children about story grammar
Amber Dunlap, Grammar Mapping is a Breeze!
Sara Warren, See the Glamour in Story Grammar
Yvonne Flanary, Hammer Grammar


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