We speed to read!

Ami Young
Growing Independency and Fluency

In order to become a fluent reader, a student must learn to recognize words and read the automatically.  As children become fluent readers, they will begin to read words more rapidly and smoothly.  In this lesson, I will help children to become more fluent readers by modeling how  to read correctly as well as teaching them how repeated reading helps to read better.

Stop watch(one for each pair of students)
Roller coaster cart pattern
Roller coaster tracks
Highlighter tape
Copy of Liz is Six(one for each pair of students)

1.To begin the lesson, you will explain to the students what it means to be a fluent reader. “Okay boys and girls, today we are going to talk about what a fluent reader is. A fluent reader is someone who can read words and blend them smoothly.”  Then, you will model the difference between a fluent reader and a non-fluent reader. “Okay class, today we are going to learn what it means to be a fluent reader. A fluent reader is someone who can read really well without stopping to sound out any words.  They go smooth like a roller coaster going down a hill.” “I will show you the difference between a fluent and a non-fluent reader”. Take out the book Liz is Six. “This is how a fluent reader would read the title of the book: Liz is Six.  A non-fluent reader might read the book like this: Leee.....Lii-iiii-z ii-iiis....Ssss-iiii-xxxx”.  “Can you tell the difference between the two? The first reading was nice and smooth.  The second one was the non-fluent reader because it was rocky and bumpy.” 'You could become a more fluent reader by particing reading at home and blending new words.'

2. Next, I will read aloud a few sentences to the students.  Some of the sentences will be read fluently, while the others will be read non-fluent.  I will let the students decide which sentence is which.

3.Next the students will divide into groups of two and read the book Liz is Six to their partners.  “Okay boys and girls, I want you to take turns reading the book with your partner.  While one partner is reading, the other is going to time their partner who is reading”. I will have the students set their timer for one minute while the read Liz is Six.  After the timer goes off, they will record their partner’s score. When the students read their book the first time, I will have them place a piece of highlighter tape on top of that word so it will help them remember which words they missed. The students will do this three times.  The student who is recording the score will count the number of words read correctly and write it down on a sheet of paper.

4.After the students have read the book once, they will be given a poster with a roller coaster track on it.  They will then be give a roller coaster cart.  The students will place their roller coaster at the bottom of the hill.  Each time the student’s reading improves, they will place the roller coaster up one level on the hill.  The student’s goal will be to reach the top of the roller coaster track and coast down the hill like a fluent reader!

For the assessment, I will have the students give me their record sheet for each reading.  I will review each sheet to insure that all of the students are becoming more fluent readers.  If a score hasn’t improved, I will work more with that student individually.


Title: As Fast as a Mouse
Author: Ashley Wild
Auburn University Student

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