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Ashley Roy

Growing Independence and Fluency




Rationale: This lesson will focus on reading fluency. The Reading Genie Website describes the formula for fluency which includes reading and re-reading decodable words in connected text. I am going to have my students read decodable text three times is different partner sets. The students will time each other and also fill out each otherÌ¢‰­Â‰³¢s reading records. Each student will also have a banana tree with a monkey on it that will move up the tree each time their words per minute increases. This will be an ongoing progress tracker throughout the semester to work on the studentÌ¢‰­Â‰³¢s fluency.


Banana tree with monkey  (this tree will be  a page tall and will have different steps to reach the top of the tree. The reader will want to reach the top of the tree as a reward)

Stopwatch for each partner set

Reading Records Worksheet for each student (Examples Below)

One copy of Jane and Babe, by Shelia Cushman and Rona Kornblum, per student


Popsicle Sticks

Googly Eyes


Speed Reading Record:

       Name:_________________________            Date:___________


                        - After 1st read            _______

                        - After 2nd read           _______

                        - After 3rd read           _______


Partner Check Sheet for students to assess their partner's fluency:

 As I listened to my partner read, he/she:

                                                                                    After 2nd           After 3rd

                        1. Remembered more words               _______          _______

                        2. Read faster                                      _______          _______

                        3. Read smoother                                _______          _______

                        4. Read with expression                      _______          _______


Good morning class! Today we are going to work on our fluency in reading. As we all know, when you read and re-read books you become a better reader. This is made possible by practice. Today we are all going to work together to help each other read more fluently and with greater accuracy.

Now, I want everyone to take out their Cover-up Critters. Remember how we use our Critters to help us to decode words we don't know. Let your critter help you read the words you do not know. The cover up critter is going to be your best friend throughout the semester. Write the word cram on the board. If I were going to decode this word, I would start with the a. The a makes the ah sound. Then I would uncover the cr to make ccrrr, lastly we add the m. Oh, now I see it, that says cram!

Write the sentence "Pat gets on the mat." On the board. I want you to listen to me read this sentence. "Pppaaattt gggeeetttss on the mmmmaaattt." Now I am going to read it again. Pat gets on the mat. Wow! That was much easier to read the second time. We are going to break up into partners now and we are going to read Jane and Babe, three times each. In this story, Babe is a lion in a cage. Jane is Babes trainer and takes care of Babe. Babe is a tame lion and is not going to hurt Jane. Jane wants to wake Babe up from his sleep. What will happen when Jane wakes up Babe?

As you read, your partner will time you reading and fill out the two reading record sheets. You will take turns reading until you have each read the story three times. Then, I will be calling you up two at a time to read to me. Bring your books with you.

Assessment: Each partner set will come up to me and read for one minute. At the end of that time, they will go up to the bulletin board and move their monkey to the corresponding number of accuracy. This will allow the students to chart their progress and also set higher goals.


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