Ch, Ch, Ch,….Choo Choo

Anna Kaye Whiddon

Beginning Reading


Rationale: This lesson will help children identify and understand phonemes in words. The most commonly used are short vowels, which is what we will focus on. This lesson will help children identify ch=/ch/ by learning meaningful representation. The children will understand grapheme- phoneme correspondences in order to find /ch/ in the word.



Letter box plastic letters [c,h,e,k,a,s,h,t,u,r,c,n,s,p]

Elkonin boxes

Bags for each student with letters

"Charlie Chains Chocolate behind the Chair" tongue twister chart

The book "Chips for the Chicks" for each student

Paper with sentences with the sound /ch/

Cards with the words: check, chant, shack, champ, chick



1. I will ask the students if they know two letters that make one sound. I will give an example like /ar/. The letters a-r make up this sound. Today we will learn the sound /ch/. Who can guess what letters make this sound? C-H. Perfect!

2. /Ch/ is like a train going up a hill like ch, ch, ch, ch. Do you hear it? If you do, move your arms in circles by your side like a train.

3. Let’s say some words to see if we hear the /ch/ sound. I will say a word and stretch it out. Make the train motion when you hear the /ch/ sound. Listen carefully, ch-ch-ch-ain. Did you hear the /ch/ sound? Great!

4. Now we are going to say something silly that will have a lot of the /ch/ sound. "Charlie chains chocolate behind the chair" When you hear the /ch/ sound make the train motion we did earlier. Now let’s all say it together. This time when you hear the /ch/ sound, we are going to stretch it out. "Ch-ch-ch-arlie ch-ch-ch-ains ch-ch-ch-ocolate behind the ch-ch-ch-air. Yes! That was perfect!

5. Now we will work with Elkonin boxes. Each child will have their own bag of letters and boxes. We are going to spell our words out in these boxes. You are going to have to listen carefully to hear each sound. Okay, the first word is chant. The /ch/ goes in one box because it makes one sound therefore chant has four boxes. This is how you would spell the word.





Okay so now you try it. You spell the word check. How many sounds are there? 3! Great! Tell me the first sound. Second? Third? Okay now you put the letters in your boxes to make them spell "check". Then I will ask students to spell shack (3), champ (4), and chick (3).

 6. Now we will read the words together. I will have the words on flash cards and each child will read one word. Then when they say the word the student will tell me what they think of when they hear it.

7. I will pass out a copy of "Chips for the Chicks". I will give a book talk before reading: its lunch time and everyone is hungry. On this day, Mom lets the kids eat outside. But the dog, Lad, is hungry too! What will Ben and Jess do? We will have to read to find out what happens next. I will tell students to read along with me and when they the /ch/ sound they will make the train motion.

 8. Now I will assess the students. I will have sentences for the students to read containing the /ch/ sound: Check on the champ. The chick was in the shack. We sing the fun chant.



Murray, Geri Chips For the Chicks

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