Grabbing For Vowels

Literacy Design

Elizabeth Brinkley

 Rationale:  It is important for students to develop phonemic awareness.   Students will display their knowledge of the alphabetic principle and demonstrate decoding and word recognition strategies.  The student should be able to develop and apply enabling strategies and skills to read.  Vowels are probably the toughest phonemes to identify.  Before students can identify the short /a/ vowel sound in the words, they must be ale to recognize and read the grade appropriate sight words on the apples. 

Materials:  Apple display board, “Short Vowel Apples” - laminated apples with sight words written on the back of them.


1.      Explain that today we are going to pick apples off the tree.  We will be picking special kinds of apple called “Short Vowel Apples” and I think everyone is going to be able to pick an apple off the tree.

2.      Have students sit around the display board or “tree.”

3.      Make sure that all of the words on the apples are visible to all the students.

4.      Each student takes a turn to come up to the tree and grab an apple.

5.      When the student grabs an apple, he/she looks at the sight word and reads it aloud to the class.  The other students raise their hands to identify the vowel heard in the word.

6.      The student with the apple calls on a student sitting on the floor to identify the short /a/ vowel sound and student with the apple will say if it’s correct or not.

7.        If the volunteer has the correct answer, then he/she comes up to the tree and puts the apple basket.  Then that person has a turn to grab an apple.

8.        Assessment of this activity will primarily be the observation of the student’s responses when called upon. 

 Example of Apple Chart

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