Oh my!  It’s I, I, I!

Cameron Pass

Beginning Reading

Rationale: This lesson will help children understand that i_e says /I/.  Students will learn to recognize /I/ in written words, and spell written words with i_e when appropriate.  They will learn that it says ”I, I, I!!” like when you’re shocked or overwhelmed about something.


Primary paper and pencil

Chart with "It’s time for the nine to ride their big size bikes."

Letterboxes; Kite Day at Pine Lake (2000)

Word cards: is, kite, lake, size , smile, slum, price, strike; 

Letters: i, s, k, t, e, l, z, m, u, p, r, c


1. Say: Today we’re going to work on a tricky way to spell the long /I/ sound.  Sometimes we spell it like i_e, like in the word time.  The  sound it makes is /I/, like when you’re shocked or overwhelmed and you put your hands on your head and go, “I, I, I!”

2. So, now let’s say that together, “I, I, I!”  Notice how your mouth moves when you say it.  You don’t open your mouth much, and your tongue kind of moves back to your throat when you say it.  “I, I, I!”

3. Let's try a tricky little sentence [on chart]. “It’s time for the nine to ride their big size bikes.”  Ok, now say it with me.  Let’s say it again, and we’ll stretch out the words with the “I, I, I” sounds, and we’ll put our hands on our heads like we did.

4. Let me show you how to spell a word with this i_e we’ve been talking about.  In the letterboxes I’ll model how to spell the word strike.  Then, from my cards I’ll model how to read the word strike.

5.  Now, you try to spell some words.  Some will have this /I/ sound, but remember that some words are review and don’t have this sound.  (when they finish spelling out the words) Now, can you read these words for me from the cards?

6. Have you ever flown a kite?  Well in this book, there are a few kids at the park flying kites and having so much fun, but one guy is sad.  Bob is all left out because he doesn’t have a kite of his own.  I think they might be able to help him, but we’ll have to read to find out what he can do.  Let’s read Kite Day at Pine Lake.

7. I will have them write a message about “where I ride my bike” and draw a picture about what they wrote.

8.  For assessment, I will have students read a list of pseudo-words, so I know that they have learned the i_e grapheme for the phoneme /I/.  I will mix in a few review sounds in my pseudo-words, so that not every word has the spelling i_e.

Game to play (optional): http://www.saintambrosebarlow.wigan.sch.uk/Y4Spelling/iteorighty4t1.htm

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