Uhhh…Did I Do That?



       Beginning Reading Design

Amy Crump

It is important for children to be able to recognize letter-sound correspondences for their future reading success.  This will lead to successful decoding, reading and reading comprehension. The students will learn the letter correspondence u = /u/.  They will be given a sound representation to help them identify /u/ in spoken words and together will review representations to identify u in written words. 


Primary Paper and Pencil for each student

Elkonin Letter Boxes and Letter manipulative a, b, c, d, f, g, h, m, n, r, t, u for each student

Copy of Bud and the Sub by Shelia Cushman for each student

Poster with tongue twister:  "Uh-oh said Uncle Uug under the ugly umbrella."

Elkonin Letter Box Transparency (overhead projector)

Alphabet letter cut out transparencies

Picture worksheet for each student:

         Circle the image that has the /u/ sound. 

CUP      OR     CRAB                                 DOG     OR      NUT



POT        OR           FROG                          BRUSH          OR              DRESS



1.  Begin the lesson by saying: Our written words are a secret code for our spoken words.  We are going to explore the secret code for the letter u.  "The letter u makes the /u/ sound.  Let's say this together and notice how our mouth moves.  Our mouth is open and our tongue stays still."

2.  I will say:  Almost every time I drop or spill something I say "uh-oh."  Raise your hand if you have ever seen Steve Urkel say this on the TV show Family Matters.  If you haven’t that’s okay.  He is a very clumsy guy that has a lot of accidents.  Each time he has an accident he snorts and says "uhhh, did I do that?"  I want everyone to pretend like they spilt their drink and say "uh-oh."  Very good! 

3.  I will now display the poster with the tongue twister; "Uh-oh said Uncle Dug under the ugly broken umbrella."  Have the class simultaneously repeat the tongue twister.  "First, I am going to say the tongue twister and then I want everyone to repeat it with me the second time.  Every time you hear the /u/ sound I want you to put your hand in front of your mouth like you might do if you had and accident or mistake, like this (demonstrate)."  I will then repeat the tongue twister very slowly, pointing out all the u sounds.  

4.  I will distribute the letter boxes and letter manipulative to each student.  Make sure the students have their letters lowercase side up.  "Class, we are going to practice spelling words with the /u/ sound.  Using the Elkonin letter boxes and letter transparencies, I will model a letter box correspondence.  I will say the word mud and then I will write it on the board (spacing out the letter).  Say each phoneme separately and then draw letter boxes around each sound. Say:  "the first letter is m."  Model the /m/ sound and have the children repeat it.  "The second letter is u."  Model the /u/ sound and have the students repeat it.  "The last letter is d."  Model the /d/ sound and have the students repeat it.  Ask the students "can you spell mud in your letter boxes?Check each student for accuracy after completion.  Next ask them to practice cub, hug, run, fat, bug, and fan. 

5.  Next we will do a writing activity.  Ask each student to write about a day they can remember when they had a lot of fun.  Remember that we write the letter u like this: Start at the fence, jump down onto the ground run and jump back up onto the fence and then jump back down once again.  Model as you explain it.  I will walk around and check each student for accuracy or if they need guidance.

6.  Introduce Bud the Sub with a brief book talk:  "Bud is a submarine.  His boss"s name is Gus.  Gus and Bud have a blast under water.  One day a tug boat has an accident.  Bud and Gus go to help.  Do you think they will be able to help such a big boat?"   Now, have the students find a partner.  The children will take turns reading, one child will read the first half of the book and then they will switch readers.  I will assess by listening to each pair of students read. 

7. Students will be provided a worksheet with pictures.  They should circle the picture with the /u/ sound.  While the students are working on this, I will call students up individually to read Bud the Sub.  I will be using a running record. 


  Maria Jackson-
  Balloon Go Up Up Up in the Sky

  Becky Short
  Uh I Don’t Know

  Autumn Aldrich
  Uh, Uh, Oh, It’s U

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