Research-Based Lessons From Preservice Teachers
Auburn University
Spring 2009
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I. Emergent Literacy
Lessons for teaching phoneme awareness
Megan O'Brien, Liquefy Your Lemons for Lemonade
Ashley James, Always Zip Your Zipper
Maria Sanders, Yummmmy M
Sarah Mobley, Pop Bubbles With P
Bridget Clabby, Keep Your Hands Warm for Helen and Harry
Sarah Daughtry, Huff and Puff With P
Marguerite DeWitt, Slither Your Arm Like a Snake With S
Katie Freeman, Piggies Love P-P-Popcorn and P-P-Pancakes
Katelyn Jernigan, Bubble Popping P
Hannah Paxton, Run Away With N
Hanna Taylor, Thinking on the Mountain (M)
Shelley Steiner, Me, Myself, and /M/ (not I!)
Caroline Yow, Nate Is the Nicest Newt in the Neighborhood
Julie Mason, Nobody Can Beat N
Cabray Rauschenberg, Zipping Through the Zoo With Zebra
Meg Terry, Zipping Up Z!
Lauren Keasal, Vicky the Vulture Vacuums Vans
Lindsey Wise, Dizzy Ducks
Susan Grimes, Pop, Pop, Pop Goes the Popcorn!
Marianna Waits, Bouncing the Basketball With B
Laura Charlton, Nifty Noisy N
Leigh Cooper, Not the Doc!
Cydney Dorsey, Pretty Penguins Pop Perfect Popcorn
Lauren Davidson, Roaming the Rainforest With R
Amy Harris, Blowing Bubbles With b
Hannah Pipkin, Bouncing With b
Cassie Dillard, Happy the Dog
Mary Lawrence Chandler, Whoops! I Let Go of My Balloon! Ffffffffffff
Alyson Jones, Seven Swans Swimming
Christina Metry, Roar With R
Megan Killen, Ride Your Motorcycle With M
Sarah Walton, Click Your Camera for C
Brooke Erickson, Roaring With the Letter R!
Brittney Garnett, Learn About Snazzy Snake With S
Haden Casey, Buzz Around With Z
LindseyTaylor, The Heart Beats B's
Valerie Vila, Racing on Racetracks
Ashley Cooke, Blowing Bubbles With B
Alisa Isom, Sneaky Snake

Lessons for teaching letter recognition
Greer Montgomery, Big and Small Bouncing Balls
Anna Kaye Whiddon, Buddy the Black Bat Bakes With Blue Bowls
Anna Benson, Get Poppin' With P
Amanda Gluckman, Baking Beautiful Brownies
Susanna Pate, Pink Pigs Love Picnic Parties
Callie Daniels, Make a Snake With S
Rebecca Macintire, Pop! With the Letter P
Hanna Lane Blevins, The Switch Game With b and d
Mary Elizabeth Sandlin, Pat the Pink Pig Popped Popcorn
Laura Lee Nevins, Gulping Down Gatorade
Ami Young, T, T, T, Tapping Toes
Kayla Petty, Tap Your Drum
Cameron Pass, Fishing for F!
Malissa Lopez, Ruth's Rodeo
Caitlin Pickelsimer, Popping Popcorn

Lessons for teaching print concepts, segmentation, or blending

II. Beginning Reading
Lessons for teaching decoding with short vowels
Mary Lawrence Chandler, Eh? I Can't Hear You!
Greer Montgomery, The Silly Icky Pig
Valerie Vila, Aaaaa, Crying Baby
Caroline Yow, Open Your Mouth Wide . . . /o-o-o/
Marguerite DeWitt, Standing Outside With My Mouth Open Wide, /a/-/a/-/a/
Sarah Mobley, Eh . . . What's Up, Doc?
Cabray Rauschenberg, Uhhh . . . I Don't Know!
Marianna Waits, What Did You Say?  /E-e-e-e/?
Hannah Paxton, Don't Be a Crybaby!
Sarah Daughtry, Uh, Can You Repeat the Question?
Meg Terry, It's Hot! Ahhh, Let's Cool Off With O!
Anna Benson, Aaaa, Let's Ride the Rollercoaster
Amanda Gluckman, Uncle Understanding Says Uhhh
Lauren Keasal, Ed the Elephant Went to Fetch the Elk
Susanna Pate, Aaaaaa!
Lindsey Wise, Icky Igloos Say /i/
Susan Grimes, Hot, Hot, Hot!
Callie Daniels, Adventures With /a/!
Rebecca Macintire, Izzy's Icky Sticky Hands
Laura Charlton, Aaaaa . . . Cries the Baby
Leigh Cooper, It's Sticky Icky!
Cydney Dorsey, A-a-a-a-Choo!
Lauren Davidson, Open Your Mouth for O
Mary Elizabeth Sandlin, Aaaaaaaaa Choo-Choo! I Sneezed!
Hannah Pipkin, Eh? I Cannot Hear You!
Cassie Dillard, The Big Hit
Alisa Isom, Silly Billy
Alyson Jones, Allie Abbot Loves Apples
Christina Metry, Ally the Alligator
Megan O'Brien, Eh? What's That You Say, Sonny Boy?
Laura Lee Nevins, Eh, What Was That?
Ami Young, Upside-Down Umbrella
Ashley James, Oh My Gosh!
Megan Killen, A-a-a, an Alligator!
Sarah Walton, Eeeeeehhh! Do You Hear That Old Creaky Door Opening?
Brooke Erickson, Uhh, Why Am I at School?
Brittney Garnett, Biting Into an Apple With /a/, /a/, /a/ /a/ /a/
Maria Sanders, Aaaaaaaa! Scaredy A!
Haden Casey, Icky Icky Mud
Malissa Lopez, Say Ah! for the Doctor
Lindsey Taylor, Open Up for /o/
Jessica Brown, Sticky Icky Fishy
Caitlin Pickelsimer, Aaaaaaaaa, A
Hana Lane Blevins, Cool Drink of Water, /o/
Ashley Cooke, Sneeze With Short A

Lessons for teaching decoding with long vowels and other vowels
Hanna Taylor, Oh, Oh, Oh!
Katie Freeman, Let's Go Fly a Kite!
Kayla Petty, Pirate Ready
Cameron Pass, Oh My! It's I, I, I!

Lessons for teaching decoding with consonant digraphs and other chunks
Anna Kaye Whiddon, Ch, Ch, Ch . . . Choo Choo
Bridget Clabby, Chuck the Chimp Chomps on Cheese
Shelley Steiner, Shhh . . . I See a Fish!
Katelyn Jernigan, Ch, Ch, Choo Choo!
Julie Mason, Sh! Be Quiet!
Amy Harris, Chirping Chicks

Lessons for teaching spelling

III. Growing Independence and Fluency
Lessons for teaching faster reading
Cassie Dillard, Zipping Up the Flag Pole
Ashley James, On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!
Alyson Jones, Climbing the Ladder to Reading Fluency
Greer Montgomery, Read Fast to Win the Race!
Susanna Pate, Leaping Into Reading!
Hannah Pipkin, Speedy Read!
Mary Elizabeth Sandlin, Ready, Set, Read!
Sarah Walton, Racing to Read With Fluency!
Anna Kaye Whiddon, Stop, Drop, and Read!
Shelley Steiner, Go Star Reader!
Megan Killen, Super Fast Speedy Readers
Valerie Vila, Ready, Set, Go!
Katelyn Jernigan, Rocket Reading
Sarah Mobley, Zooming Toward Fluency!
Hannah Paxton, Quickening the Pace With Poetry
Sarah Daughtry, Speed Reading Is Fun
Cabray Rauschenberg, Sailing to Fluency
Meg Terry, Climbing Up Fluency Mountain
Anna Benson, Fluency Fun: Ready to Read!
Amanda Gluckman, Where Are the Wild Things? Reading Fluently!
Lauren Keasal, Fluency Is Key!
Katie Freeman, Oh, I Know I Can Read Faster!
Callie Daniels, Race Into Reading
Marianna Waits, The Buzzing Bee
Laura Charlton, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!
Leigh Cooper, Out of the Park Reading!
Cydney Dorsey, 1-2-3, Reading Fluency!
Lauren Davidson, The Buzz About Reading
Amy Harris, Racing Towards Fluency
Alisa Isom, On Your Mark, Get Set, Read!
Mary Lawrence Chandler, Zooming Down the Road to Fluency
Christina Metry, Tab's Take on Fluency Fun
Megan O'Brien, Slide Your Way to Reading
Ami Young, We Speed to Read!
Brittney Garnett, Let's Get to the Finish Line!
Kayla Petty, Bee-ing Great With Fluency!
Maria Sanders, Leap Into Reading
Cameron Pass, Super Fast, Super Readers!
Haden Casey, Fly by Reading Faster
Jessica Brown, Race Into Reading!
Caitlin Pickelsimer, Fluent Reading With Frog and Toad
Hanna Lane Blevins, Amphibian Friends
Ashley Cooke, Read Like Lightning
Lindsey Taylor, Flipping and Flopping With Fluency

Lessons for teaching smoother, better phrased, or more expressive reading
Bridget Clabby, Act It Out With Your Voice!
Marguerite DeWitt, Become an Expressionist!
Laura Lee Nevins, Up, Up, and Away With Reading!
Julie Mason, Express Yourself!
Rebecca Macintire, Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM!
Malissa Lopez, Leaping With Expression!

Lessons for teaching children to read silently or voluntarily and avidly
Caroline Yow, I Heard a Cricket!
Susan Grimes, My Reading Journey
Hanna Taylor, Reading Right!
Lindsey Wise, Sssshhhh!
Brooke Erickson, Shhh, I'm Trying to Read!

IV. Reading to Learn

Lessons for teaching summarization
Katelyn Jernigan, Somebody's Summarizing!
Julie Mason, Summarize With Cow Pies
Bridget Clabby, Try and Sum This Up!
Hannah Paxton, Can We Put It Together?  Yes, We Can!
Sarah Daughtry, Super Snazzy Summaries
Meg Terry, Something's Fishy About Our Summaries
Amanda Gluckman, Long Story Short
Susanna Pate, That Sums It Up!
Anna Benson, Run With Reading!
Katie Freeman, That's a Tiger of a Summary! Grr!
Callie Daniels, Summing It Up!
Marianna Waits, Tell Me All About It!
Laura Charlton, Learning to Summarize
Leigh Cooper, Let's Sum It Up!
Cydney Dorsey, Sum It Up!
Lauren Davidson, Super Summary Synopsis
Mary Elizabeth Sandlin, Let's Get It Together!
Cassie Dillard, So . . . What Did I Read?
Valerie Vila, Summarize, Summarize, Summarize
Alisa Isom, Summarizing Is the Key!
Mary Lawrence Chandler, That About Sums It Up!
Christina Metry, A Beary Good Summary
Megan O'Brien, Summing Up for an Easy Read
Laura Lee Nevins, Summarizing With the Snakes
Greer Montgomery, Sum It All Up!
Megan Killen, Let's Sum It All Up!
Ashley James, Straight to the Point!
Brooke Erickson, Let's Sum It Up!
Brittney Garnett, It's a Hunt!
Kayla Petty, Summarizing Isn't So Crabby
Cameron Pass, One Whale of a Summary
Haden Casey, Keys to Summarization
Jessica Brown, Flipping Into Summarization
Caitlin Pickelsimer, Leaving an Important Message
Hannah Pipkin, That About Sums It Up!
Anna Kaye Whiddon, Let's Sum It All Up!
Ashley Cooke, Something to Remember!

Lessons for teaching visualization
Hanna Taylor, Create-a-Comic Visualization
Sarah Mobley, Picture That!
Cabray Rauschenberg, Click! Creating a Picture From the Text
Marguerite DeWitt, Visualization Is Picture Perfect
Lindsey Wise, Becoming the Illustrator
Shelley Steiner, Read It, Think It, Draw It!
Susan Grimes, I Spy, in My Little Mind, Something That Is . . .
Rebecca Macintire, Picture This!
Amy Harris, Take That Picture!
Lauren Keasal, Can't You See?
Alyson Jones, A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Ami Young, Paint Your Picture
Sarah Walton, Paint a Picture in Your Mind!
Lindsey Taylor, Picture This!

Lessons for teaching children to ask or answer questions
Caroline Yow, Why Do I Need to Know Why?
Maria Sanders, Wondering Wizards!
Malissa Lopez, The 5 W's of Reading

Lessons for teaching children about story grammar