Emergent Literacy

Jennifer Redd


Letter Recognition is one of the factors that are a predictor of a child’s readiness to read. It is imperative that a child is able to recognize letters and the phonemes that they produce. Students will be able to recognize the grapheme M in its upper and lower case form. They will also be able to produce the corresponding sound for the letter M.


Chart paper

Sharpie Markers

Pictures that have an M in its name with a visible M as a part of the picture.

Pictures of a monkey, money, maid, mop, maple syrup, muffin and etc.



Sentence strips:

Monkeys like to make muffins on Mondays.

The supermarket makes a lot of money.

Monkeys like to mop up messy mistakes.

Muffins make magnificent desserts.


1. Begin the lesson by asking the students what do sound do they make when they see something that is delicious to eat. Yes! We say mmmm… that is the sound the letter M makes when it is in a word.

2. Let the kids practice the mmmm sound until they get comfortable.

3. Have the students take the time out and tell you how their mouths are held while they are emulating the sound. Make sure to point out the fact that we pierce are lips together then open them up.

4. Give the students time to come up with names, places, things, and even actions that they can think of that have the phoneme “M” sound. Encourage students to think of words like mom or names like Molly. If a student gives an incorrect name or word tell them that, that was a good effort and give them the correct graphemes for that word. This task will also allow you begin some assessments of what your students actually know about the phonemes for M.

5. Then begin to hold up pictures of items that have an obvious   and you and the students say its name and determine whether it has an “M” in its name. Occasionally include some pictures that do not have the “M” phoneme in its name.

6. Finally we will read our sentence strips and stress the M sound on each m-word. For example: Mmmmmuffins mmmmake mmmmagnificent desserts.



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