Silly Sammy Snake


Laura Gibson
(Emergent Literacy)




Rational: The alphabet is made up of many different letters and sounds. Students must learn that in order to learn how to read they must understand that each letter represents a certain phoneme. In this lesson students will learn that s =/s/ by practicing writing and saying the letter and finding /s/ in written words.


Materials: Primary paper, pencil, chart with Silly Sammy Snake sipped six sodas and got sick, sick, sick, assessment sheet, Sammy the Olympic Snake book,and snake s cards.



1). Introduce the lesson by explaining that our language is made up of many different letters and sounds. The tricky part is learning what sound each letter makes. Today we are going to work on what movement our mouth makes when we say /s/ and uncover what /s/ looks like in words.

2). Ask students:  Has anyone ever seen a snake before? Well snakes make the sound   ssssss. Let's pretend to be snakes and say ssssss.

3). Let's try a tongue twister (use chart): "Silly Sammy Snake sipped six sodas and got sick, sick, sick. I want everybody to say it with me three times. Now, this time when we say it lets stretch the /s/ out at the beginning of every word. "Ssssilly Ssssammy Ssssnake ssssipped ssssix ssssodas and got ssssick ssssick ssssick. Lets do it one more time and this time break it off the word /s/ illy /s/ ammmy /s/ nake /s/ ipped /s/ ix /s/ oads and got /s/ ick /s/ ick /s/ ick.

4). Students will now take out primary paper and pencil. We can use letter s to spell /s/. Using your paper and pencil, I want you to start at the rooftop and begin to make a c. When you get to the fence make a loop back around with a tail and finish on the sidewalk. After I put a sticker on your paper, I want you to write ten more just like it. When you see the letter s in words you will know to say /s/.

5).When I ask you the following questions raise your hand when you know the answer. Do you hear /s/ in sad or mad? sun or run? sip or rip? sick or pick? stop or pop?

6). Now I am going to read Sammy the Olympic Snake. When you hear /s/ I want you to hold up your snake s cards. As I read the book, I will write all the words with /s/ on the board. When the story is finished, have students use invented spelling to write his or her own story about a snake and draw a picture related to the story. Hang their stories up in the room.

7).For assessment, give out the assessment sheet and explain to students they will be circling the correct picture whose names have the /s/ sound.  



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