Paint Your Picture

Ami Young
Reading to Learn

Rationale: When children learn to become independent readers, it is important for them to learn how to visualize and comprehend what they are reading.  This lesson will help teach children how to visualize what they are reading and connect with it.

-finger paint
-primary paper
-poem Breakfast in Bed(
-copies of Gentle Ben by: Walt Morey

Assessment Questions:
                                    Yes        No
Did student create a visual image?        
Did student write a paragraph on Chapter 1?        
Did student show comprehension in Chapter 1?        

1. I will begin the lesson by teaching the children the importance of comprehension when reading a book. Today boys and girls we are going to learn about comprehension. Can someone tell me what comprehension is?...(wait for response). Then, explain to the children what comprehension is. Comprehension is remembering and understanding what we read. Today, I am going to see who can comprehend my poem that I am about to read. Try to visualize the detailed pictures so that it will help you remember them! I am going to give you a sheet of paper, then read you a poem. I want you to draw a picture, this will be your visual image of your story. It will help you remember what the story is about.

2. I will then read the poem Breakfast in Bed to the students. I will pass out paper, pencils, and finger paint to the students. After I read the poem I will have the students draw a picture of the story. I will show the students a model of a picture that I painted based on the poem. Okay boys and girls, now that we have read the poem, I would like for you to paint a very detailed picture of the story we read. I want you to remember a lot of details so that you can add this to your picture. I want to see that you are comprehending the poem. If you look at my picture, I added lots of details. I added the eggs, grits, and orange juice.  The poem talked about all of these details that I have drawn. I even drew the bed and what the room might look like. Now, it is your turn.

3.Next, tell the students what a wonderful job they did of visualizing. That was a great job of visualizing! I love the pictures. They have lots of details in them. Now, we are going to read the book Gentle Ben. When we read chapter one, I want you to try to visualize what is going on in the story.  Gentle Ben is about a very gentle bear. A boy becomes best friends with the bear and takes him in as his pet. When the townspeople find out about the bear, the are furious! They want to destroy Ben the bear.  You’ll have to read to find out what happens to him!

4. For your assignment today, I want you to read chapter one of Gentle Ben. After you read the story, I want you to write a paragraph of the story you read.  I want to see that you comprehended the story. I would also like for you to draw a picture that describes the chapter that you read.  When you are finished, turn your paper in on my desk.

Comprehension Question:
What did the boy think about Ben at first?
Why was Ben held in the shed?

The students completed the task that was asked to be completed. They comprehended the story in a paragraph as well as drew a corresponding picture.

Montgomery, Mogran, Seeing the “Boxcar Children”

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