Sneaky Snake

Emergent Literacy

Alisa Isom

Rationale: Reading is important for children to learn, and in order for reading to occur, children must begin to understand that letters stand for phonemes. Children must be able to identify phonemes in spoken words as well as spelling words, which will benefit them in the future. Children will learn the letter s=/s/, and will be able to identify its phoneme in spoken words through practice, gestures, and repetition.

Materials: Primary paper

                   Overhead Passage: Sneaky snake slithered down the slippery slope

                    Silly Sally by:Audry Wodds. Hartcourt Childrens books.1999

                     Words to practice with: hot,or spot; star,or far; slip or drop; cat or step

                     Worksheet: students will need to circly the picture that contains a word that

                                          makes the /s/ sound.

                     1. picture of snake, or rat

                     2. picture of cat or saw

                     3. picture of chair or soap

                     4 picture of salt or camera

                     5. picture of stamp or dog


      1.Teacher will begin the lesson by introducing the letter that the class will be focusing on, s. The teacher will demonstrate the /s/, and then have the class echo her. The teacher will demonstrate how your mouth should be moving when you are saying /s/. Ok class, when you say /s/, what is my mouth doing? Thatâs right, the tongue in your mouth sits right behind your teeth and your mouth is just barely opening with your teeth not showing at all. The teacher will then have them all do the /s/ sound with her until they seem to understand.

      2.The teacher will then say a word that has the /s/ sound that the children can go by when trying to make the same mouth moves. Has anyone ever been around a snake before? What sound does a snake make? Sssss..yes, thatâs right! A snake makes a ssss sound doesnât it. That is the mouth move that we are going to practice today.

     3.Teacher pulls up the tongue twister passage on the overhead. Ok class, letâs look at this passage and see if you hear the /s/ in some of these words. Sneaky snake slithered down the slippery slope. Now I want everyone to say it real slowly and I want the /s/ to be stretched out. Ssssneaky ssssnake ssslithered down the ssslippery ssslope. I loved the way you all stretched out the /s/!

     4.Teacher now passes out the primary paper for the students to practice writing the letter s. Ok class, I now want us to practice writing the letter S. We know that the letter s makes the /s/ so it is important to learn how to write the letter.. Teacher will begin by demonstrating on the board how to write the S, and then the students will have some time to practice on their paper. You start out by starting at the rooftop and curving down to the fence like you are writing the letter c. The next step is from the end of the point on the fence you curve back down to the sidewalk forming a backwards c. In a way, itâs almost shaped like a curvy snake. The teacher will walk around to make sure each student understands and has the letter written correctly. I now want you to practice writing S by making several rows on your paper.

    5. I am very impressed with all of your hard work. Iâm now going to say a few words and I want you to raise your hand if you hear /s/ in a word. Do you hear /s/ in hot or spot? Ok, do you hear /s/ in star or far? Do you hear /s/ in slip or drop? Do you hear /s/ in cat or step? Alright very good!

   6. The teacher will now allow the students to get with a partner and they will come up with as many words that they know of that have /s/. I need you now to get with a partner and come up with as many words as you can that have the /s/ in the word. Come up with as many as you can. Once you and your partner are finished, we will come up with another tongue twister altogether as a class.

   7. Teacher will read Silly Sally by Audry Wood and will have the children make the /s/ sound when they hear a word that makes that sound. Silly Sally is such a silly person who loves to do silly things. You may find out things from this story that you think is silly and would like to try. Lets read and find out all the silly things Silly does. Each time you hear /s/, I want you to drag out the /s/ for me!

    8.Assessment will consist of a worksheet with several pictures and the students will need to circle the picture that has the /s/ sound.


Audry Woods, Silly Sally.Harcourt Children's Books,1999

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