Ch Ch Ch Choo Choo Blending

Emergent Literacy (Blending)

Anna Reeves



Rationale: The goal of this lesson is to improve student's blending skills. Blending is important in emergent literacy because students need to know how to produce many short individual utterances and mouth moves (phonemes), and combine them into one long utterance (word). Students will create their own blending train using the vowel first, body coda method.


Materials: (Advance preparation) Make one train engine for each student and 4 train cars to follow behind. Make and laminate all 26 lowercase letters of the alphabet so each student will have their own set.  Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Kevin Lewis. Hyperion Books. 1999.



(1) Today, we will be learning about blending. Blending is very important in reading.  So what is blending?  Blending is taking each sound of the word and putting them all together to say the word without pausing or stopping. We will use our train to make blending quick and smooth just like how a train travels down the tracks.

(2) First we will review all the sounds in the alphabet by singing our alphabet sound song. Ok, 1, 2, ready sing /a//a/apple, /b//b/ball. We will continue the song all the way through /z//z/zoo it was fun and now we're through.

(3) Now, we will use our knowledge of the sounds of letters to spell words on our blending train. I will do the first one with you. I will put the word map on the board. Then I will model how to use my knowledge of the letter sounds to put the letter in the train cars. I know that m= /m/, so /m/ and a sounds like /a/. I need to put them together. So, I put the m in the first car, and the a in the second car. I will start blending aloud so the children can hear my thought process. I know that a says /a/ and there is an m in front of the a, so that says /ma/. I know that p= /p/. So if I add /p/ to /ma/ then I get map!

(4) Students will partner up for additional practice with blending using their letter box train car. While the students are taking turns in their groups, the teacher should be walking around the room watching for students who need one-on-one help.  Now it is your turn. I want you to practice blending the word cat. Remember to start with the vowel sound, and then work your way from the beginning of the word allllll the way to the end. There should only be one letter in each box.

(5) I will then do a read aloud of Chugga Chugga Choo Choo by Kevin Lewis.  Booktalk: This book is called Chugga Chugga Choo Choo. It is about a cute little train who works all day and all night to make sure he delivers his load. To find out whether or not he delivers it on time, you have to read this wonderful story.

(6) The students will be assessed by using their new blending skills to sound out simple words from the story that the teacher chooses.



Alphabet song.


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