Ride Your Motorcycle with M

Megan Killen

Emergent Literacy Design



Rationale:  This lesson will help children identify /m/, the phoneme represented by M.  Students will learn to recognize /m/ in spoken words by relating the meaningful representation of riding a motorcycle with M.  We are also going to learn the written letter M.  Students will practice finding /m/ in words to build phoneme awareness and distinguishing other alphabetic sounds from the sound /m/


Materials:  Paper and pencil; chart paper with "My Mom Made Me a Mudpie Monday" drawing paper and crayons (enough for every child); Using our ABCs book (Random House, 1984); assessment worksheet (URL below).



1.  Say:  Language is a tricky thing to learn sometimes.  A good way to begin learning is to learn what letters mean.  We are going to be learning sounds and how our mouth makes the sounds we hear.  Today we are going to practice finding /m/.  We spell /m/ with the letter M.  When we ride our motorcycle and hear the sound it makes we are making the /m/ sound and that is what the letter M represents.


2.  Let's act like we are riding a motorcycle.  [Hold hands out like handlebars and makes a "MMMM" sound].  Notice where your lips are located.  Are your lips touching?  Where is your tongue?  Are your teeth hitting each other?  When we say /m/ our lips are touching and we are blowing air from our throat out to make the sound.


3.  Now, we are going to find /m/ in some words.  I'm going to say the word, "mine", but I am going to say it very slowly and stretch out the sounds.  Listen for my motorcycle.  M-m-i-n-e.  Slower: Mmmmmm-i-i-i-nnnn-e.  There is was!  I felt my lips touch and felt air in my throat.  I can feel the motorcycle in "mine". 


4.  Let's read this poem.  "My Mom Made Me a Mudpie on Monday".  This is a poem about a child that gets a special treat from their mother.  I think the treat is going to be a yummy treat!  Let's read and find out.  Everyone say it together.  Let's say it again but this time let's stretch out the /m/ sound at the beginning of the words.  Let's read it again but this time let's break apart the words and separate the /m/ sound that we hear.  Now, let's read it twice normally.  Did you like that poem?  Did you hear the /m/ sound in every word?


5. [Pass out paper and pencil] Now let's practice writing the letter M. The letter M is the way we write /m/.  Start at the hat line, go straight down to the shoe line.  Start back up at the hat line and draw a diagonal line to the shoe line.  Go up from the shoe line in another diagonal line to the hat line.  Now draw a straight line down to the shoe line.  Let me see everyone's M.  When you have a sticker on your paper I want you to fill up the rest of the paper with the letter M.  Do your best, I want to see excellent M's all over your paper. 


6.  Now we are going to read different words and see if we can find the /m/ in them.  [Call on student]  Do you hear /m/ in mud or gun?  [Call on student]  Do you hear /m/ in lake or lime?  [Call on student]  Do you hear /m/ in time or shine?  Now I am going to say a sentence, I want to see everyone driving their motorcycle when they hear the /m/.  My monkey, Mindy, mistakes me for my mom. 


7. Now let's read the alphabet book and see the letter M.  We are going to learn about the alphabet and the letters that are in the alphabet!  I wonder what is going to happen in this story about our wonderful alphabet?  Let's find out! What are some things on this page that you see that begin with the letter M? [Pass out paper and crayons] Tell students to come up with an animal of their choice and make up a name for their animal that begins with M.  Then children can color their animal and write the name of their animal on the bottom of the paper (use invented spelling).


8.  For assessment, students will complete worksheet.  Students are to complete rows of writing the letter M and the words that have the letter M on worksheet 1.  Then, on worksheet 2 students are to color the pictures that begin with the letter M and if the pictures do not begin with an M they are to cross it out.



Assessment worksheets:

1.  http://www.tlsbooks.com/letterm_1a.pdf

2.  http://www.tlsbooks.com/letterm_1.pdf

Reading Genie Website; Katie Defoor - "A-a-a-a, it's a snake!" http://www.auburn.edu/academic/education/reading_genie/sightings/defoorel.html

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