Me, Myself, and /M/ (not I!)

Emergent Literacy

Shelley Steiner



 This lesson will help students identify the consonant letter m.  Consonants are slightly easier than short vowels for emergent readers to understand. They will learn to recognize /m/ sounds in spoken words by learning a meaningful gesture and a letter symbol, and then practice finding /m/ sounds in words.



I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

Dry erase board

Dry erase markers

Letter m cut out from poster board


A pen


I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

Primary paper


Posters to display the Tongue Twister " My mean magical monsters make magnificent music for me"

Worksheet on finding /m/ in words (circling the picture name)

Pictures of sun, gum, mom, dad, lemon, nut, ham, and nest.


Introduce the lesson by walking around the students with a cut out of the letter m. Ask "Where is this letter in the alphabet, what letters are next to it?" l and n. "Good! Well, remember how your mouth moves different ways to say each letter in the alphabet?  Today we are going to work on the /m/ movement. Do you know of any words that have the /m/ mouth movement? (show movement of mouth by dramatically putting lips together.)"

(model hugging yourself and vocalizing Mmmm!)"When someone hugs you, have you ever heard the sound that the consonant m makes?  Remember this is the movement we will be looking for today. (show how you hug yourself and make sound)"


Inform the students of what should be happening, "So, we should all be hugging ourselves now!" (place the letter on the board and hug yourself)   

Direct the class to "follow the teacher" by putting your lips together. Walking by each desk and listening for the correct sound. "Great job boys and girls!"

"Now I am going to say my tongue twister out loud and then I want everyone to try together! My mean magical monsters make magnificent music for me. Everybody say it with me three times! Good!  Now let’s say it again, but this time stretch the /m/ at the beginning of the words.  Mmmy    mmmean     mmmonsters    mmmake   mmmusic    for    mmme.  One more time, but break the /m/ off the word say  /m/ y       /m/ ean      /m/ onsters      /m/ ake      /m/ usic    for     /m/ e."

Give each student a piece of primary paper and a pencil. "We are going to write the letter m to spell /m/. Let’s write it!! (model on the board a few times). Starting at the fence you move your pencil straight down to the ground. Now pick your pencil up and put it a little under the fence, now you hump around and then hump around again. GO DOWN, HUMP AROUND, HUMP AROUND." Walk around and begin observing the students work. Tell the students, "I will put a smile on when I see the letter m on your paper. Then you make five more just like that one!"

"Now when we see the letter m all alone in a word, that will be the signal for you to give yourself a mmmajor hug and say /m/."

"Let me show you how to find /m/ in the word…them (write word on board). I’ll stretch the word out in mmmajor slow mmmotion and listen for the hug /m/ in them.  Th- th- th- th –e- e- the—mmmm. There it is! Did you hear it?"

 Worksheet of pictures [pass out a card to each student.]

"Let’s see if you can spot my mouth move /m/ in some words. Give yourself a mmmajor hug if you hear /m. My, mean, magical, monsters, make, magnificent music, for, me."

"I like myself! I sure hope each and every one of you can say all of the things you like about yourself! As a class we will read I Like Myself, raise your hand when you hear words with the consonant /m/ and I will make a list of those words on the board."  

"On the card each of you should have, you will individually draw something you like about yourself and write a message about it.  This is what I might do (show example by making one in front of the class. I will draw a smile. Underneath the smile I will use invented spelling and write I luv tu smiel.)" All work will be displayed in classroom. "Turn in your paper in by reading it to me (raise your hand when you are complete) and I will hand you a piece of tape to hang it up on the class board!"

For assessment, pass out a worksheet of pictures (as is stapled to lesson design).

*grade to check understanding and discuss answers

Give yourself MAJOR hug! mmmmmmMMM! Squeeze tight!




                        (my idea for a consonant lesson and help with lesson format)


            Beaumont, Karen.  I Like Myself!   Scholastic Incorporated.  2004.  "unpaged".  David Catrow





Create a worksheet where the student will…SAY THE NAME OF EACH PICTURE. CIRCLE THE PICTURE THAT HAS THE consonant /m/.