Pop Popcorn with P


Emergent Literacy Design

Mallie Frasier


Rational : This lesson will help students identify /p/, the phoneme represented by P. Students will learn to recognize /p/ in spoken words by learning a meaningful representation (popping popcorn) and the letter P symbol. We will practice finding /p/ in words.

Materials: a word sheet where the student colors the right word, the one that has /p/ in it. Primary paper and pencil. The book, Mr. Poppers Penguins by Richard Atwater.

1.  Say: today we are learning the letter P. P makes the sound /p/ like popping popcorn.

2.  Let's pretend that we are popping popcorn. Bounce your hands up and down and say /p/ /p/ /p/. Do you notice what your lips are doing then you say /p/?

3.  Let's say a tongue tickler. You say it after I say it. Pam is popping popcorn for the perfect party. Now you say it. Now this time when we say it, we are going to stretch out the /p/ and bounce our hands up and down as if we are popping popcorn. Pppam is pppoppp ppping pppopppcorn for the ppperfect ppparty. This time we are going to break off the P. /p/ am is /p/ o /p/ /p/ ing /p/ o /p/ corn for the /p/ erfect /p/ party

4.  Let me show you how to find /p/ in lamp. When I say lamp I'm going to stretch out the /p/. lll aaa mmm ppppppp

5.  Now let's get out some paper and practice writing P. First, you draw a straight line from the roof top to the sidewalk. Then you start and the top on the line and circle around to the middle of the line, at the fence, and attach the half circle to the straight line. A lower case p looks the same except you start at the fence and go down into the ditch with your straight line. Make the half circle start at the fence attached to the tip of the line and circle down to the sidewalk and attach to the line. I am going to walk around and see everybody's P, if I give you a check I want you to write 10 more just like it.


6. Now we are going to play a game. If you here /p/ in the word I say, I want you to pop your popcorn. If you do not hear /p/ then I want you to say no way! Dress, Pants, Pig, Dog, Jump, Run, Hop, Skip, Fly, Rock, Rope

7. I will read a segment from Mr. Poppers Penguins. I will have them pop their popcorn when they hear the /p/ sound in the story. And, I will show the words with /p/ on the document camera. Book Talk: This is a story about a man named Mr. Popper that orders a penguin and has it live in its refrigerator. The Penguin is lonely so Mr. Popper decides to order another penguin for a friend. Soon the Poppers have so many penguins that they have to live in the ice-filled basement! Read this story to find out what the Poppers do with all of these penguins.

8. I will show POT and model how to decide if it is pot or bowl. The P tells me to pop popcorn, /p/, so this word is pppp- ot, pot. You try some: Pit or Whole, Pat or Rub, Pig or Cow?

9. For assessment, I will distribute a work sheet. The students will color picture that has a name that has /p/ in it, and leave the other pictures blank



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