Shhh! Sherry Is Sleeping.

Jessica Williams
Beginning Reading

Rationale: It is important that students understand that phonemes are written as graphemes. The graphemes can consist of more than one letter which are known as digraphs. The digraph /sh/ can be recognized without trouble in spoken and written words. I will use a tongue twister for the students to recognize the phoneme and the students will identify the grapheme sh throughout print.


Poster With Tounge Twister: Shelly shops for shells and shoes.
The Crash In The Shed by Geri Murray For Each Group Of Students
Large Poster With Letters: sh
Letterboxes For Each Student To Spell: Shell, Fish, Shut, Wish, Ship.
Letter Tiles: s, h, e, l, l, f, i, u, t, w, p.
Assessment Worksheet: The worksheet will contain pictures of a fish, dog, ship, flag, shoe, and box. The students will be asked to circle and color the picture whose name contains the /sh/phoneme and sh grapheme.

1. Hold the poster for the digraph sh.
Ask, "What letters do I have here? It's a s and h! Good!"
2. Explain that these two letters form a digraph.
"The sh makes the sound /sh/. Like SHH! Be Quiet!"
Model: Make /sh/ sound and place one finger over mouth.
"Let's all try together! I hear /sh/ in shrimp." Elongate the sound.
"Let's all say shrimp and make sure to stretch out the /sh/ sound."
"Do not forget to place one finger over your mouth! Great!"
3. Show students poster with tongue twister.
"Let's practice /sh/ with this tongue twister!"
"I will read the tongue twister and then we will read it together." Read.
"Shelly shops for shells and shoes." Read Again.
"Now, I will stretch out the /sh/ sound and place my find over my mouth. Watch me!"
"SSShhhelly ssshhhops for ssshhhells and ssshhhoes. Let's try together!" Read Again.
4. Distribute the letterboxes and letter tiles to each student.
"Now, we will have a letterbox lesson. I want you to show me 3 boxes."
"The boxes stand for the number of phonemes in a word."
"If I were to spell the word splash I would spell it like: [s] [p] [l] [a] [sh]." Model.
"I want you to spell the words as I call them out." Words: shell, fish, shut, wish, ship. "Good Job!"
5. "We will read The Crash In The Shed by Geri Murray."
"The story will be about Ben and Jess and they cannot decide whether to fish or collect shells. Then they hear a crash in the shed."
"I wonder what happened!"
"I want you to get with a few friends to read the book. I want you to make the /sh/ motion we have learned." Students Read.
The students will make the motion as the hear the phoneme /sh/.
6. Assessment: The students will complete a worksheet. The worksheet will contain pictures. The students will cirlce or color the items that begin or end with the /sh/ sound. The pictures: Fish, Dog, Ship, Flag, Shoe, Box.

Killen, Tara. "Shhh! I heard a crash!"
Murray, Geri. "The Crash In The Shed".
Pedersen, Meredith. "Shhhhelly Shhhhrimp"

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