Chirping Chicks
Amy Harris
Beginning Reader

Rationale: In order for a student to be a more fluent reader, they need to be able to understand vowels, consonants, and the sounds that they make.  It is important that they learn commonly used consonant diagraphs and the sound that the two consonants together make.  During this lesson, I will focus on the correspondence ch=/ch/.  This correspondence will be taught through a meaningful and fun representation (students flapping wings like chicken), letterbox lesson, playing a game with reading and identifying words with ch, reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and identifying the /ch/ sound in various words.

letterboxes for everyone
letter tiles (letters: c,a,l,l,h,i,n,r,m,p,t,s)
plastic eggs
print off of words ( cart, lunch, scarf, chest, torch, chase, table, cheese, glass, chat, desk, help)
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault (copy for each student).
Assessment sheet with true false questions:
     All of the letters fit in the tree and none fell out. (False)
    When all of the letters were on the tree they were in the right order. (True)
    The letters that fell out of the tree were lowercase letters (True)
    The "mamas" and the papas" helped the letters up from the ground.  They are called uppercase letters. (True)

1. "We learn all of the different letters of the alphabet, but did ya'll know that when you put two letters together they can make a whole different sound?"  I will write the letters ch on the board.  "Does anyone know what sound ch makes?  That is right, /ch/!  You all sound like little chirping chicks!  Everyone flap your arms just like a little bird while we say /ch/!"  

2."Does everyone see what you are doing when you say /ch/? You are closing your teeth together and blowing out air while you open your mouth.  Let's practice making that noise as we say chirping chicks.  I am going to say it really slow and listen for the /ch/ sound and flap your arms like little chickens when you hear it!  Chhhhhhhirping Chhhhhhhicks.  There it was! I closed my teeth together and blew out as I opened my mouth."  

3. Let's try a tongue twister together. "Charlie chose cherries for Chad. Let's all say it together and stretch out the /ch/ sound.  Chhhharlie chhhhhose chhhhherries for Chhhhad. Let’s say it one more time and flap our arms as we say /ch/. /Ch/arlie /ch/ose /ch/erries for /Ch/ad."

4. Call on students to answer and tell how they knew: "Do you hear /ch/ in child or wild? chill or will? chalk or talk?"

5. Now we are going to practice spelling and reading words that have /ch/ in them.  "Okay, so now I want everyone to get out their letterboxes and get their tiles out.  Everyone look up to the board while I show you how to spell words with your letterboxes. I put four letters up on the overhead.  Our first word is chart. The letters c and h together make what sound? That's right it is /ch/! I put both the letters c and h in the first box because they make the /ch/ sound together.  Our second sound we hear is our vowel, /a/.  We put that one in our second letterbox.  Then what sound do we hear? That's right, /r/! I put that one in my third letterbox.  Our last sound is /t/. We put that in our fourth letterbox.  So now I want you to spell a few words with your tiles just like I did.  I will read out the words individually and say a sentence after I read the word.  I will tell the students how many letterboxes to use so they know how many sounds the word has.  The following words will be used: call, chin, chill, chip, hill (3). charm, pitch, chart (4). starch (5). I will walk around while students spell the words.  If they need help and cannot self correct I will help them.  

6. I am going to pass plastic eggs with slips of paper inside to each group of two.  I will put two stools at the front of the classroom next to me with egg crates on them.  One of them will be labeled ch and the other one will be labeled no ch.  "Everyone has a slip of paper inside your egg with a word on it.   I want you and your partner to read the word together.  I will call each group up and you will come up here and put your egg in the ch crate or the no ch crate as you read to the class your word."

7. "Now we are going to read a book called Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  The first lowercase letter starts climbing on a coconut tree and challenges all of the other letters to get up in the palm tree.  Will all of the letters be able to fit on top of the tree?    Everyone read your book on your own and then we will talk about it once everyone gets done and see what happened!"  

"Now we are going to answer some True or False Questions about Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."  

All of the letters fit in the tree and none fell out. (False)
When all of the letters were on the tree they were in the right order. (True)
The "mamas" and the "papas" helped the letters up from the ground.  They are called uppercase letters. (True)

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