Miley the Monkey


Emergent Readers

By: Megan Mitchell


Rationale: I have been working with my students on short vowels but since vowels are probably the toughest phonemes to identify, I'm going to start off with consonants. This lesson will help children identify with /m/. They will learn to recognize /m/ in spoken words by learning meaningful representation and letter symbol, and then practice finding /m/ in words.

Materials: primary paper, picture page with characters that have the letter/m/ associated with them, markers, chart with "On Mondays Michael's mother Mary mostly mopped."

Procedures: 1. Introduce the lesson and the letter m to the student. Talk about the way the letter m makes your mouth move and the sound that it makes.

2. Ask Student: Have you ever seen a monkey at the zoo? Well I went to the zoo not too long ago and I saw a monkey named Miley.  Monkey begins with /m/. That's the mouth move we're looking for in words. Let's try making that sound together.

3. Now let's try a tongue twister that uses this same letter. "On Mondays Michael's mother Mary mostly mopped." Let's repeat this tongue twister together. Now say it again, and this time lets stretch out the the/m/ at the beginning of the words. "On MMMondays MMMichael's mmmmother MMMary mmmostley mmmopped."  Now let's try it again but this time we will break off the /m/ in the words. " On /m/onday /m/ichaels /m/other /m/ary /m/ostly /m/opped."

4. Have students take out the primary paper that is supplied have them practice writing the letter m.

5. Now I'm going to stretch out the word thumb in slow motion and I want you to listen for the /m/ we hear in Miley the Monkey. th-th-u-m-m-b.

6. Call on student to answer which word they hear /m/ in. Do you hear/m/ in moo, or shoe? In milk or silk? Movie, or TV?

7. For assessment, distribute a picture page and help students name the pictures and color in the ones whose names have /m/

Reference:  Author: Dr. Bruce Murray Title: The Reading Genie Website 


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