Buddy the Black Bat Bakes with Blue Bowls

Anna Kaye Whiddon


Rationale:  Readers must first be able to recognize letters.  In turn, they will be able to recognize these letters in reading.  This lesson is designed to help students learn the letter Bb.  In this lesson, they will also learn to recognize the /b/ in spoken words.  This way they will be able to recognize the symbol to go along with the sound in spoken word practice.



          Alphabet Chart

            Alphabet Magnets

            Cardboard for each student

            Chart with "Big Black Balls Bounce By on the Bay"

            Primary Paper and Pencil

            Dr. Seuss’ ABC



1. Introduce the letter Bb to the students by showing them the letter on the alphabet chart.  Express the /b/ sound.  "Now that we know how to say B let’s recite the tongue twister on the chart together.  Each time put emphasis on the /b/ on each B that you read."  Ask the students if they can think of any other words with the /b/ sound.  Example:  bake, bundle, bitter.  Repeat the words slowly, again with stressed emphasis on the /b/ sound

2. Have students take out primary paper and pencil.  "We are going to learn how to write the letter that makes the /b/ sound.  For the capital letter, you make a line that starts at the rooftop and comes all the way down to sidewalk.  Can you do that for me?  Then make a round chest and around again for his big tummy.  Next, we need to make a lowercase b.  Start at the rooftop, go down, bounce up and around Excellent!  Now I need for everyone to write Bb on their own.  Next I want everyone to write three capital B’s and three lowercase b’s. Circle your favorite of each. Great Job! Those all look perfect!

3. Call on a student to give the answer to the following questions:  "Do you hear /b/ in bike or wagon? Book or picture?  Ball or hoop? Listen for the /b/ sound in these words.  When you hear /b/ rub your tummy showing me you hear it."  Slowly read aloud the tongue twister, allow time for students to rub their stomachs when they hear the /b/:  "Big black balls bounce by on the bay."

4. Show the students what they will be making in class.  (Magnetic Alphabet Letters glued on cardboard to make B and b.)  Be sure to explain the directions carefully. 

5. "Today, we are going to be making the letter B and b out of our magnetic alphabet letters.  Each of you get a piece of cardboard.  Find the lowercase l and glue the magnetic side to your board.  Now take two lowercase c’s and glue them to your board to form b.  Use the same letters to make b."

6. Read the page on B from Dr. Seuss’ ABC



Students will be given a picture worksheet to complete. Some additional practice may be needed for students that do not grasp the printing.


Alphabet Letter Activity Sheet


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