“Uhh, Why Am I at School?”
Brooke Erickson

Beginning Reading Lesson Plan

Rationale: This lesson will help emergent readers to learn and spell words.  They will learn to recognize u= /u/ in written and spoken words.  They will practice spelling words with u= /u/ by using a letterbox lesson.  They will also read a book containing many words with u= /u/u.

Materials: Letterboxes for each student and teacher, letterbox letters for students and teacher (c,u,b,s,n,f,h,m,a,t), overhead projector, picture of a pouting student, poster of tongue twister “Uncle Rud likes to run and have fun in the mud’, paper and pencils, book Fuzz and the Buzz, worksheet for assessment


1.      First I will hold up the picture of the pouting student.  I will ask the class what noise they think the student is making in the picture. “That is right he is making the sound uhh because he doesn’t want to go to school! Can everyone make the uhh sound? Who can tell me what letter represents the uhh sound? That’s right the letter u makes the sound uhh like uhh I don’t want to go to school today.”

2.      Next I will show the upper and lower case letter U on the overheard projector using the letterbox letters.

3.      “Now we are going to read this tongue twister together and every time you hear the u sound I want everyone to make the pouting face.” I will hold up the tongue twister poster.

4.      “Everyone listen closely, I am going to read two words and I want you to raise a quiet hand if you can tell me which word has the uhh sound in it.” Stuck or stick, hut or hat, lunge or kneel

5.      Next I will model how to use the letterboxes on the overhead projector. “Everyone get out your letters and your letterboxes.  First I want to spell the word mud so I am going to lay our three letterboxes because mud has three sounds in it.  The first sound I hear in mud is /m/ so I am going to put a m in the first box.  The next sounds I hear is /u/ so I am going to put a u in the middle box.  The last sound I hear is /d/ so I am going to put a d in the last box. M,u,d spells mud.” I will call out the rest of the three phoneme words and have students spell them using their letterboxes at their desk.  I will then challenge them by trying to spell the four-phoneme word.

6.      Next we will read Fuzz and the Buzz. Students will pair up and take turns reading the book to each other. I will start by giving a book talk, “Fuzz is a happy bear. One day he runs from his hut. He finds a tree with nuts on it. When Fuzz starts to pull at the nuts, bees start to swarm around him. What will happen to Fuzz? Will the bees sting him? You will have to read to find out.

7.      Next the students will write messages about their favorite vacation.


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